John 17:9-17


May 10th, 2020


Intro – I think everyone finds it a comfort to know someone is praying for you. Parents, children, church members, etc.  It must have been a comfort for the disciples to know that Jesus was praying for them. The bible tells us in Rom.8:34 that Jesus is praying for us. Interceding on our behalf.  Heb.9:24, Heb.7:25, 1Jn.2:1


I. Because we are God’s children. (9)  Jn.1:12



            A. We are His children through faith.  Gal.3:26


            B. Unbelievers are children of the devil. Jn.8:44, Mt.23:15


            C. Jesus puts up with them hoping they will repent. Rom.2:4


II. Jesus prays for our assurance. (11)



            A. By praying that God would keep us. Heb.13:5


            B. Don’t be like Judas and choose to leave Christ. Acts 1:17, Acts 1:25, Jn.6:70, Lk.22:3, 2Pet.2:21


            C. Our joy is complete when we have assurance.


                        1. His promise gives assurance. 1Jn.5:12-13


                        2. His words give assurance. Rom.10:13, 1Jn.1:9


III. Jesus prays for our sanctification.



            A. The Holy Spirit performs this work. Jn.14:17


            B. His tool is the word of God. Jn.14:26, Jn.16:13


Con. Jesus communicates His will through His word. If you want to be sanctified. Read your bible.



Matt.24:6-8, Luke 21:11
May 3rd 2020

Intro – How does this pandemic fit in with Scripture?  It is one of the signs Jesus said would come before the great 7 years of tribulation.  This is just a warning sign.  Will you listen to His warning?

I. These are things Jesus said would happen.

A. John – Rev.2:21-23

B. Peter – 2Pet.3:10

C. Paul – 2Thess.2:9-10

D. An increase in earthquakes, volcanos, famine, plagues, etc. These are only the beginning.

E. God always warned before sending His wrath. Noah, Jeremiah.  Dan. SMA

 II. Sets the stage for globalism.

A. Globalism is accomplished through fear.

B. Several things that will happen in the 7 yr. tribulation period are being set up because of this pandemic.

     1. A one world leader – the antichrist.  Former PM Brown has call for a one world leader. Rev.13:1, 4
               2. An end to money as we know it. – No money changing hands everything under global control. Rev.13:16-17
               3. Global control of people.  Bill Gates – invisible tattoos – cc-info, tracking, medical history. Monitored by cell phone or drones.
               4. Energy needs increasing – Armies from north. Ezk.38:15, Ezk.39:2, Russia, Turkey and Iran.

 III. You still have time to be rescued. Nahum 1:3

A. God is again warning you to repent and receive Jesus into your life. Jn.1:9, Rom.10:13

B. If you do you can escape the things that are yet to come.  1Thess.1:10, Rev.3:10

Con. The question is will you listen?  Will you take heed to God’s gracious warning and come to Jesus before it’s too late?





Job 19:25-27

April 19th 2020


Intro – Job is believed by most scholars to be the oldest book in the Bible. Genesis details the beginning of time with creation but God used Moses to record those truths around 1500 BC. God used Job around the same time or maybe even earlier to give us God’s message. So what God teaches us through Job in a sense is some of the first truths God revealed in the written word. What did God reveal to Job? 


