Ephesians 6:10-17


Nov. 10th 2019




Intro – Paul has been telling the Christians in Ephesus to behave like Christians, see 4:1, 5:1. His conclusion is in our text “Finally”.  He lays out what every Christian needs to do to live a victorious Christian life.




I. Be strong. (10) 1Cor.16:13


A. His strength – 2Tim.2:1, Eph.2:10, Ps.29:11


B. His power – Eph.1:19, Ex.14:13-14




II. Wear your armor. (11)  Rom.13:12


A. So you can resist the Devil. Jude 1:8-10, James 4:7


B. Our armor is compared to that of a soldier.


1. Girded with truth.  Jn.14:6,  Jn.17:17,  Prov.3:3, Jn.3:21


2. Breastplate of righteousness. Is.61:10, Eph.4:24


3. Boots formed from the gospel. Rom.10:15


4. Shield of faith. Prov.30:5-6, Ps.119:11


5. Helmet of salvation. Head – knowledge, discernment. Phil.4:8, 1Jn.5:20, Heb.5:14


6. Sword of the Spirit. Only offensive weapon. Rom.1:16, 1Cor.1:18




III. Know the enemy. (12)


A. Satan is out to get you!  1Peter 5:8


B. Satan lies and deceives. Jn.8:44, 2Cor.4:4, 2Cor.11:14


C. Satan is a Spiritual foe. Schemes  Eph.4:14, 2Cor.2:11


1. Don’t be distracted by the vessel he may use.


2. Jesus always had compassion on the person that Satan or his demons possessed.




Con. – Be in God’s word daily. Fill your mind with His word, His truth. Know that you have been redeemed        and be strong in the strength of the Lord.




1Kings 21:17-29

Nov.3rd, 2019

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Intro – Sin carries a heavy price tag, eternity in hell. Our text sees the prophet Elijah back on track as he reminds wicked king Ahab of the end result of a sinful life.


I.  God knows about your sin.  Ps.94:11, Ps.69:5, Heb.4:13

A. And it will be exposed. Num.32:23

1. The Holy Spirit is sent to convict.  Jn.16:8

2. Repentance is necessary to remove it. Lk.13:3, Ps.51:7-12

B. Asking Jesus to forgive is necessary to remove it. 1Jn. 1:7-9


II. Sin will be punished.

A. Because it affects others.    Ex 34:7

B. Because God is a just God. 2Kings 9:32-37

C. The chain can be broken. Jer.4:1-2

1. Ahab had a false repentance.           2Cor.7:10

2. Only true repentance can break the chain. Jer.15:19


III. Jesus took our punishment for us.

A. So we can be made righteous. 2Cor.5:21

B. So we can escape God’s wrath. 1Thess.1:10


Con. If you are still overpowered by sin and temptation, come to Jesus. Repent of the sin and ask for His wisdom and power to overcome the temptation. Rejoice in His forgiveness.




Jeremiah 17:5-10


October 20th 2019






Intro – God’s word makes it clear that there are only two kinds of people. Today’s text separates them as cursed and blessed.



I. The Cursed


A. They trust in man.   Ps.146:3


B. They trust in self.    Is.30:1, Prov.28:26


C. They turn away from God.    De.11:16, 2Tim.4:3-4, 2Pet.2:21



II. The Blessed


A. They trust in the Lord, believe the Bible.    Ps.62:5, Ps.1:1-3


B. Their trust is the Lord, they live out their faith.    Heb.4:2-3, Ps.34:8, Prov.16:20


C. They turn to God.   Ps.46:1



III. Both face judgement by God. vs 10


A. God alone can see what’s in your heart.    Heb.4:13, 1Chron.28:9


B. The judgement of the cursed.


1. They are not fruitful.


2. They miss out on opportunity and blessing.    Jer.29:11


3. They have no salvation.     Rev.20:12-14


C. The Judgement of the blessed.


1. They are fruitful.    Jn.15:5


2. They have peace of mind in tough times.    Is.26:3, 2Cor.4:8-11


3. Judged to be innocent and no longer face God’s judgement.    Rom.5:1, Rom.8:1-2




Con. – The good news is that by the grace of God you can be changed from one who is cursed to one who is   blessed.





1Kings 19:1-18


October 27th, 2019




Intro – Everyone at some time or another deals with discouragement. How to deal with it is what our text is            about today.




I. Elijah was discouraged.


            A. He was threatened and was afraid. (vs 3)


                        1. Even though he had just had a great spiritual victory. 1Kings 18:40


                        2. After a big victory is when Satan many times strikes. 1Pet.5:8, Jn.18:10, 27


            B. He felt he had failed. (vs 4)


1. He compared himself to others. Jer.9:23-24, 1Cor.1:26-28, Jn, 21:22


                        2. God’s plan is what counts. Jer.7:27


            C. He felt alone. 1Kings 18:22, vs 10, 14, Rom.11:3-5, Heb.13:5




II. He waited for the Lord to speak to him.


            A. God didn’t speak through some major event.


            B. God spoke in a quiet voice. vs 12 “sound” in Hebrew – voice.


                        1. Don’t always expect a supernatural event.


                        2. Be willing to hear the soft voice of God.  Ecc.9:17




III. Know your purpose.


            A. What are you doing?


            B. He shares his feelings with God. vs 14.


            C. God says “Go”. Do what God has called you to do, proclaim Christ. 1Pet.2:9


                        1. Do your part and encourage others to do their part. Gal.6:9


                        2. God has other servants.


            D. Stop thinking of self and think of Jesus and eternity. Heb.12:3, 2Chron.15:7




Con.  Paul gives the Corinthian Christians the recipe for defeating discouragement in


            2Cor.4:1, 6, 13, 16 and 2Cor.7:5-6







October 13th, 2019




Intro – Christian unity is important. However, it is also important to understand what that unity is based on.




I. Unity is important for the church.


A. Paul reminded all the early Christians about unity.  Phil.2:2, 1Cor.1:10, Rom.14:19


B. Jesus clearly tells us to be unified.  Jn.17:22-23




II. It reflects who we are.


A. If you are called to be a Christian, act like one. 1Cor.1:9, Rom.1:5-6


B. Humility, patience, tolerance and love are necessary to be unified.  Rom.12:3, Col.3:12, Rom.15:1




III. Unity is based on biblical truth.  1Jn.4:1-3


A. We are not to be unified with false teachers or religions.  2Cor.6:14-18


B. We are to be unified with true believers because there is:


1. One body -1Cor.12:12


2. One Spirit – 1Cor.12:13, Acts 2:38


3. One way of salvation with one hope. Jn.14:6, 1Thess.4:16-18


4. One Lord – if Jesus is your Lord you will have unity. Jn.17:20-21


5. One faith – set of truths  that cannot be compromised.


a. Triune God. Gen.1:26, Mt.28:19


b. Jesus is God in human form.  Jn.1:1, Matt.1:23


c. Jesus died to pay for your sin and rose again. Lk.24:39, 1Cor.15:3-4


d. His blood is sufficient to cleanse us from all sin.  1Jn.1:7


e. His Holy Spirit dwells within all believers.  Acts 2:38


6. One baptism – in faith, in name of Triune God, with God’s word. Matt.28:19


7. One God – Allah is not God!!  1Cor.8:5-6




Con. – Every believer should be united with other believers through faith in Jesus. Every church should be united around their doctrinal beliefs. If you can’t find a group of believers that you can fellowship with you are the problem. Unity is a testimony of God’s grace.


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