Jeremiah 1:4-10

Feb. 13th, 2022

Intro- Our text reminds us that God is at work in all of our lives. At every stage of our lives.

I. God is at work in the unborn. (4-5)

A. He calls them to serve

1. Jesus – Is.49:1,5

2. Paul - Gal.1:15

B. He fills them with His Spirit.      Lk.1:15, 44

C. He works in them for His purpose.   Matt.18:4-6

D. Abortion interferes with God’s work.

II. God is at work in our youth. (6-8)

A. Jeremiah was probably 12 or younger.

B. Many youth have been used by God.

1. Daniel, David

2. Samuel about 2-4 yrs old.    1Sam.1:28

3. Josiah – 8yrs old.     2Kings 22:1

4. Solomon – 19-20     1Kings 3:7

C. Don’t underestimate youth who want to serve the Lord.

III. God wants to work through you. (9-10)

A. All of us are called to serve.    Mt.28:19, Jn.9:4

B. We need not fear.

1. God gives us His word.    Mt.10:19

2. His word is powerful.    Rom.1:16

C. Let others see Christ living in you.    Matt.5:16

Con – Time is short, reach others for Christ.  Rom.13:12


Matthew 13:24-30

February 6th, 2022

Intro – Jesus teaches us about how in the physical church believers and unbelievers exist together. Of course the true spiritual church is made up of only believers.  We are talking today about the typical congregation that gathers together on Sunday morning. The wheat are believers and the tares the unbelievers.

I. The Planting.

A. Jesus Himself is the One who has planted the seed. vs 37  Is.61:1

B. Those who receive the gospel are the believers. vs 38, Lk.8:15

C. The tares are the unbelievers. 2 Cor.4:4

II. The Growth.

A. At first it can be hard to tell who is a Christian and who is not.

1. The unbelievers act and sound like believers. Mt.7:21-23

2. New Christians still have a lot of the world clinging to them. 1Cor.3:1-3

B. Time will reveal true believers.  Mt.7:20

III. The Harvest.

A. God will do the separating.  Mt.25:34, Mt.25:41, Rev.21:27, Mt.25:23

B. Those who did not bear fruit for Christ are rejected. Jn.15:5-6

C. The final separation. vs 30 Mt.13:42, Jn.14:3

Con. Are you a wheat or a tare? The wheat are those who have repented and have called on Jesus to save them







Romans 12:17-21

Jan.23rd, 2022 

Intro – God speaking through Paul in our text today tells us there are 3 things we should not do. He is speaking about our relationship with other people.

I. Don’t pay back evil with evil.

A. Endure mis-treatment. 1Pet.2:23, 1Thess.5:15,

B. Be an example of what is right.  Is.5:20

C. Be at peace.  Ps.34:14

1. If possible.  Ecc.3:8, Mt.10:34-38

2. Takes 2 to make peace. Heb.12:14-15, Mt.5:39

II. Don’t take out your own revenge.

A. It’s not your job to get even!  Deut.32:35

B. Leave things in God’s hands. 1Thess.4:6

1. He knows what He is doing. Ps.73:17-18, Rom.2:4

2. He is a just God. 2Thess.1:6-9

III. Don’t be overcome by evil. 2Pet.2:7

A. You must fight against evil. Eph.6:10-12, 1Tim.6:12

B. Attack evil with good. Eph.4:15, Lk.6:28, 1Pet.3:9, Rom.12:14

Con. – Reach out to others for Christ sake. 2Cor.5:14

Romans 13:8-10
Jan.30th, 2022

Intro – All of us would like to be “debt free”.  Not owing anything for a car, house or credit card is something we work towards. But there is one thing as Christians we will always owe, love for one another.

I. Love should never be “past due”.

A. Owe in our text means past due.

1. Be willing to help others.  Matt.5:42

2. Avoid being in debt to others.  Prov.22:7

B. Love is the exception. Always owe others love.  Mt.7:12

C. Hate anything that hurts others.  Rom.12:9, 1Cor.16:14, Eph.4:15

II. Love others as yourself.

A. We all love ourselves.Eph.5:29, Rom.12:3

1. Even when it may appear we don’t. (suicide)

2. We must understand our value. Gen.1:26, Ps.139:13-14, Gen.3:8, Rev.5:9, 1Pet.1:18-19

B. We should care about others.  Phil.2:3-4

III. Love fulfills the law.

A. Keeping the law means putting others first.  Col.3:14

B. Don’t do things that are hurtful to others.1Jn.3:14, 1Cor.13:4-7

Con. Jesus set the example of sacrificial love. Let us follow His example. Jn.13:34


Is 8:19-22

Jan. 16th, 2022

Intro -  When you want information, advice, companionship or knowledge who do you seek it from? Our text warns about going to the wrong people.

I. What counsel does God forbid?

A. Don’t try to contact the dead. (19) Deut.18:10-14

B. Witchcraft tools of the trade.

Séance – just talk?      Lk.16:26                     Book – just a book?   Ps.119:15, Acts 19:18-20

Ouija board – just a game?     Mt.12:45         Drums – just music/drumming? 2Cor.6:14, 17

Movies – just a movie?          Ps.101:3          Spirit fire – just a campfire?  Deut.12:31

C. The world will tell you it’s ok.   1Cor.2:14

II. Who should we seek for counsel?

A. We should seek God, our Savior  1Tim.2:5,  Rom.8:16,

B. We seek Him through the word.  Heb.4:12, 1Thess.3:13

C. It is an unchanging source.  Rev.22:18-19,

III. How will it end for the wrongly counseled?

A. Not well!  Saul - 1Chron.10:13

B. Blinded by Satan. 2Cor.4:4, Is.5:24

C. Cast into darkness. Matt.8:12, Lk.13:28, 2Pet 2:17

Con – Seek Jesus while you have the opportunity to do so. Is.55:6

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