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November 2021


Friends of Faith,


Cast thy burden upon Jehovah, and he will sustain thee. Psalm 55. 22.

Burdens are common to all. If an average group of people were asked to jot down their burdens, we would have a long and varied list. The young as well as the old would be represented. Suppose you were asked, what would you put down?

One burden differs from another. It may be some sin you committed in the past which is now pressing heavily on your conscience. It may be some worry that has lodged in your mind for which you can find no relief. Perhaps it is a fear of something that may come in the future. It may be some disappointment in life that has caused you bitterness. It may be a sorrow that overwhelms you. It may be something unique that bothers you, something unknown to any one else. It may,even be some small, insignificant thing that you are ashamed to mention. It does not take much of a weight, if it presses in a sensitive place, to become a burden. A burden, then, can be anything that you are carrying that depresses you.

There are many different ways in which people seek to get rid of burdens, for no one wants to carry a load that causes him grief. Many have found temporary relief in keeping themselves feverishly busy with all kinds of things. Some avoid being alone, for then their burden becomes unbearable. Others seek to lighten their load by indulging in worldly pleasures, hoping that relief will come that way. Still others turn to alcohol or drugs, for while they are under their influence, their burdens seem to lighten. Others, again, break down under their burdens and become sick and despondent in body, mind, and soul. Then there are those who can not stand the pressure of their burdens, and hope to find escape by committing suicide. None of these methods effects cure. The poor burdened individual is far worse off after trying them than he was before.



Our text tells us to cast thy burden upon the Lord. This is the only remedy for troubled hearts. It is simple and free to all. People of all walks of life who have tried it can vouch for its effectiveness. Millions upon millions of people are carrying burdens they never should carry. It was never the Lord's plan that any soul should carry even one burden, for even the smallest burden is too much. If you are carrying one burden, it is one too many. The Lord has given us many invitations to come directly to Him with our burdens. One such invitation is 1 Peter 5. 7: "Casting all your anxiety upon him, because he careth for you." There can be no doubt that the Lord is inviting all burdened people to come directly to Him with their troubles.


Our burdens are to be "cast" upon Jehovah, even as a stone that is cast into the depths of the sea. If the stone falls into the sea, it is gone forever, as far as we are concerned. The Lord invites men and women to treat their burdens in the same way. He wants them, in simple confession, to unload them on Him, and He in turn has promised that He "will cast all their sins into the depths of the sea" (Micah 7.19). This is God's way of dealing with the burdens which are causing us so much grief and unhappiness.


There is no better time to deal with burdens than right now. Now is the time to transfer them to the Lord. He has asked for them, so let us honor His request. This is one time we can give Him something He actually desires. Pause as long as you must, but make the transaction. Remember it is a one-way affair—from you to the Lord. Don't let Satan tempt you to believe your burdens are not safe there. If you do, you will soon be doing as so many have done in the past—you will pick them up again and be no better off. When you are thus tempted, remember what you have given to the Lord no longer belongs to you. Each time you are tempted to retrace your steps, pray for grace to trust the Lord. Then the temptation can be turned into a blessing. You will be able to say with the Psalmist, "Blessed be the Lord, who daily beareth our burden, even the God who is our salvation" /Psalm 68. 19) 

Pastor Paul

Article from MY HEARTS DESIRE  by Maynard Force




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