August 15th, 2021

Intro – verses 3 and 4 of this chapter are at the center of everything we believe as Christians. Paul says these truths are of “first importance”. Of everything we believe as Christians these are at the top of the list.

I. Jesus died.  Mt.27:50

            A. The Scriptures tell us this.  Jn.19:30, Is.53:8-10

            B. In our place.  Rom.6:23, 1Jn.2:2, Heb.10:10-12

            C. The perfect sacrifice. 1Pet.1:18-19, 1Pet.3:18, Rom8:3-4, Heb.9:22

II. Jesus was buried.  Mt.27:57-60

            A. To assure that He was dead. Mt.27:66

            B. Jesus told us He would be buried. Mt.12:40

            C. Satan does everything he can to get people to doubt. Mt.28:12-15

III. Jesus rose again. Mt.28:6

            A. Without the resurrection our faith is meaningless.  1Cor.15:17, 22, Rom.4:3, Heb.11:19

            B. Hundreds of eyewitnesses.  vs 5-11

            C. His resurrection proves God was satisfied with the payment for sin. Is.53:11, Rom.4:25, 1Jn.5:12

Con – Do you believe these biblical truths? If you trust Jesus you will believe His word. Faith acts on what it believes.  Rom.10:9





August 8th, 2021

Intro-When God gave Spiritual gifts to the church it was for the “common good”. In other words they were intended to benefit the whole church. Every believer has some gift, are you using it to benefit the church?

I. The triune God gives the gifts.  Matt.28:19

A. Before salvation they followed dumb idols.  1Thess. 1:9

B. Not the living triune God worked in them. 1Pet.1:2, Rom.15:16, 2Cor.13:14, 1Jn.4:2

II. The gifts were given for the common good. Vs 7

A. How is your gift benefitting the church?  1Pet.4:10, 1Cor.10:24

B. The Holy Spirit decides which gifts to give. Vs 11

C. You can pray for useful gifts. 1Cor.12:31, 1Cor.14:1

III. Some of the gifts that were given.

A. Other lists of the gifts. Rom.12:6-8, Eph.4:11-12

B. This list includes the following:

1. Word of wisdom = understanding God’s word and conveying it to others. 1Cor.2:13

2. Word of Knowledge = being able to explain the Word in a practical way. Rom.15:14, 1Cor.2:16, 2Cor.2:14

3. Faith = A special faith strong enough to accept God’s will, complete enough to believe without doubt and active enough to move on that basis. Matt.17:20.   

4&5 Healing and Miracles = Special gift given to Apostles, today done through the church. Acts 19:11, 2Cor.12:12, James 5:14

6. Prophecy = Communicating God’s will. Has double meaning. Different Greek words are used.

a. Fore telling the future. This part ceased. 1Cor.13:8

b. Telling forth His word. This continues. 1Cor.14:1,3

7. Discerning the spirits = What is of God and what is not. 2Cor.11:14-15, 1Jn 4:1

8. Tongues = ability to share the gospel message in a different language.

a. used to prove the Holy Spirit was given to the gentiles. Acts 10:45-48, Acts 11:17-18

b. used to deliver the word of God originally.  1Cor. 14:18, 2Peter 3:15-16

c. That word is now complete. 1Cor.13:8-11, Rev.22:18

9. Interpretation of tongues. Ability to understand what was spoken by another.

Con.- Have you figured out what gift God has given you and are you using it to benefit the church?


Romans 8:12-17

July 25th, 2021

Intro – Paul is reminding us of who we are so we can live our lives accordingly. 

I. Fleshly living leads to death.  (12-13)

A. Anything that opposes God’s will is of the flesh. Gen.2:17

B. Flesh = Our human nature or the “old man”.  Rom.7:18, Mt.26:41

C. To follow your fleshly desires means spiritual death. Rom.5:12, 1Cor.3:1-4, Eze.18:31

II. We must put to death our sinful desires.  (13)

A. Crucify or put off those things that cause spiritual death. Col.3:5, Eph.4:22, Titus 2:11-13

B. And instead put on the new man.  2Cor.5:17, Acts 3:19, Eph.4:24

C. Don’t give the devil any opportunity. Eph.4:27

III. Children of God follow the Holy Spirit’s leading. (14-17)

A. We have been freed from the bondage of sin. Rom.7:24-25, Gal.3:26

B. Free to follow Christ. Gal.5:16-17

C. As His children we are heirs of all that Christ has. Gal.4:7, Rev.21:7

Con – Take the steps necessary to defeat temptation and glorify Christ. Crucify the old man and be fully surrendered to Jesus Christ



August 1st, 2021

Intro – The Olympics remind us of how hard people work to succeed at any given sport. Spiritually we should train hard to live the Christian life. Part of our training is to learn from others. Our text today reminds us not to make the same mistakes!

I. The examples of the Old Testament. (6-10)

A. Don't worship idols.           Exodus 32:1,6

B. Don't be immoral. Sexual sin.   Numbers 25:1

C. Don't test God by questioning His wisdom. Num.21:5

D. Don't grumble. Comes from a rebellious spirit against spiritual authority.  Num.16:3, 10, 32, 49

II. Consider the times we live in, "the end of the ages"? (11)

A. People reject the authority of God's Word.           1Tim. 4:1

B. People are self-centered controlled by the flesh.   2Tim.3:1-2, 1Cor.6:18

C. People mock or question God's promises. 2Peter 3:3-4

D. People speak against Christ - anti-Christ. False preachers, etc. Matt.24:3,11, 1Jn.2:18

III. What should we learn from this instruction? (12-13)

A. Understand that any of us can fall. Rom.11:20

B. Understand that Christ always provides a way out of temptation. 2Peter 2:7-9

Con. – Are you training yourself to live for Christ.  1Cor.9:23-27


Jeremiah 31:23-25

July 18th, 2021

Intro – Jeremiah had the difficult task of telling the Jews they were going to be punished and enslaved in Babylon but he also told them they would be brought back and restored to Jerusalem.  This text also speaks of the Millennium and of the personal restoration that God offers to each one of us. It is the 3rd application that I want to speak about today.

I. There is hope for the future. Jer.31:17

A. Jeremiah spoke of enslavement but also hope.  Jer.29:10-11

B. Nehemiah was the fulfillment of that promise when he rebuilt Jerusalem.

C. Jesus reigning on earth will be the final fulfillment of that promise. Is.65:25, Is.11:6-10

II. God wants to restore us.

A. So He sent His son. Jn.3:16, vs 22

B. We need restoration. Rom.5:12, Luke 19:10

C. It comes through faith in Jesus. Rom.5:18-19, Jn.14:6

D. Christ restores us to a right relationship to God. Is.1:18, 2Cor.5:17

III. To be restored is to be made like new.  Ps.51:12

A. David expresses this thought. Ps.23:3

B. Sin is like a heavy burden. Ps.6:6

C. Repentance and forgiveness refresh and satisfy the soul. Eze.18:31, Acts 3:19 

Con – through restoration this is what Jesus offers you.  Is.40:31, Jn.10:10, Ps.103:5,12

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