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Friends of Faith,


Hopefully you have noticed I have been sharing some devotionals with you from a couple of very old devotionals. They were two of my dad’s favorites. I plan on continuing to share some of them with you because although they were written many years ago they apply to us today. 


How shall we sing the Lord's song in a strange land? Ps. 137:4.


Israel had many a time put their harps in tune and sung the songs of the Lord.


But now they had hung their harps upon the willows, now they could not sing the joyous psalms of praise. Why? Because they were captives in Babylon; they were living in bondage in a strange land under the hand of cruel taskmasters. Alas, so many Christians are like those Israelites in Babylon. Once upon a time their lives were full of song, they could tune their harps and sing the sweet song of Christ's love. But now no praise arises from their hearts. Their harps are out of tune and they are silent. Why? Because they have entered a strange land. They have allowed themselves to be too taken up with the world and its honor and glory.


They are subject to a foreign power—they are under the law under the sway of some sin, or perhaps they are on terms of intimate friendship with unbelieving and earthly minded men.


Therefore they cannot sing as in the days of old, when they felt at home amidst the saints and truly enjoyed their fellowship.


Is this your spiritual condition? If so, come out of Babel. God's Son has made you free. Return to the land which is truly your home, and you shall again love to sing the songs of the Lord.


Taken  from   The Word   by   N.P. .Madsen.


Pastor Paul




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