Matthew 8:26


March 22nd





Intro – As you hear this message today we are in the middle of a pandemic. Because our President has asked us not to gather in large groups Faith Lutheran has canceled church until April 5th, at that time we will re-evaluate the situation. What does God say about times like this? Mt.8:26. When Jesus said fear not He was telling us to trust Him. Satan knows that fear leads to panic and panic to anarchy.



I. His fear not message is for today.


            A. To those afraid of the coronavirus, Jesus says fear not.


            B. God knows what He is doing. Hab.1:5 “you would not believe if told you”.


            C. God is still on the throne, still in control. Col.1:17



II. Fear leads to panic.


            A. Panic leads to anarchy and Satan love chaos.


            B. There is no reason to panic!


                        1. Christians need to set an example by being calm and trusting the Lord. Prov.3:5-6


                        2. Use the common sense God has given you to prevent sickness.  Not like the Florida youth.


            C. Think of the percentage who survive the virus. US-98%, China and world-96% 


                        1. Keep things in perspective, take steps to prevent but don’t panic.


                        2. Same as flu, measles, pneumonia,  etc.  Don’t need to empty the selves at Walmart


                        3. You have allowed your minds to be manipulated into panic mode.



III. More harm will be done because of people panicking than from the virus.


            A. Many will suffer financial loss.


            B. Marriages will be destroyed.


            C. Suicides will increase


            D. Hospital bills will abound because of fear and stress.


            E. Needy people will be hurt by lack of the things they need.


            F. Only the great deceiver, Satan, is happy about this chaos.





Con. Are you afraid? If you’re a Christian remember Jesus will take care of you. If you are not a believer now is a good time to repent of sin and accept Jesus as your Lord and Savior. Then whether you live or die you will be at peace with God. You will have a peace the world cannot understand. Christians, now is the time to be bold, be calm and be a light to world living in fear.





John 8:31-44


March 15th 2020



Intro – You can hear without hearing when you hear but don’t understand. Like a foreign language. Jesus was speaking, teaching in the temple, but the Pharisees didn’t understand.



I. Some believed. 31-32


A. Faith opens up your understanding.  1Cor.2:14


B. We must abide in Christ to know truth. Gen.3:13,


C. Sin leads to being deceived. 2Cor.11:3, 2Tim.3:13  



II. The unbelieving Pharisees could not understand.


A. They trusted their connections.  33   Is.29:13


B. Jesus explains He is referring to sin. 34-36  Rom.6:16


C. Their actions reveal their unbelief. 37-40


1. If you do what God says is sin and don’t repent, are you a Christian?


2. If you live immorally and refuse to change your ways are you a Christian?


3. If you lie, steal and take advantage of others, are you a Christian?


4. If you refuse to recognize your sin and repent, are you a Christian?  1Cor.6:9-10


D. A Christian follows Christ.  Acts 11:26, Acts 26:28, Jn.10:27



III. Those who reject Christ and follow another way are Satan’s children. 41-44


A. Satan hates Christians and tries to get people to follow some other way.  1Tim.5:15, Jn.14:6


B. He deceives people into thinking everything is ok. Rev.12:9


C. However, there is only one way to follow Jesus.  Jn.4:24



Con. Hear what Jesus says. There is only one God, one way to heaven, one way to worship Him.


The way of God’s word. You must know it, believe it and follow it.





1Peter 4:1-6


March 1st 2020





Intro – Christians suffer like anyone else. The difference is their attitude, they know God has a purpose in their suffering. Their suffering is never self-inflicted but rather because they refuse to deny Christ. 1Peter 4:15-16




I. Those willing to suffer show their faith.


            A. Is your faith strong enough to endure suffering? Job.23:10, Mal.3:3, 1Pet.1:6-9


            B. Jesus died for you. Heb.12:2-3


            C. Are you willing to live for Him? 1Cor.3:13, 1Pet.2:21, Acts 5:41




II. Suffering comes in many forms.


            A. It means you crucify the old man. Gal.5:24, Phil.3:8


            B. It means losing friends.  Mk.14:50, 2Tim.4:16


            C. It means being talked about in unkind ways. 1Pet.3:14


                        1. Because your example convicts others. 1Pet.3:16


                        2. Or they just don’t like being corrected.  2Tim.2:15, 2Tim.4:3-4




III. We will answer for the life we lived.


            A. Those unwilling to follow Christ are condemned to hell. 2Thess.1:6-9


            B. Those willing to suffer for Christ, eternal life. 2Thess.1:3-5, 1Pet.4:19




Con. – Although it may vary in degree of severity every Christian will suffer in some way.  Never let fear of others shame you into denying Christ.







March 8th 2020




Intro – If there is one thing God is making clear in chapter 45 of Isaiah it is this one truth. There is no other God besides Him. He says it 6 times prior to our text (5, 6, 14, 18) and twice in our text. He even says He will punish those who make the idols (vs.16). 




I. People who pray to idols should hear what God says. (20)


A. They do so because they lack knowledge.  Is.44:19


B.  Idols cannot save them. Is.46:7, Jer.10:5, Is.44:17


C. To seek help from anything or anyone other than God is a sin. Deut.18:14


D. God forbids contacting the spirit world.  Deut.18:10-11


            Seances, chants or spells, drums, Ouija boards, etc.




II. There is only one God who can answer your prayers. (21)


A. He is our God and Savior. Is.43:11


B. All your prayers should be addressed to the one true God, Jesus. 1Tim.2:5


1. No one or anything deserves glory or praise but God. Is.42:8


2. Prayer “turn to Me” is the way you worship and glorify someone. (22) Ps.50:15, Ps.107:13




III. Only God can save you through faith in Jesus Christ. (23-25)


A. Some day everyone will admit this truth.  Phil.2:10


B. Only Jesus can give them righteousness. 2Cor.5:21, Acts 4:12


C. Someday everyone will know this is true. Ps.51:14, Ps.24:5, Ps. 4:1




Con. Who do you pray to?  Who do you glorify? Who do you put your faith in?  Jer.9:24







Feb. 23rd, 2020


 Intro – times have changed. Unfortunately, today one has to explain what marriage is before he can speak about it. Satan has deceived and confused many concerning marriage.


 I. First we must understand what true marriage is. (31)  Gen.2:24


A. It is not 2 men or 2 women living together. Lev.18:22, 1Cor.6:9-10, Rev.21:27


1. In our text “wife” is the Greek word for woman.


2. “husband” is the Greek word for man.


B. When the bible speaks of marriage it speaks of one man and one woman being united. Matt.19:8


C. Homosexualism is an attack on God’s marriage plan. Rom.1:26-28, 32


D. It is rebellion against God’s purpose for marriage. Gen.1:27-28


 II. Marriage is an opportunity to show your love.  (33)


A. Women can show love by giving themselves to their husbands. (22)


B. Men can show love by sacrificing all for their wives. (25)


C. If you have problems get help don’t gossip. Prov.1:5, 12:15, Ps.107:10-11


 III. Marriage is an opportunity to serve Christ.


A. Obey God’s command to multiply. Ps.127:3


B. Train up your children. Prov.10:1, 3Jn.1:4


C. To show you serve the Lord. (22) Col.3:23-24


 Con – Marriage is just like life in general. The rule to follow is one Jesus gave us in Matthew 7:12.


Treat others the way you want them to treat you. That works great in marriage also.


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