I.  Believers will be resurrected.  (25)


            A. Job knew he would live after death. Ps.27:13-14, Is.26:19


            B. The bible clearly teaches this truth. 1Thess.4:13-18, 1Cor.15:42


                        1. When Christians die their body goes in the ground their soul to heaven. Ecc.12:7, Rev.6:9-11, 2Cor.5:8


                        2. When Christ raptures the church from earth we get our new bodies. 1Thess.4:16-17, 1Cor.15:52


                        3. Unbelievers remain in the grave until judgement day. Rev.20:10-15


                        4. At the 2nd return of Christ to earth believers will come with Him. Zech.14:4, Rev.19:7-8, 14


            C. Job knew this is true because his Redeemer lives. 


II. Believers will receive new bodies.  (26)


            A. Job knew a change would take place. Job.14:14


            B. The bible also clearly teaches this. Ps.17:15, 1Jn.3:2, 2Cor.5:1, 1Cor.15:44, 51


            C. Job knew this is true because his Redeemer lives.


III. Believers have a personal Savior. (27)


            A. Job knew his Redeemer was his Advocate. Job.16:19


            B. We have an Advocate. 1Jn.2:1, Heb.7:25, Heb:9:24, Rom.8:34


            C. Our Redeemer/Advocate is there to help us. Heb.4:15-16


Con. Job understood what would happen after death. Jn.14:3 He placed his hope in the fact that his Redeemer lives.





1Peter 5:1-4
April 26th 2020


Intro – this text tells pastors what they are to do.

I. Elders are the spiritual leaders. Called by different names in different churches. Pastor, Deacons, Elder, Overseer, etc.


            A. The Apostles were Elders, Peter and John both refer to themselves as such. Acts 15:23


            B. It is a position which men are called to by Christ.             Jn.21:16-17     


II. Their job is to “shepherd the flock”.


            A. Unique because he is both servant and leader.  


            B.  Shepherd means to watch over and lead God’s children.              Acts 20:28


            C. To “tend the flock” means to care for them.


                        1. That means to teach the word of God.        2Tim.2:15   (shepherding)


                        2. To make sure the flock is in agreement with God’s will. vs 2               Acts 20:29-30, Mt.7:15


                        3. Not because you have to but you want to. Its your calling.    2Tim.3:16-17


                        4. Not about money or power but setting an example.  (serving)    1Tim.3:1-7


                        5. Every pastor will be held accountable for what he teaches.    Heb.13:7, 17

III. If he is faithful to his calling Christ will reward him.


            A. Jesus is the Chief Shepherd pastors are under shepherds.


            B. When the boss returns He will evaluate each pastors work.    1Tim.4:13-16


            C. Those who did as they were suppose will be rewarded. (3)          1Cor.3:14


D. Those who did not will be punished.         Jer.8:11-12, 1Tim.1:5-7, James 3:1


Con. – Pastors need to have a call from Christ, set an example by the life they live and faithfully teach the word.




John 8:36

Easter 5-12-20

Intro – The Easter account is one we celebrate as Christians because it reminds us Jesus kept His promises. He was crucified, buried and rose again just like He said. He ascended to heaven and the angels promised He will come again!  We look forward to those promises being kept also.  What does a Risen Savior mean for us today? It means freedom!  John 8:36 tells us the resurrection of Jesus provides the freedom to be free indeed. 


I. Free from Satan’s power.


A. Jesus has defeated Satan.   Gen.3:15, Rom.16:20


B. Jesus defeated Satan’s biggest weapon, fear of death, we are free from fear. Phil.1:21. Ps.23:4


1. Fear controls people. (pandemic)   Heb.2:14-15 


2. The One who conquered death says “fear not”.  Is.43:1, Mt.10:31, Mt.28:5, Rev.1:17


II. Free from death.     Jn.11:25


A. Easter proves Satan cannot control life and death. De.32:39, Job 1:21, Ps.68:20


B. Jesus proved that life goes on after death. Rom.6:9, 2Cor.5:8, 1Cor.15:54


C. With Jesus in your heart you will live after death with Him in heaven. 1Jn.5:11-12, Rom.8:11


III. Free from bondage.


A. The big rock could not hold Jesus in the tomb. Matt.28:2


B. Sin can no longer hold you captive the chains which bound us to death are broken. Rom.7:24-25


1. Jesus provides a way of escape. 1Cor.10:13


2. The Holy Spirit gives you power over sin. Rom.6:5-6, Rom.8:2


Con. Easter means that Jesus has set you free from sin, death and the power of Satan. We are free because we have Jesus Christ living in us.  Live your life accordingly.  Gal.2:20. You are free because He is risen!




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