Ephesians 5:1-10

March 20th, 2022

Intro – The picture painted in our text today is of a small child following in the footsteps of his father. We should be following after God, doing what He does. 1Pet.2:21

I. In relations with others and Christ.

A. With others we should be kind and forgiving.  Lk.23:34, Rom.5:8

B. With our spouse we should be sensitive and caring. Eph.5:21, Phil.2:7-8

C. We should show love to the Lord. Deut.6:5, Eph.6:24

1. through commitment – Ex.29:18

2. with our time. 2Cor.2:14, Phil.1:9

3. with our possessions. Phil.4:18

II. In relation to sin.

A. Flee sin.  2Tim.2:22, 1Thes.5:22

B. Our speech should be clean. (4) 3Jn.1:11

C. Let others see that change. (7-9) Matt.5:16

III. In relation to fellowship.

A. Study the word with others.  2Tim.2:15, 1Jn.3:14

B. Hang out with believers.  2Cor.6:14, 2Thess.1:3

C. Learn to please God. Col.1:10, Rom.12:2

Con. Are you following after God? Are you seeking to know His will and purpose for you?







Matthew 4:1-11

March 6th 2022

Intro – Jesus taught by example that when Satan attacks with temptations we need to stand firm. Eph.6:13

I. Satan will tempt believers.

            A. Sometimes he uses well intended people. Mt.16:22-23

                        1. They will twist scripture. 2Pet.3:16

                        2. Check with other believers. Heb.10:24-25, 2Tim.3:16

                        3. Confirm with God’s word. 1Cor.2;13, Ps.119:105, 2Cor.11:14

            B. Satan will come back. Lk.22:31

            C. Be aware of the enemy. Eph.6:12, 1Pet.5:8

II. The word of God is our weapon.

            A. Saturate your mind with God’s word.  

                        1. Daily. Acts 17:11-12

                        2. Memorize. Ps.119:11

            B. God’s word is our sword. Eph.6:17

            C. Fight off temptation by quoting scripture.

III. Jesus is our defense.

            A. “begone”, Jesus can deliver us from evil. Mt.6:13

            B. Jesus will deliver us. Gal.1:4, 2Tim.4:18, 2Pet.2:9

Con. Communion reminds us that as believers Christ is dwelling within us and His word will strengthen us. Jn.17:17


Isaiah 55:8-13

Feb.20th, 2022

Intro – Our text today includes a verse where God explains the hydrological-cycle about 2000 years before science discovered it. God uses this cycle as an illustration of how His word works.

I. God’s ways. (8-9)

A. His is a way of forgiveness. (6-7) Matt.23:37, Mt.11:28

1. Confession.  1Jn.1:9

2. Repentance.  Acts 3:19

3. Not everyone will. Jer.5:3

B. His plan is complete.

1. God demands justice, a payment for sin.   Eze.18:20, Jn.8:24

2. He makes the payment Himself.     Rom.5:8, 1Pet.2:24

3. He offers the gift to us.       Rom.3:24, Rom.5:17, Rom.6:23

II. God’s word. (10-11)

A. Has come to us from heaven.  Jn.1:1, 9-12, Jn.3:13

B. It will never return without accomplishing what He wants. Rom.1:16-17

1. Conviction  Jn.16:8, Heb.4:12

2. Peace           Phil.4:7, Is.26:3, Heb.11:1

3. Strength.     Eph.6:10,17

III. God’s blessing. (12-13)

A. Your being saved by faith in Jesus brings joy and peace. 1Pet.1:8, Ps.16:11

B. The life of sin is replaced with a new life.             2Cor.5:17

C. That life becomes a witness of what Jesus can do. Mt.5:16

Con. God wants to send a rain of blessing on you, giving you His Spirit.  Is.44:3


Isaiah 35:3-6

Feb.27th 2022

Intro – As war breaks out in Europe many may become anxious, wondering how it will affect us. The Lord says don’t fear but have courage. Christians should be encouragers. 

I. Encourage the exhausted (3)

A. By daily repentance and renewal.  Lk.22:32, Heb.3:13, Is.40:31

B. By living a godly life.  Phil.2:19, Rom.15:1-2

C. By doing what is right. Micah 6:8, Is.30:18, 2Cor.2:7

II. Encourage the anxious. (4)

A. Remind them of God’s rescue.  Rev.3:10, 1Thes.5:9-11, 1Thess.4:18

B. God will take care of things. 2Thess.1:6-7, Heb.10:30

C. We have no reason to be anxious. Ps. 23:4, Is.41:10

III. Encourage the saved. (5-6)

A. Someday the whole earth will be revitalized. Rom.8:19

B. Someday there will be a new earth. Rev.21:1

C. Someday we will have glorified bodies. 1Cor.15:50-53

D. Someday we will be in heaven. Rev.21:3-5, Jn.14:3

Con. – we encourage others by coming to church and encouraging each other to remain faithful until Jesus comes again.  Heb.10:25


Jeremiah 1:4-10

Feb. 13th, 2022

Intro- Our text reminds us that God is at work in all of our lives. At every stage of our lives.

I. God is at work in the unborn. (4-5)

A. He calls them to serve

1. Jesus – Is.49:1,5

2. Paul - Gal.1:15

B. He fills them with His Spirit.      Lk.1:15, 44

C. He works in them for His purpose.   Matt.18:4-6

D. Abortion interferes with God’s work.

II. God is at work in our youth. (6-8)

A. Jeremiah was probably 12 or younger.

B. Many youth have been used by God.

1. Daniel, David

2. Samuel about 2-4 yrs old.    1Sam.1:28

3. Josiah – 8yrs old.     2Kings 22:1

4. Solomon – 19-20     1Kings 3:7

C. Don’t underestimate youth who want to serve the Lord.

III. God wants to work through you. (9-10)

A. All of us are called to serve.    Mt.28:19, Jn.9:4

B. We need not fear.

1. God gives us His word.    Mt.10:19

2. His word is powerful.    Rom.1:16

C. Let others see Christ living in you.    Matt.5:16

Con – Time is short, reach others for Christ.  Rom.13:12

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