1John 5:4-12


April 8th, 2019, Confirmation




Intro – Christians are not just people who will overcome but we have overcome, sin, death and the devil because our Leader has conquered them all.  Jn. 16:33.  We continue to follow Him into eternity where we will live forever.




I. We have overcome.  4-9


A. We are empowered by Christ to win now!             Rom.8:35-37, 1Cor.15:56-57


B. Defeat is either a lack of faith or a weak faith.       1Jn.2:14, Mt.17:20, Phil.4:13


C. The early Christians had to fight Gnosticism. (6-9)


1. Gnostics denied Jesus was God.                 1Jn:4:5-6


2. They rejected the clear word of God.         Matt.3:17, Lk.23:46, 1Jn.1:7




II. We will overcome. 10


A. Those who believe will reign with Christ.             2Tim.2:12, Rev.3:21, Rev.2:11, 26


B.  Those who deny Christ will perish.           2Thes.2:11-12, Lk.12:8-9, Mt.7:23, Mt.25:41




III. Victory to overcome is found in Jesus Christ.  11-12


A. He has already conquered death.                1 Cor.15:55-57


B. So if you have Christ in you, you have eternal life. Gal.2:20, Phil.1:21




Con. Commit your life to Jesus. Live for Him and you will overcome sin and death.





Isaiah 53:10


Easter, April 21, 2019

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Intro – Our Lord’s resurrection is of course a New Testament event but the Old Testament saints believed it would happen. Isaiah prophesied it would.




I. His life would be prolonged.


A. This means He would live again.


B. The OT saints believed in the resurrection.


1. Abraham – Heb.11:17-19


2. Job -  Job 19:25-27


3. David – 2Sam.12:23

 4. Daniel - Dan.12:13



II. His was a bodily resurrection.


A. His body would live again. Jn.20:27-28


B. He will forever give witness to His sacrifice.  Zech.12:10, Rev.1:7, 18


C. We will see the nail prints for all eternity. 1Jn.3:2




III. Our lives will be prolonged.


A. We to will have life after death. Jn.11:25


B. Because His Spirit dwells in us we will have new bodies. Gal.2:20, Rom.8:11, 1Cor.15:51-54


C. We become His offspring by faith. Jn.1:12, 1Jn.3:1, Rom.10:9




Con. Phil.3:10-11- All the powers of the resurrection are yours if Christ is your Lord and Savior.  In your gloomiest days and your darkest moments there will be a light shining for you because He is Risen. 





Numbers 21:4-9


April 7th 2019




Intro – The bronze serpent was about repentance and faith. Likewise, that is the message of the cross. The cross should remind you of your sin but also that the One who died on it can bring forgiveness and life.




I. It was a reminder of what happened.


A.  The snakes had come because of sin.  1Cor.10:9


B.  Looking at the bronze snake reminded them of their sin. Rom.6:23


C.  They were willing to repent. Vs 7




II. The serpent was not meant to be worshipped.


A.  Worshiping symbols will not save anyone. Rom.1:25


1. It’s not the symbol but faith in God.


2. Those who believe will be saved. 1Cor.1:18


B.  They soon forgot this truth. 2Kings 18:4


C.  It was lifted up so they could repent and believe.  Is.45:22, John 3:14-15




III. This was a type of Christ on the cross.


A.  Both were raised up. Jn.3:14, Jn.8:28


B.  Both provided  relief  from sin. Col.2:14, 1Cor.15:55-57


C.  Both required repentance and faith in God’s word. Rom.10:9-13, Acts 4:12



Con. – Today in communion remember it is your faith in Jesus that saves not the taking of the elements.




Philippians 2:5-11


April 14th 2019




Intro – Palm Sunday reminds us that Jesus is a King. Our text reminds us of the kind of King that Jesus is.




I. A humble King.


A. His was a true humility. Matt.20:28


1. Washed disciples feet. Jn.13:5


2. Rode a donkey vs a stallion.  Matt.21:5-9


B. He willingly became a man. Vs 7-8


C. We should have this humility also. Rom.12:10, 1Thess.5:11, Phil.2:3-4




II. A chosen King.


A. God chose to send Christ. Mt.12:18, Lk.9:35, Jn.3:16, Acts 2:23


B. Christ chose to come. Lk.19:10, Jn.10:18


C. He chose to die for our sin. Rom.5:6-8


D. We must choose our King.  Joshua 24:15


III. An exalted King.



A. Jesus came as a humble baby, He will come back as King of Kings. Rev.19:11-16


B. Everyone will someday exalt Jesus.  Is.45:22-25, Rev.15:4


C. Those who do so now will enter heaven. 1Pet.5:6, 1Jn.2:23, Lk.12:8


Con. – Come to Jesus and crown Him King of your life today and exalt Him with your life. Matt.5:16





John 6:1-15


March 31st 2019





Intro – Our text today speaks about being tested. God will test our faith. Because He loves us, He will test us. Testing always develops our faith.




I. Jesus knows what His plans for us are. (5-6)  Jer.29:11


A. Jesus knows what He is going to do before He gives the test.  Jer.32:17, Ps.55:22


B. The disciples did not know what to do. Matt.6:25, 31, 33


C. The Lord knows what He wants you to do.  Prov.3:5, Matt.7:7, Matt.16:24




II. Jesus knows how much we can endure. (9-10)  1Cor.10:13


A. They had reached their limit, “what are these”.  Matt.14:15


B. Jesus brings us to the point where we are helpless. Ps.107:13


C. Same principal in salvation. Rom.5:6


1. So we can see our need for help.   Acts 16:30


2. So we can ask Him for help.  Acts 16:31, Rom.10:13, Rom.10:9, Mark 9:24




III. Jesus knows what is best for us. (12-13) Rom.8:28


A. He knows what He wants to accomplish. James 1:3-4, 12


B. He wants us to see things through His eyes. 1Peter 4:12-13


C. Remember His love for you and testify of His goodness. Ps.40:1-5



Con. Jesus knows the time of testing you may be going through. He will see you through it and in the end we will be able to rejoice with Jesus in heaven.

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