Jeremiah 8:18-22

Feb. 19th, 2023


Intro - He had a very difficult ministry. He was imprisoned, put in a well, wore a yoke and was told by God he could not get married. He spoke in opposition to the false prophets.


I. He was saddened by his people being in captivity. (18)

            A. They are now a people without a King. Jer.25:11, Dan. 1:1-2, Dan.9:2

            B. Because they had provoked God. (19)  Ex.20:3-5

            C. They had missed their opportunity to be saved. (20) Matt.25:10-12.


II. He is sad because they were not saved.

            A. Babylon is symbolic of evil.  Is.59:2

            B. God (our Father) is grieved when we refuse to repent. Matt.23:37

            C. In the same way a parent grieves when children don't repent. 3John 1:4


III. He is sad because salvation was so close.

            A. He is saddened by the condition of his country. (21)  Joshua 24:20

            B. They could have been rescued if they had turned to God. Is.45:22, Jer.15:19, Jer.26:3

            C. Help was available but they refused it.  Prov.1:24, Zech.7:11, Heb.12:25, Heb.2:1-3


Con. Be like Jeremiah, have a burden for the unsaved. Pray for them. Witness to them. Speak to them about Jesus.  But first, make sure you are ready.



John 12:35-43

February 12th 2023

Intro - The Lord gives us opportunities to be saved. The question is what you do with it.

I. Make use of the Light God gives. Lk.4:18

            A. Receive the "Light of the world". Jn.8:12

            B. Walk in the truth of God's word. Jn.1:9-10

                        1. When sin is revealed repent.  Luke 13:3, Jn.12:46

                        2. You will be sons of light. Eph.5:8

II. Many were rejecting Jesus, Jn.1:11

            A. They just wanted more signs. Jn.4:48, Matt.16:4

            B. They became blind to truth. (40) Jn.3:19

                        1. By Satan. 2Cor.4:4

                        2. By God. Heb.4:7, 2Thess.2:10-12, Mk.6:52

III. You must believe and be brave.

            A. Some fear man more than God.  Lk.22:60-62

            B. Some want man's approval more than God's. Mt.6:2,5, Mt 23:5, Mt.25:34

Con. If the Holy Spirit convicts you of sin, repent and accept Jesus. Otherwise, one of those may be your last chance and then you will be without hope.



Matthew 21:18-22

Jan.29th 2023


Intro - The fig tree in our text today is used by Jesus to teach us several things.

 I. His power over nature.

                A. Over the atmosphere. Mark 4:39

                B. Over animals.  Dan.6:22

                C. Over us.

                                1. As Christians we are meant to bear fruit.  Jn.15:5-6

                                2. Unfruitfulness will be punished. Jn.15:2, Matt.7:19,23

II. Faith moves the hand of God.

                A. Battle of Dunkirk.  Ps.18:2

                B. Anaconda. Ps.46:1

 III. Faith means you agree with God.

                A. Faith says, "Thy will be done."  Matt.6:10, 1Jn.5:14

                B. Faith is trusting Jesus. Jn.14:13

                C. Job is an example. Job 1:22, Rom. 8:31, 1Cor.10:13, Job 19:25-27

Con. We serve the resurrected, living Savior who has all power over all things.  Trust Him.


Matthew 19:27-31

Feb. 5th, 2023


Intro - How do you see the church and the Lord's work., as something to serve you or somewhere you can serve? Matt.20:28.


I. Peter was seeing things from the worldly viewpoint.

                A. Jesus had set the standard for service. Matt.16:24-26

                B. Peter was focused on himself.

                                1. This thinking comes from misunderstanding our nature.  Rom.5:12, Rom.6:23

                                2. Jesus takes care of us now.  Mt.6:31-33

                                3. Jesus takes care of us for eternity. Jn.14:2


II. Jesus speaks of their spiritual rewards.

                A. We will reign with Him. 2Tim.2:12, Rev.3:21

                B. We will gain family. Mt.10:34-39, Jn.1:12, Mt.12:48-50,

                                1. Peter.  Acts 2:41

                                2. Paul. Rom.16:1, 1Tim.1:2,

                C. We will gain life. 1Jn.5:12


III. First will be last and last first.

                A. Those who think they deserve eternity won't even be in line. Pharisees, etc. Matt. 7:22-23

                B. Those who humble themselves and call on Jesus will get in. Matt.25:40, Rom.10:13


Con. All of God's blessings are ours when we ask Jesus to forgive us and save us.


Hebrews 11:1-10
Jan. 22nd, 2023

Intro - This chapter is sometimes called the believers Hall of Fame chapter because it recounts some of the great deeds of the Old Testament believers.  Each account starts with the words "by faith".

I. What is faith?
            A. Assurance = firm confidence.
                        1. You believe God's word. 1Jn.1:9, Mark 13:31, 1Pet.1:25
                        2. You do not question His promises. Jn.14:31
            B. Being convinced. Rom.8:32, Heb.6:17-19
                        1. I know my redeemer lives.  Job 19:25
                        2. I know He's coming again. 1Thes.4:16

II. Examples of faith.
            A. By faith we accept the biblical account of creation. Gen.1:31
            B. Noah - obeyed God when ridiculed.  Matt.24:37-39, 2Pet.3:4
            C. Abraham - believed in the resurrection. Heb.11:17-19

III. The necessity of faith.
            A. Without it you cannot please God. (6)
            B. Without it you cannot be saved. Mark 16:16, Acts 16:31
            C. You must believe Jesus did what the bible says. Is.53:5-6, Jn.19:30, Rom.3:24-25, 2Cor.5:21

Con. You don't have to understand it all but you must believe and trust Jesus.

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