1Peter 2:21-25

May 1st, 2022


Intro – I want to focus on the part of our text today that tells us we have been called for a purpose. This is important not only for the confirmands to remember but for all of us. Today I want to share 7 of the things we have been called to.


1. We are been called to repent.  Luke 5:32 


2. We are been called to proclaim.  1Peter 2:9


3. We are been called to follow.   1Pet.2:21


4. We are called to find rest in Christ. Mt.11:28, Acts 2:39, 1Cor.1:9, Rom.8:28


5. We are called to freedom. Gal.5:13

            a. Freedom from sin.  (24)  Col.2:10, 14, 1Jn.1:9, Rom.7:14, 24

            b. Freedom from death. Jn.8:32, Jn.11:25-26, 1Jn.5:11


6. We are called to be sanctified. 1Thess.4:7, 2Tim.1:9, 2Cor.6:17


7. We are called to eternal life. 1Tim.6:12


Con – we can only answer these calls through faith in Jesus Christ.







Isaiah 53:13-15

April 17th , 2022

Intro – What looked like defeat to the disciples on Good Friday turned into victory Easter morning! Our text today tells us about how Jesus would suffer, be exalted and triumph in the end.

I. Jesus rose again to conquer death.  2Tim 1:10

A. His suffering and death paid for our sin. (14) Is.53:5-6, 11-12.

B. His resurrection was unique. Acts 2:24, Rom.6:9

1. Never before or since has someone brought themselves back to life. Jn.10:17

2. Jesus proved He had the power to give eternal life. Rom.8:11, Jn.5:24

C. The disciples understood this after His resurrection. Lk 18:34, Jn. 20:6-9, Lk.24:45-48

II. He lives today to offer forgiveness and salvation. Acts 10:43, acts 26:18,

A. His sprinkled blood makes you clean. (15) Eph.1:7, Is.62:12, Eph.1:4, Phil.3:10

B. He will prosper by having many children.  1Cor.4:17, Is.53:10, Jn.1:12

C. Not all spiritual leaders will prosper by winning souls for Christ. Jer.10:21

III. He will return a triumphant King. Phil.3:20

A. He will be exalted and lifted up. (13) Acts 2:33, Col.2:15

B. Every earthly leader will bow to Him. Phil.2:10, Heb.9:28

Con. We serve the King of Kings and Lord of Lords, the One who conquered death and gives salvation.


Luke 1:26-38

April 3rd 2022

Intro – Mary set an example for us to follow in her trusting the Lord.

I. Mary believed what God said.  Lk.1:45

A. She wondered how but believed. (34)

B. When God explained she obeyed. (37)

1. Disciples Mark 1:20

2. Gideon.  Judges 6:12,15,17

C. Do you believe God has chosen you? Jer.29:11, 1Pet.2:9

II. Mary surrendered to God’s will. (38)

A. Her will was to do God’s will.  Lk.22:42

B. Do you seek to do God’s will? Rom.12:1-2

1. Do you ask, “how can I serve?”  1Cor.6:20

2. Do you pray, “Thy will be done”. Is.64:8

III. Mary did God’s will.

A. She endured. Mt.1:19, Mt.16:24

B. She named Him Jesus. Lk.2:21

C. She praised God she could be used. Lk.1:46-55, Heb.13:15

Con. Are you allowing God to use you?


Matthew 21:1-9

April 10th, 2022


Intro – In our text today Christ is hailed as a King. Which He is but there are many other things we can learn about Him from our text today.

I. Jesus is omniscient (all knowing).

A. Only God can see into another town!  Prov.15:3, Ps.139:1-2

B. Jesus was a true prophet. Mk.11:4-6, Deut.18:20-22

C. Jesus can also see into your heart. Jn.2:25

1. He knows your physical need. Matt.6:32

2. He knows your spiritual need.  Jn.3:3, Ps.51:10, 12

II. Jesus fulfills prophecy.

A. This proves His deity. Zech.9:9

B. He fulfilled all the prophecies concerning His ministry.  Matt.2:15,17-18, 23, Mt.8:17, Mt.12:17

C. Other than His resurrection and miracles there is no stronger proof of His deity than fulfilled prophecy.                                        


III. Jesus came as the Savior.

A. Hosanna = Save us now.  (9)

B. The crowd misunderstood His mission.

1. They were looking for an earthly King.

2. Jesus came to set up a spiritual kingdom. Jn.18:36-37

C. Jesus, our Savior and our King will return as King of Kings.  Rev.19:11,16

Con. – I know Jesus is my King, the question is, have you made Him your King? Surrender your life to Him and let Him rule in your heart today.



Galatians 4:21-31

March 27th, 2022

Intro – Our text today is an allegory.  We should always take the bible literally unless it tells us otherwise. God used signs, illustrations, parables, figures of speech, etc. But the bible tells us when it is doing so. Matt.13:18, John 10:6, Eze.24:3,24 are some examples.  An allegory is where a real or literal event had a hidden meaning. In our text we see the birth of Ishmael and Isaac represented two covenants. (24)

I. Ishmael was a normal birth.

A. By birth we are born into sin. Ps.51:5, Rom.3:23

B. Our natural position is one of slavery. Rom.6:6, Rom.7:14

C. Ishmael represented the old covenant. (25)

1. The Pharisees and Judaizers tried to earn salvation by keeping the law. Mt.23:23, Lk.18:10-14

2. The law given to convict not convert. Rom.3:20

II. Isaac was a miraculous birth.

A. Abraham and Sarah were two old to have a baby.

B. God had promised and He would keep that promise. Gen.18:10-11

C. Isaac represents the new birth. Jn.3:6-7

1. He was the son of promise.  Rom.10:13, Jn.1:12

2. His was a miraculous birth. Jn.1:13, Gal.3:26

D. Isaac represents those who set free through faith in Jesus. Jn.8:32 

III. Ishmael persecuted Isaac.

A. Unbelievers will clash with Christians. Gal.5:17

B. Works based religions will persecute those proclaiming salvation by grace alone. 2Tim.3:12

Con. – Paul is telling the new believers in the Galatian church to not put up with false teachers but to cast them out. (30)

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