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On earth peace.  Luke 2:14.


Listen, how they sing—the multitude of the heavenly host—over the cradle of Jesus. "On earth peace."


This was God's Christmas gift to the unreconciled world. It was this gift which God's Own little Son, in the manger of Bethlehem, had come to bring.


"On earth peace." Peace for everyone who will receive Him as his    Savior.


Peace is a sense of security in the heart against all accusation and all judgment.


Peace is the tranquility and unconcern of the soul towards every evil that may threaten us.

It was brought down from heaven, from God, by


Jesus. We meet it wherever He is. He breathes His peace on our souls—from the stable of Bethlehem, from the bloodstained cross of Calvary, from His


glorious form in the resurrection, from baptism, from the Lord's supper, from all His word.


"On earth peace!" Hear it, you unhappy, restless, and trembling soul. Also for you do the angels sing about peace from God.


Come to Jesus, receive Him, enclose Him in your heart, and you will receive God's peace as well—the sweet rest and peace of heaven.


Merry Christmas,


Pastor Paul




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