Romans 1:18-25
June 21st, 2020


Intro – Those whom God will punish will be those who knew the truth but rejected it. In other words they     rejected Jesus Christ. No one will go to hell because they never knew about Jesus or never had a chance to repent.  2Thess.2:10-12, Matt.24:14


I. They knew about God.


            A. God revealed it through preaching and creation. 1Cor.1:23, Acts 4:2, 1Cor.15:36-37, Col.1:23


            B. They chose to reject what they knew to be true.  Jn.10:38, Jn.14:11


            C. They ignored and hid the truth. Rom.1:32


II. They will be without excuse.


            A. They chose to follow false teachings.  Jn.3:19-20, Prov.2:13


            B. They chose not to honor God. (21)  Ps.4:2, Rom.13:7, 2Pet.1:17


III. They became foolish. (22)  Ps.53:1


            A. Their hearts “thinking” was darkened. Eph.4:18, Rom.1:28


            B.  They worshiped false gods. (23)


                        1. They look to the stars for guidance. Amos 5:8 Astrology, horoscopes, signs


                        2. They worship man’s wisdom.  Scientist can’t be wrong? Age of earth, evolution. Gen.1:24


            C.  Immorality became a way of life for them. (24)


            D. They believed the lie. Gen.3:4


Con. – Are you following God’s truth or the lies of Satan?  Rom.12:1-2






 Ezekiel 18:30-32

 June 7th 2020


 Intro – Without repentance you cannot have salvation or forgiveness of sin. Jesus said, “unless you repent you shall likewise perish”. Lk.13:3


 I. Repentance means to “turn away” from sin.  30


            A. Just thinking about it is not the same as taking action. Mt.7:24


            B. Don’t keep going down the same path, making the same mistake. James 4:17


            C. Don’t keep stumbling over the same sin. 1Pet.2:8, Rom.2:5-6


 II. Repentance means “cast away” all that hinders a Christian life.  Heb.12:1


            A. That means stopping what is wrong and starting what is right.  Eph.4:22-24


            B. It means making tough choices. Joshua 24:14-15   false gods of our ancestors?


 III. Repentance means receiving a “new heart”.


            A. God is the One who gives us a new heart and spirit.  Eze.11:19-20, Ps.51:10


            B. God doesn’t want you to perish in hell.  2Pet.3:9


            C. God gives you the choice today.  Deut. 30:19-20a


 Con. This new way is the way of faith, trusting Jesus for the forgiveness of your sins.  1Jn.1:9





Acts 1:12-14


May 24th. 2020




Intro – Maybe one of the most difficult things a person has to do is wait, be patient. We tend to like to get going on things and take charge. How interesting then the Lord’s command to the believers who were to start the Christian church. Wait! They were not told how long.  Would it be 1hour, 1 day, 1week?  They waited 10 days before the Holy Spirit was sent.  A Christian who has faith and trust in the Lord is able to wait upon the Lord.




I. It takes God’s grace to wait.


            A. Waiting is an act of obedience that shows faith.  Acts 1:4


                        1. Noah waited almost 100 years for the rain to come.


                        2. Simeon waited his whole life for the Messiah to come. Luke 2:26-29


            B. We are by nature impatient, we think we will fix things ourselves.


                    1. Abraham – Ishmael


                    2. Saul – Samuel  1Sam.13:11 -offering,    1Sam.28:16, witch of Endor




II. Waiting is not compromising.


          A. Christ is preparing you for service.  


                   1. Moses 40 years in wilderness was prepared.   Ex.14:13-14


                   2. 120 were learning to trust the Lord.   Prov.3:5


          B. Time spent in fellowship and prayer.  Heb.10:24-25




III. Waiting resulted in having power. Act.1:8


          A. Today we have the Holy Spirit but need His guidance. Acts. 2:38, Jn.14:17, 26


          B. Don’t try to serve the Lord in your own power or wisdom.


          C. When God leads be ready to move.  Acts 2:41, Acts 4:31




Con – Let your waiting time accomplish what God wants. James 1:4, Is.40:31



Ephesians 2:17-22
May 31st 2020 


Intro – The brotherhood of believers is a strong bond. It is stronger than family or race. In our text Paul was speaking to Gentiles and Jews but it applies to all of us. We have all come down the same path that leads to the cross where we have come to repentance and faith in Jesus. We are one in Christ. 


I. The gospel message is the same. 17-19


A. We have sinned and need salvation.  Rom.3:23


B. Salvation changes us.  2Cor.5:17, Gal.3:28


            C. We become a part of God’s family.  Jn.1:12


                     1. It means the Holy Spirit dwell in you. Rom.8:9, Acts 2:38


                     2. It means you are a part of God’s family. Gal.3:26


II. Our lives are built on Jesus Christ.  20-21


           A. He is the foundation or “cornerstone” of our lives. Is.28:16, Ps.118:22, Matt.21:42, Acts 4:11-12


           B. We are all part of this building or family. Rom.8:14


III. This building is where the Holy Spirit dwells. 22


          A. As a group we make up a dwelling place for the Holy Spirit. Matt.18:20


          B. As individuals we are a dwelling place for the Holy Spirit. 1Cor.3:16


                   1. That can be convicting. Eph.4:30


                   2. That can be comforting. Matt.28:20, Act 18:9-10


Con. It is important that we maintain this oneness we have in Christ so we will be strong spiritually.







Hebrews 7:18-25


May 17th 2020




Intro – The book of Hebrews was written to Jews who may have been having doubts about Jesus. Some were being told to go back to the old covenant relationship. So Hebrews was written to show how Christ was better


than the angels, Moses, OT priest and that the new covenant was better than the old one.




I. The old way is no longer needed. 18-21


A. It is useless in regards to salvation. Gal.2:16, Rom.3:20


B. All the law can do is make you aware of sin. Rom.3:10, Gal.3:24


C. It could not make you right in God’s eyes. (19)  Heb.10:1, Heb.10:11




II. Jesus brings a new or “better” covenant. 22,   Luke 22:20


A. One written on our hearts not on stone. Jer.31:31, 33, 2Cor.3:6


B. The old covenant was temporary, a shadow. Heb.10:1-3


C. The new covenant was “once for all”. Heb.7:27, Heb.9:11-12


D. Jesus alone can give permanent forgiveness. 1Jn.1:7, Ps.103:12, Micah 7:19




III. Our hope is based on Christ alone. 25


A.   We can draw near to God because of His shed blood.  Heb.10:18-22


B.  As forgiven people we eagerly await His return. Heb.9:28




Con. Have you come to Jesus for the cleansing you need? Are you washed in the blood of the Lamb?


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