Dec. 22nd 2019




Intro – The theme of John’s first letter is the fellowship of believers. Fellowship is an important part of the Christian life. To fellowship means to hold something in common.




I. A fellowship based on facts.


A. John and the disciples knew Him. 1Cor.15:4-5


B. They had physical contact and fellowship with Jesus.


1. They knew Who He was – Jn.1:1, Matt.1:23


2. They heard – Matt.3:17


3. They saw – Jn.1:14, John 10:37-38


4. They touched – Lk.24:39, Jn.20:27


C. We have spiritual contact and fellowship with Jesus. 1Cor.1:9, Rom.8:16, 1Jn.5:9-13, Jn.20:29




II. A fellowship of the joyful


A. The devil doesn’t want you to be joyful in Christ. Gal.3:1, Lk.8:12, Acts 10:38, 2Cor.2:11


B. Christ wants you to be joyful. Jn.15:11, Jn.17:13, Ps.40:16




III. A fellowship of the forgiven. Jn.1:12, 1Pet.1:18-19


A. We have been called out of darkness. 2Cor.6:14


B. We live changed lives. 2Cor.5:17, Heb.10:24-25




Con. – This Christmas as you get together with family and friends let it be a joyful celebration of what Jesus has done for you. Keep in mind that you are a part of a much larger fellowship of believers.





Malachi 3:1-6


Dec. 15th 2019






Intro – as with so many OT prophecies God did not allow the OT prophets to see the church age that we are living in. They went from the Messiah coming to the Messiah judging. In the prophecy that Malachi spoke in our text today, the church age would have come between verses 1 and 2.




I. John the Baptist to the birth and ministry of Christ.  (1)


A. John is the 1st messenger.  Matt.11:10-11


B. His message was one of repentance.  Lk.13:3, 1Jn.1:9


C. The “messenger of the covenant” is Jesus. Is.41:27, Jer.31:31, Lk.4:18-21, Lk.22:20




II. The tribulation and time of “Jacob’s distress”.  (2-4)


A. The tribulation is for those who have rejected Christ. 2Thess. 2:10-11


B. The Jews will repent and turn to Jesus during this time. Dan.9:24, Jer.30:7, Rom.11:25


C. A time to purify the Jewish people. vs 3, Dan.12:10




III. End time judgement.  (5)


A. The ungodly and unrepenting will be punished. Rev. 21:8


B. Those who change evil for good. Malachi 2:17


C. Those who question God’s existence.






Con. –Christmas is the message of hope, of God’s unchanging grace. (6)









Intro – Have you ever longed to go home to the place you were born or raised? For many there is something sentimental about our childhood home. Our text today speaks about what we as Christians consider our home. 



I. Represent your home well.  (17)


A. Live like a Christian. Phil.1:27, Phil.2:3, Phil.2:14, Phil.4:8


B. Don’t be like the unbelievers. (18-19)


1. They are enemies of the cross.  1Cor.1:18, Gal.5:4


2. Their mind-set is earthly. Rom.8:5-8


3. We should be different. Heb.11:24-26

 II. Remember where your home is.  (20)


A. This world is NOT our home. 1Pet.2:11,


B. Our home is heaven. Jn.14:2-3, Eph.2:19


1. We became citizens when our name was recorded.  Rev.20:15


2. We speak a different language. 1Jn.4:5-6, Eph.4:29, Col.4:6


3. We obey our King. 2Cor.5:14

 III. Remember our future hope.  (21)


A. We wait for our Savior. Phil.1:21, 1Thes.4:13-18


B. We look forward to a new body. 1Cor.15:50-54, 1Jn.3:2


C. We look for a new heaven, earth and Jerusalem. Rev.21:1-2


Con. – Phil.1:21, if I stay ok but I would really like to go home. The longer we walk with the Lord, the fewer attachments we have to this world. We just want to go home where we belong.







December 1st, 2019




Intro – Have you ever noticed on the painting depicting this scene that there is no handle or knob on the outside of the door?  That’s because the painter knew that only you can let the Savior in.




I. Jesus wants to come in.  Jn.3:16


A. He doesn’t want you to perish. He warns of a pending fire. 2Pet.3:9, Matt.13:41-42


B. He comes to every heart’s door.  “My voice” = His word.  Lk.13:3, Rom.13:3


C. Only you can open the door.


1. You can ignore it. Mt.23:37-39


2.  You can put it off. Acts 24:25, Acts 26:28


D. Have you opened the door?




II. Jesus wants to fellowship with you.


A. Sin hinders that. 1Pet.3:7


B. Obedience creates it. Jn.14:23, Jn.15:5


C. Keep your conscience clean. 1Tim.1:19, 2Tim.2:21




III. Jesus wants to give you victory over sin and death.1Cor.15:54-57


A. It’s more than a visit, it’s a recruitment. Mt.19:28, Rev.2:26


B. We become soldiers for Christ.  Rev.17:14, Rev.19:13-14


C. In the end we win. Rev.20:4 




Con. It all starts when you invite Jesus in.  You make the call. The “come on in” response means you allow Christ to live in you and through you.





Matthew 18:23-35


Nov. 17th, 2019




Intro – Jesus gives us this parable to teach us about forgiving others. Some get a twisted idea about forgiveness because they only take part of what the Lord teaches on the subject. Anytime you want to get a biblical understanding of a subject you must include all of what the bible has to say on the subject. It’s called getting the full counsel of the Lord.




I. We are to forgive others the way Jesus forgave us. (33)


            A. He gave unconditional forgiveness.    Rom.5:8-10, Jn.17:4


            B. Jesus has already provided forgiveness.    1Jn.2:2, Col.2:13-14, Heb.9:12, 1Pet.3:18, Rom.6:10


            C. We should do likewise.    Eph.4:32, Col.3:13, 1Jn.4:10-11


            D. The question is, have you accepted it.     Acts 10:43, Jn.1:12, Lk.13:3




II. An unforgiving heart will keep you out of heaven. (34)


            A. The torturer in our parable symbolizes hell.    Rev.20:10, Lk.13:28, Mt 22:13


            B. You have already asked Him to treat you the same as you treat others.    Mt. 6:12, 14-15


            C. People misunderstand and think forgiveness equals justifying someone. Only faith justifies.  Rom.5:1




III. How does Jesus forgive us? (35)


            A. From the heart.    Jn.3:16, Rom.5:10


            B. Even if they don’t ask to be forgiven.    Lk.23:34, Mk.11:25


            C. Even when people are not sincere in their apology or repentance.    Lk.17:3-4, Mt.18:21-22


            D. He blesses in spite of our sin.    Rom.2:4


            E. We should bless those who sin against us.    Rom.12:14, Mt.5:44,




Con. – The bottom line is as a Christian you must forgive. Period.  We are to forgive everyone, always, of everything. When you do and when you pray for those who have wronged you, you will be blessed with joy and peace.


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