1Kings 17:8-24


October 6th 2019




Intro – There are 3 principals from our text that I want you to think about.




I. Trusting God reveals our faith.  James 2:14-17,


A. God had already led the woman to help. Is.65:24


B. She was willing to do something for the Lord.


C. However, God wanted to grow her faith. 1Pet.1:6-7  


1. God asked her to give sacrificially. (13)


2. God took something precious.  (17)


3. The trials made her faith stronger. (24) James 1:3-4




II. Trusting God doesn’t always come easy.


A. When God increased the test, she was afraid. Lk.9:24


B. Even Elijah had moments of fear. 1Kings 19:3


C. The God first principal would test her faith. (13) Mt.6:33


D. Faith overcomes fear. 1Jn.5:4, Rev.12:11




III. Trust God to do what’s best


A. True faith acts on God’s promise. Mal.3:10


B. True faith knows God has a plan for your life. Jer.29:11



Con.  Trust in the Lord with all your heart.  Prov.3:5-6


God will take care of you


Matthew 6:24-34


Sept. 29th 2019





Intro -  This text is to comfort you with the knowledge that God cares for you and will take care of you. He will provide all your needs and give the grace you need to live for Him without fear and doubts. I want to focus on verses 32-33 and 3 things that Jesus says in those verses.




I. “Your heavenly Father knows.”


A. He is aware of every detail of you and your life.   Matt.10:30, Heb.4:13


B. He knows what you need before you ask for it.    Mt.6:8


C. You are His child.              Mt.7:11


D. Three times in this text Jesus says don’t worry.  Ps.37:7, Phil.4:6-7


E. You can have legitimate concerns but not worries.


1. Biblical examples. Prov.27:23, 2Cor.11:28, Phil.2:20


2. To not worry doesn’t mean to be lazy.   Prov.6:6




II. “Seek first His kingdom.” Matt.5:6


A. To seek means to look diligently for something. Luke 15:8


1. To know more of Him.        Col.1:9-10


2. To find fellowship.             Heb.12:14


B. Putting Christ first in finances.


1. Nothing wrong with saving for future.   2Cor.12:14, 1Tim.5:8


2. You should also be investing in the Lord’s work.  Matt.6:20-21




III. “Will be added.”  Phil.4:19


A. He will bless you.    Deut.28:4-6


B. Just as He has for others.    2Chron.1:11-12


C. No need to worry, He will provide.   Lam.3:22-23

Con. “If we have faith in our Father and put Him first, He will meet our needs.” Warren Wiersbe







Sept. 8th 2019






Intro – You who are believers are a testimony to what God has done in your life but also a testimony to the person who led you to Christ. This is what Paul is speaking about in our text today.




I.  Does your life reflect the fact that Christ is in you?


A. Paul did not need a letter of commendation. Acts 18:27, Rom.16:1, 2Cor.10:18


B. Their changed lives were a commendation. 1Cor.6:9-11


1. They showed Paul had been faithful in preaching the way of salvation. 1Cor.1:17, 23, 2Tim.4:2


2. They showed Christ had moved into their hearts. Eph.5:1-5




II. The change that takes place is due to Christ’s presence in you.


A. God gives you the grace to live for Him. 1Cor.15:10, Gal.2:20


B. Paul understood it was not him. (4-5)


C. It was the power of God in them. Act 1:8, 2Cor.4:7, Eph.3:16, 20 Col.1:29, Phil.4:13


D. Jesus will give you strength also. 2Thess.3:3, Lk.22:32




III. Your changed life will bring others to Christ.


A. Others will see the change. Matt.5:14-16


B. They will know it’s the Lord’s doing. Jn.11:45, Acts 8:6



Con.- Your mission in life is to glorify Christ so others will get saved. 1Pet.2:9






Sept. 15th 2019





Intro – All of us have probably utter those words, “I promise”.  As humans we have probably all broken a promise.  When God makes a promise there is nothing more sure in all the world than that promise being fulfilled.




I. His promise cannot be broken.


A. Paul uses an illustration of a human contract.


B. God made a promise to Abraham. Gen.22:18, Gen.3:15


C. God cannot lie. 1Kings 8:56, Heb.6:18-19




II. The promise is applied to those who have faith in Jesus. Gal.3:8-9


A. The whole world is given the opportunity. Rom.5:6, 1Jn.2:2


B. The law doesn’t provide or fulfill the promise.


1. It only shows sin. (22) Rom.3:20


2. It was temporary. (19) Rom.8:1-4, Rom.10:4, Jn.14:15


C.  Only those with faith receive the promise. Rom.4:16, Rom.10:9, Jn.1:12, Mk.16:16




III. What is that promise?


A. A Savior would be sent into the world. Acts 13:23


B. His Spirit would dwell in believers. Mark 1:8, Lk.11:13, Acts 2:38


C. Eternal life to all who believe. 1Jn.2:25




Con. – Have you claimed what was promised to you? 1Jn.1:9,  Heb.10:23





Luke 19:41-44


Aug.25th, 2019




Intro – we all know that short verse in John where Jesus wept over the grave of Lazarus. In our text today Jesus is weeping over the people in the city of Jerusalem.




I. Because they had missed their chance for peace.


A. Jesus had told them how to have peace. Mt.11:28, Ps.29:11


B. They just had to follow Him. Ps.119:165


C. They needed to trust Him. Is.26:3, Jn.14:27


1. Trust Him for forgiveness. Rom.10:13, 1Jn.1:9, Gal.5:22


2. Trusting Him gives peace of mind. 1Jn.5:12-13, Rom.5:1, Jn.1:12




II. Because they had become spiritually blind.


A. Satan blinds people from spiritual truth. 2Cor.4:4


B. They think good works will save them. Mt.23:26, Rev.3:17


1. They have been misled. Lk.6:39


2. They have a false peace. Jer.6:14


3. Unbelievers cannot enjoy true peace. Rom.3:16-18


C. Jesus weeps because millions are being lied to. Jer.14:14, Mt.24:11,24




III. Because they would suffer greatly.


A. He doesn’t want anyone to perish. 2Pet.3:9


B. He knew what lied ahead because they had rejected Him. Mt.27:25, Lk.19:14, Jn.1:11


C. He knows what lies ahead for you if you will not repent and receive Him. Heb.10:31, Rev.21:8, Rev.20:15




Con.  Don’t miss the Lord when He comes to visit you. He visits through the power of the Holy Spirit. When the Holy Spirit is convicting you of sin make sure you repent seek His forgiveness. Is.48:18


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