Feb. 16th 2020


Intro – Paul did not try to be clever or use the latest fad to get people to listen to him. Why do you go to church? Many churches have lots of people but empty hearts. The purpose for church is not to follow the latest fad but rather preach Christ and the message of the cross. 1Cor.1:17


I. People would rather listen to man than God.  (20-21)


A. Even though God reveals His superior wisdom.


1. Round earth – Magellan 1500’s – Is.40:22, Job 26:10 - 700, 1500 BC


2. Earth rotating around sun – Copernicus, Kepler – 1550-1650’s – Jer.31:35-36 - 600 BC


3. Hydrological cycle – Palissy -1580 – Is.55:10-11, Job 36:27,  700-1500 BC


4. Vortex winds – modern wind tunnel testing – Deut.32:11 -1400 BC


B. Man’s wisdom didn’t figure out how to get to heaven. Gen.11:4


1. God revealed it in the word. Jn.14:6


2. Man just has to believe it. Acts 16:30-31


II. The message of a crucified Savior is hard for some to accept.  (22-23)


A. The Jews stumbled over it, it was to easy. Give us sign. Matt.12:38-39


B. The Gentiles reasoned it away, it was foolish they were wise. Ps.14:1


III. The message of the cross points people to Jesus.  (24-25)


A. The Holy Spirit calls. Jn.6:44,65


B. Man senses the power of God’s word. Rom.1:16, Eph.2:8-9, 1Cor.1:30


C. His mind and heart are changed and faith takes over. 1Jn.5:4


Con. Jesus died to forgive your sins. Believe it and ask Him to forgive you and you will have eternal life. If that seems foolish to you, remember the foolishness of God is wiser than men.





Feb. 9th 2020


Intro – You have all heard or maybe even said things like, ‘grow up”, “stop acting like a baby”, or you are “so childish”.  When you tell someone, they are childish it usually doesn’t go over so well. However, that is exactly what Paul told the Christians in Corinth. What would Paul say to you?


I. Are you a child spiritually? (1-2)

A. A child doesn’t comprehend like an adult. 1Cor.13:11

B. A child doesn’t resolve problems like an adult. James 4:2

C. A child doesn’t work together with others. (3-5) Gal.5:19-20

1. They pick sides. 1Cor.1:10

2. They don’t see the “big picture”. (6-9)

D. A child doesn’t think ahead. 1Cor.4:5


II. Are you growing spiritually?  (10-11)

A. No growth means you are spiritually dead or backsliding. Jn.15:5-6

B. Growth means building on the solid word of God.  2Tim.2:15, 2Tim.3:16


III. Being mature is the opposite of being childish. (12-13)

A. You build up, grow stronger.   Heb.5:14, Prov.19:20

B. You see the need to continue to grow. Heb.6:1-3, Phil.3:12-14, Prov.1:5

C. You plan ahead.  Phil 1:21, Phil.3:10-11


Con. Sadly, if you continue to behave like a child you will lose out in the end. (14-15)




Jan.26th, 2020


Intro- Israel had turned their back on God. Jer.32:33. They were punished for that sin. Jer.33:36, Jer.33:5. They had cast God’s servant in prison (Jer.33:1) and rejected his message. In the midst of their punishment God gives them hope through a promise. He would restore them, body, soul and spirit. 1Thess.5:23


I. Their bodies or physical healing. (6-7)

            A. Your suffering can be caused by two things.

                        1. Your sin, like Israel taken into captivity.  Jer.32:42

                        2. Your righteousness like Job to test your faith. Job 1:8, 12, 22

            B. They would physically return to Israel.  See the book of Nehemiah.

            C. God will restore you.  Jer.3:17

            D. Peace and truth are the foundation of that restoration.

                        1. Because God cares about you.  Jer.17:14, Hosea 6:1

                        2. Because God wants to restore you.  Ps.107:20, Matt.23:37-38


II. Their souls would be restored.  (8)

            A. Cleansed of all sin.  Micah 7:19, Eph.5:27   spotless

            B. Pardoned for all sin.  Jer.50:20, Jer.31:34    released


III. Their spirits lifted. (9)

            A. When it is said someone is “in good spirits” it means a mindset of joy and peace. Ps.35:9, Ps 40:16

            B. They rejoice when they remember all that God has done for them. Ps.118:24, Ps.119:162


Con.  Have you been restored? Or are you still in need of restoration? Come back to Jesus and allow Him to restore you.



Feb. 2nd 2020


Intro – Who’s faith is struggling to know God’s will?  Who is just struggling with a weak faith?  Who is having doubts about their salvation?  Listen to what God has to say to you today.


I. God has created everything.

A. We belong to this great Creator. Gen.1:1, 1:26

B. He continues to manage this universe. Col. 1:16-17

C. He created each one of us. Jer.1:5


II. God formed you.

A. In the womb. Is.44:2, 21, 24

B. God is at work in the womb. Ps.139:13-14

C. He formed you body, soul and spirit. 1Thess.5:23


III. God has redeemed you.

A. So don’t fear, you belong to Him.  Phil.1:6

B. He calls you by name. Is.45:3

C. He watches over you. Heb.13:5


Con. God has created and formed all of us. The only question left is have you been redeemed?  That process depends  on your willingness to repent of sin and accept Jesus as your Lord and Savior.



Jan.19th 2020


Intro – It is good to remember where we are without Christ and what we have to look forward to with Christ.


I. Remember your situation before you got saved. (11-12)

A.  Separated from Christ.  Eph.2:2-3, Rom.3:10-12, Rom.5:12

B.  Not a part of the fellowship.  2Cor.6:14, 1Jn.1:6

C.  Without the promises and without hope. 1Thess.4:13


II. “But now” look at what we have in Christ. (13-16)

A. Remember what you have in Christ. 1Jn.2:25, 1Jn.5:12

B. And all the promises that go with that.

1. He is our Father. 2Cor.6:18, Jn.1:12

2. His Holy Spirit dwells in us. 2Cor.6:16, Acts 2:38-39

3. We will have new heavenly bodies. 2Pet.1:4, 1Cor.15:52

4. We have a place prepared for us. Jn.14:2, Job 19:27


III. Remember what you have in common with other believers. (17-18)

A. God’s peace belongs to all believers, this should unite us. 1Thess.4:18

B. All believers have the Holy Spirit in them. Matt.25:40

C. All believers have access to God. Heb.4:16


Conclusion – Our peace comes from knowing who we are in Christ (God’s children) and what we have in

Christ (eternal life).

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