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Luke 1:46-56

March 18th 2018



Intro – Mary sings her praise to God for all He has done including choosing her to be the mother of the  Messiah.  Through her He would carry out His promise to Abraham to bless all nations.


I. God helps the humble.

A. She was a slave to God’s will. (48) Rom.6:18, 22

B. She showed a humble attitude. (38)  1Cor.1:26-28

C. She expressed a need for a Savior. (47) Rom.3:10, 23


II. God helps those who glorify Him.       Ole Hallesby prayer

A. She exalts (magnifies) the Lord.   (46) Ps.34:2

1. By knowing scripture.    1Sam.2:1-10, Ps.37:30-31

2. By telling what God has done.    Ps.98:1-3

B. He is the One who has done great things. (49) Jude 1:25


III. God helps those who trust Him.

A. With trust comes respect for who He is. (50) Luke 12:5, Rev.21:7-8

B. He had fulfilled His promise to Abraham. (54-55)  Gen.12:3, Lk.2:11, Mt 1:21, Phil 2:7


Con. God can use you if you humble yourself before Him and allow Him to have His will done in your life.

Then your life will glorify Him also. You will sing His praises for what He has done for you.

“Lord if it will be to Your glory heal suddenly.  If it will glorify You more, heal gradually; if it will glorify You even more, may your servant remain sick awhile; and if it will glorify Your name still more, take him to Yourself in heaven.”   Hallesby


John 6:48-63

March 11, 2018 



Intro.  Jesus uses several analogies to explain Himself to us. He is the Bread, Door, Living Water, Light, Vine, Shepard, etc.  He was speaking figuratively to help us understand Who He is.  Jn.10:6, Jn.16:25

I. Bread

A. “Our daily bread”, we need food to stay alive. Mt.6:11

B. It gives life and growth, Jesus knew everyone eats bread.

II. What are the comparisons between bread and Christ?

A. You can’t live without food, bread gives life.

B. Spiritually you cannot live without Christ. He gives eternal life. (50, 58)  1Jn.5:12

C. Spiritually you cannot grow without Christ.  Jn.15:5-6

III. What are the differences between bread and Christ?

A.  Bread gives life but only temporally.

B.  Christ gives life forever. Jn.6:27, 33

C.  Bread is taken in physically.

D.  Christ is taken in spiritually by faith. (61-63) Heb.6:4-5

1.  Be careful what kind of bread you eat. Mt.16:11-12

2.  You don’t have life if you do not receive Christ into yourself. Jn.1:12, Rom.10:13, 1Cor.10:17

3.  You don’t grow spiritually unless you are feeding on Christ (His words). Jn.4:32,34, 1Cor.10:3, James 1:21, Ps.119:11, Col.1:5-6

Con. Have you received this “Bread of heaven”?



Mark 9:17-29

February 25th 2018

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Intro – Prayer is a powerful thing when the person praying is a believer. Our text today teaches us several things about prayer and faith.


I. When we pray we should not doubt God’s ability to answer our prayer. (23)

A. Jesus taught this to His disciples. Mk.11:22-23

B. Nothing is impossible with God. Lk.1:37

C. Salvation is proof of this truth. Mt.19:24-26, Jn.6:44,  Acts 26:16-18

D. Never doubt your salvation. Rom.10:13, 1Jn.1:9


II. Faith is not necessary in the one being healed!

A. The cripple at Bethesda. Jn.5:8, 13

B. The blind man. Jn.9:6-7, Jn.6:35-38

C. The demon possessed man. Mark 5:5, 12

D. The widow at Nain. Lk.7:13-14

E.  Sometimes it is the faith of others that brings about the healing. Mk.2:5


III. Prayer based on faith can heal people. (29)

A. Faith is revealed through a surrendered will.

1. The prayer of faith does not demand, it seeks God’s will.

2. True faith says, “Thy will be done”.  Mt.6:10

3.  Jesus taught this by example. Jn.11:42 Mt.26:42, Heb.10:9

B. Faith is trusting God to do the impossible. Prov.3:5-6 


Con. God sends us trials so we know that we need to trust and depend on Him.



Luke 4:31-37

March 4 2018



Intro – authority=the right or power to enforce rules or give orders.  Today we want to look at the authority of            Jesus.  People could sense this authority in His message.


I. He has all authority. 31-32 Matt.28:18

A. Preachers acquiesce to His authority. “the bible says”. Mt.7:28-29

B. He has given us authority to proclaim His word. 1Thes.4:2, 8,  Acts 26:16


II. He has authority over the spirit world. 33-35

A. The demons knew of Him and His power.

1.  Power to destroy.  (34)

2.  Power to cast out.   (35)  Mt.8:29

B. The demons know their end. Rev.20:10, 15,  Matt.25:41


III. He has authority to forgive sin. 36-37

A. His power over demons proved that. Matt.9:6

B. He also has authority to determine your eternal destination. LK.12:5, Jn.5:26-29

C. Only in His name can sins be forgiven. Acts 4:12, 1Jn.1:7

D. Jesus calls on us to preach that message. Titus 2:11-15, 1Tim.2:3-7

 Con. – Communion reminds us of that power over sin. The important question is will you submit to His   authority over your life?


Luke 10:17-20


Intro – The Lord wants us to rejoice and He gives us many reasons to do so.

I. Rejoice that God is all-powerful.

            A. Demons are no match for the power of God. 1Jn.4:4

            B. Nothing in nature is more powerful than God. Col.1:16

                        1. No animals. Dan.6:22, Acts 28:3-5

                        2. Nothing in nature, wind, rain, fire, etc. Dan.3:17-18

                        3. No person. 1Sam.2:6, Lk.12:4-5, 1Pet.3:22

II. Rejoice that Satan has ben defeated.

            A. Jesus is the Victor. Gen.3:15, Is.14:12-15, Matt.4:10, Rev.20:10

            B. We are protected, we are the ones who conquer. Lk.12:6-7, 32,  Rom.8:37-39

III. Rejoice that your name is recorded in heaven.

            A. Casting out demons doesn’t assure you a place in heaven. Matt.7:22

            B. Having your name in the Lamb’s book of life does.  Rev.21:27

            C. All heaven rejoices when that happens. Lk.15:10

                        1. Nothing greater than rescuing someone from Satan’s power. Jn.1:12, Eph.5:1,8

                        2. No better news than to know someone is living or Jesus. 3 Jn.1:4

Con. If you have called on Jesus to save you, rejoice, there’s a new name written down in heaven. This process  has been from the beginning of time and will continue to the end of time. Dan. 12:1, Phil.4:3, Rev.21:27

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