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August 2022


Friends of Faith,

Ye have dwelt long enough in this mount.  Deut. 1:6.

Are there not a great many Christians to whom the Lord might say this with regard to their spiritual experience?

They came to Horeb. They heard the voice of God. They drank of the living waters which flowed from the rock. They became converted to God but then they continued no further.

This was the only glorious reality which they experienced. They never made any progress beyond that.

Is that also your position? Have you not dwelt there long enough? Is it not very disappointing and tiresome to find that you never get any further, that you never experience new wonders of mercy wrought in your favor, and that you never grow in grace and knowledge?

It is not the intention of God that we should stand still. He wants us to move forward in the path of life from glory unto glory, from strength unto strength, from grace unto grace, and from attainment unto attainment. Otherwise our life will end in spiritual death.

There is no ceasing from progress, no sitting at ease with folded arms in the kingdom of God.

Dear friend, you have remained long enough, too long, in this sad condition. There is a glorious land before you, a land much to be desired. Arise and possess it


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