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Matthew 17:24-27


Nov. 4th 2018




Intro -  Nobody  I know likes to pay taxes but we are required to do so. You have probably heard the saying


There are only 2 things that are for certain in life, death and taxes.




I. Why do we pay taxes?  (24-25)


A. The bible has told us we should.  Luke 20:22-25, Rom.13:7, 1Tim.2:1-2


B.  The tax in our text today was a temple tax.


1.  Jews over 20 were required to pay. Ex.30:13-14


2.  The Levites were to collect the payment.  2Chron. 24:6   




II. Jesus reveals His divinity.


A. God is aware of your conversations whether He is physically present or not. Mt.12:36


1. Jesus knows everything because He is God. Jn.16:30, Lk.12:2, 5


2. He even knows your thoughts and intentions.  Heb.4:12


B. If the tax was for God’s temple then God does not have to pay the tax.  (26)


C. He shows His power over creation proving His divinity.


1. He determines which fish.


2. He determines amount of money. Enough for Him and Peter. Jn.21:17




III. We should try and not offend. (27)   2Cor.6:3


A. That doesn’t mean compromising the truth. Matt.10:34-36, Mt.15:7-14, 1Pet.2:7-8


B. Don’t cause others to stumble over issues that don’t determine eternity. Mt.18:6, 1Cor.8:8, 12



Con. Be good examples by being good citizens. Strive for unity among believers. Trust His power to forgive when you fail to do so.




2Timothy 2:19-21


October 28th, 2018





Intro – No matter what the world says the bible is true. “And he who believes in Him will not be disappointed”. Romans 9:33




I. It’s a foundation God has made. Matthew 21:42


A. It is built on the solid rock.


1. The word of God. Mt.7:24-25


2. Trusting the word of God.  Ps.119:11, Jn.17:17


B. This foundation doesn’t shift. James 1:17, Lam.3:23






II. Two truths are a part of this foundation.


A. The Lord knows who are His. 1Cor.8:3


1. We hear His voice through His word. Jn.10:3, Jn.8:47


2. We act one what we hear, unlike unbelievers. Mt.7:26-27


B. His people abstain from wickedness. Jn.14:15, 21


1. They confess sin. 1Jn.1:9, 1Jn.1:7


2. They draw near to the Lord. James 4:8, Heb.10:22




III. We build our lives and future on this foundation.  1Cor.3:10-11


A. We take action to be a vessel God can use. Eph. 4:22-24


B. We stop doing what is wrong an do what is right. Luke 13:3




Con. Our foundation is Jesus Christ. To have Him is to have life.  What kind of life are you building on that foundation? Do you honor Christ with your life?






Isaiah 65:1-2


October 14th 2018




Intro – Israel had been drifting away from the Lord and living in rebellion against His word. The words God spoke to Israel would apply to America today. America has drifted from the godly Christian nation it once was.




I. God is reaching out to others. (1)  Rom.11:20-22


A. Other countries are more open to the gospel.


1. Hungary – takes a strong stand against Islam. Eze. 3:17


2. Kenya – Large crowds fill churches to hear gospel. Matt.5:6


B. They oppose what is evil.    Ps.97:10, Prov.8:13, Rom.12:9




II. America is rebelling against God. (2)  Is.63:10


A. We are losing our civility for each other. Gal.5:22, Col.3:12, Eph.4:32


1. Congressmen shot and stabbed.


2. Leaders cursed at and shouted down in public.


3. Violence encouraged.  Hillary Clinton, Eric Holder, Maxine Waters


B. The occult is growing.


1. 1.5 million professing Wicca or pagans in America. (free thought, love the earth)


2. Over 300 thousands professing witches.


3. Casting hexes on those they oppose.  Eph.6:12




III. You can make a difference.


A. Pray for our country. Dan.9:4-8


B. Like Isaiah speak the truth. Eph.4:15


C. Elect those who respect God’s word.




Con. – If we are to return our country godliness we must elect those who respect and fear God. Be smart, be    informed, vote!





Colossians 1:24-2:4


October 21 2018







Intro – 1Timothy 3 gives us the qualifications to be a pastor but here in our text today you might say is the job description of what a pastor should do.




I. Called to preach the word of God. (24-27)


            A. Be willing to suffer for Christ sake. 2Cor.1:5,  2Cor.6:4-5, 2Cor.11:27-28


            B. Oversee the church. 1Tim. 3:2-5,


                        1. Through preaching the word.  2Tim.4:2


                        2. Through teaching biblical principles. Col.2:8


                        3. Give hope through conversion. (27)  Rom.8:10-11




II. Called to grow people’s faith. (28-29)


            A. Growth through admonishment. Heb.5:12-6:1, Eph.4:13-14


            B. Growth through knowledge. Eph.1:17, 2Cor.10:5, 2Tim.2:25, 2Tim.3:7, 2Pet.3:18




III. Called to encourage them to faithfulness. (2:1-4)


            A. Reminding them of what they have in Christ.


                        1. Salvation – 1Jn.5:12-13


                        2. Adoption – Jn.1:12, Rom.8:15, Gal 4:5


            B. So don’t be fooled by man’s thinking. Rom.16:17-18, Gal.5:7




Con – A pastor is successful when people come to faith and then grow in their knowledge and faithfulness to









Luke 13:10-17


October 7th 2018




Intro – What joy fills our hearts when Jesus speaks those words to us “you are freed”.




I. Sometimes sickness can be caused by demonic powers.


A. Not all sickness is caused by an evil spirit.   Jn.9:2-3, Rom.5:12, James 5:16


B. Some sickness is caused by evil spirits. Mt.12:22, Acts 5:16, Acts 8:7


C. This woman was under Satan’s bondage.




II. Jesus cared about her. 1Peter 5:7


A. He called her. Matt.11:28, Lk.18:16, Mt.4:19


B. He knows all about you. Ps.139:1, Act 1:24, Mt.6:31-32,


C. He knows your spiritual need.   Ps.86:1, Mk.2:17, Jn.10:10




III. Unbelievers wanted her to remain enslaved.


A. Didn’t want their rules or way of life changed. Matt.12:2, Rom.10:3, Jn.3:3, Jn.1:12, Rom.10:13


B. They wonder at conversion.  1Pet.4:4, 1Pet.3:16



Con. Jesus came to save you. Too cleanse you from your sin. Surrender to Him today and you will be freed.

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