Isaiah 7:10-15

March 21st, 2021

Intro – God both condemns and approves of men seeking signs in the bible. Whether it is an acceptable or unacceptable thing to do depends on the motive and whether or not faith is involved. In our text today God wanted to give a sign but wicked king Ahaz refused to accept the offer. God gives one anyhow.

I. Examples of good signs in the Bible.

            A. Gen.9:13 – rainbow              E. Ps.86:17 – David

            B. Ex.12:13 – Passover blood   F. Lk.1:34 – birth of Jesus, 

            C. Ex.31:17 – Sabbath day       G. Lk.2:12 - Shepherds

            D. Judges 6:36-37 – Gideon     H. Mal.3:10 – tithe

II. Seeking for signs can be a bad thing.

            A. The devil does signs. Deut. 13:1-4, Matt.7:22-23, 2Thess.2:9

            B. Wrong motives seek signs. Acts 8:18-22

            C. Unbelief seeks for signs. Matt.12:38-39

            D. Unbelievers wrongly test the Lord. Ex.17:2, 7, Deut.6:16, Mt.4:7

III. What Jesus wants is for you to trust His word.

            A. The gospel is God’s plan of salvation. Mk.1:15

            B. Take Him at His word. 1Thess.2:13, Acts 16:31, Rom.10:17

                        1. You don’t need to prove what He has promised.   Acts 2:38

                        2. If Jesus said it, faith accepts it.   1Cor.14:22

            C. Believe both the Old and New Testaments.  Jn.5:46-47

            D. To reject His word is to reject Him. Jn.12:48 

Con. Don’t be a sign seeker, be a bible believer.


Isaiah 49:8-13

March 14th, 2021

Intro- Our text speaks of the millennium when the Israelites are back in the land and Jesus is ruling over them.

They will have been redeemed. In that sense it also speaks of our redemption.

I. A light has shown in the darkness.  Luke.1:78-79

A. Show yourself, stop hiding from God.  Rom.3:20, Ps.51:3

B. Go forth, be free from bondage. Rom.7:14, Ps.51:10-12

C. Shout for joy a Savior has been provided. Lk.2:10,13-14, 20

D. Even nature celebrates. Ps.65:8

II. All you need has been provided.

A. The righteousness you lacked. 2Cor.5:21

B. The forgiveness you needed. 1Jn.1:7

C. The perfection you could never attain. Eph.2:8-9, Col.2:9-10

III. Jesus has saved you, shout for joy.

A. He brought you out of the darkness of your sin. Ps.107:1-2, 10, 13-15

B. He has brought you into the light. 1Pet.2:9, Eph.5:8-9

Con. Shout for joy, let everyone know what Jesus has done for you. Ps.71:23, Rom.10:9



Feb.28th, 2021

Intro – When it comes to sexual purity the verse that probably best describes us is Rom.3:23. Falling short  simple means we did not succeed at God’s best plan for us.

I. God’s plan is for us to live sexually moral lives. (1-5)

            A. God wanted 1 man and 1 woman for life.  Matt.19:3-6, Malachi 2:16

                        1. More than one before the death of a spouse is failure. 1Cor.7:39

                        2. Lustful thoughts for another while married. Matt.5:28

            B. God wanted purity before marriage. Heb.13:4

            C. God did not want same gender marriage. Lev. 18:23, 1Cor.6:9-10

            D. Falling short of what God wanted is sin, confess, repent and move on, don’t debate with God. Rom.3:23

II. Those who promote ungodly relationships are sinning. (6-7)

            A. You can defraud your bother by stirring up lustful passions.  1Cor.8:12

            B. You can defraud by teaching wrong relationships are ok. 2Pet.2:6

                        1. Government position on LGBT is wrong.

                        2. Government position on “The Equality Act” is wrong.  2Tim.3:13

III. To reject Scripture is to reject God. (8)

            A. Believers accept God’s word and allow it to change and correct them. 2Tim.3:16

            B. Unbelievers mock and ignore God’s word to their own destruction. Jer.4:22, Prov.12:1, Phil.3:18-19

Con. Bring all your past moral failures to Jesus. Ask Him to forgive and move forward with your life.

      Take God’s advice, “abstain from sexual immorality”


2 Samuel 22:1-7

March 2nd, 2021

Intro – A fortress is a place of protection. It is a refuge, a place of care and provision.

I. A refuge is a place of protection.

            A. Satan attacks believers. – Lk.22:31, Job 1:12

            B. We have Someone and somewhere to go to for refuge. Isaiah 1:18

                        1. We have been given physical fortresses.  Jn.20:19, 26

                        2. We have a spiritual refuge. Jn.9:31, Jn.14:13-14, 1Tim.2:5

II. We need a refuge.

            A. Because we are sent out into a vicious world.  Mt.28:19, Lk.10:3

            B. On the battlefield we will be attack. 1Pet.5:8, Mt.10:17-20

            C. Remember Christ is always with you. 2Tim.4:17, Ps. 23:4

            D. Christ gives us opportunity to rejuvenate. James 4:7-8

                        1. The more we recharge the stronger we are. Rom.12:2

                        2. When alone you are an easy target, keep focused.  Job.19:25-27, Peter 1Cor.15:5

III. God always hears our cry for help.

            A. He encourages us to come to Him. Is.1:18, Mt.11:28

            B. We may wander from Him but He never leaves us. Heb.13:5.

Con. – Today let us remember what Jesus has done for us and what He will do for us.



Feb. 21st, 2021

Intro – The Apostle Paul was a servant of God. All believers are but for some it is a full-time profession.

I. We are working together with God.

            A. Paul told the Jerusalem council of his work. Acts 15:4, 1Cor.3:9

            B. Paul encouraged others to be reconciled to God.  2Cor.5:20

            C. We are called to do this also.  Luke 10:1-2, Mt.28:19

II. Don’t receive the grace of God in vain.

            A. What is God’s grace? Jn.3:16, 2Pet.3:9, Jn.20:31

            B. He sends His invitation to all.  Rev.3:20, Matt.11:28

            C. The question is how do you respond. Jn.1:12, Rom.10:13, Rom.10:9

                        1. Today is the day of decision.  Rom.13:11

                        2. No better time than now.  Heb.3:15

                        3. You must respond or His attempts to save you will be in vain.  Acts 26:28

III. Be willing to serve no matter what the cost.

            A. Endure – (4-5)   Acts 16:23, Acts 14:19, 1Cor.4:11

            B. Reflect Christ with your life. (6-7)   2Tim.2:21, Eph.5:1

            C. Be prepared to be misunderstood.  (8-10)

Con. – It may not be easy being a Christian but in the end it will be worth it all

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