1Samuel 2:1-10

Sept.26th, 2021

Intro – Hannah uses the name “Lord” to describes certain attributes about God.  She applies these attributes to Jesus Christ His “anointed”.

I. Only the Lord is holy (set apart). (1-3)

A. He deserves to be lifted up and glorified. Matt.5:16

1. we are to be a holy people. Deut.14:2, 1Pet.2:9

2. we are to glorify God with our lives. Rom.12:1

B. He alone provides salvation. Acts 4:12

C. We should humble ourselves before Him. Ps.5:7

1. Through repentance. Ps.51:17

2. By our actions. Ps.96:9, Hab.2:20, Is.61:3

II. Only the Lord knows everything. (4-5) Jn.16:30

A. God is Omniscient.  Ps.139:1-2

B. He can read your thoughts. Prov.16:2, 1Sam.16:7

C. He can change things and circumstances. Lk.1:37, Mk.2:5 

III. Only the Lord determines life and death. (6-8) Deut.32:39, Job 1:21

IV. Only the Lord will judge in the end. (9-10) Ps.96:13, Rev.20:11-15

A. He determines where you will spend eternity. Jn.5:22, Acts 17:31, 2Tim.4:1, Lk.12:5

B. Those who fight against Him will be defeated. Ps.2:9, Rev.19:20-21

C. Jesus, the “anointed One” will be victorious. Phil.2:9-11

Con- Are you glorifying the Lord? Are you praising Him for who He is and all that He will do?


Luke 7:11-17

Sept.19th, 2021

Intro – Nain was about 10 miles from where Jesus grew up. He cared about what was happening, there are several things we learn from this miracle but I want to focus on just three.

I. Jesus had compassion for her.

A. Jesus is a compassionate Savior. Jn.3:16, Jn.15:13, Rom.5:6,8

B. His compassion will give us all things. Heb.4:16, Rom.8:32

C. His compassion will rescue us from the tribulation.  Dan.9:27, 2Thess.2:7-8, Rev.6:16, 1Thess.5:9, Rev.3:10

II. Don’t weep

A.  As Christians we don’t grieve as unbelievers do. 1Thess.4:13-14

B. Jesus has conquered death for us. Jn.5:24, Eph.2:4-5, 2Cor.5:6-8

III. New life!

A.  When the trumpet sounds all believers will arise. Rev.4:1, 1Thess.4:16

B.  When we are born again we will want to tell others. Acts 1:8, Acts 26:18 

Con – Will you tell others what Jesus did for you? Will you sing His praises to others?





Luke 10:23-24

August 29th, 2021 

Intro – Jesus is speaking about what His disciples had just seen. What they saw was the power of God to carry       out His will.

I. What did they see?

            A. Power over demons and sickness. (17) Mt.4:24, Mt.8:16

            B. Protection from harmful things.  (19) 2Cor.12:12, Acts 19:11

            C. The power of the Messiah to change lives. Jn.4:41, Jn.4:50-53

II. The OT believers looked forward to this day.

            A. The day the Messiah would show this power.  Is.61:1

            B.  The day the Messiah would fulfill prophecy. Mt.11:4-5, Ps.78:2, Is.53:5

III. Today we see what was prophesied.

            A. When God seals we cannot see.  Dan.12:4, Rev.10:4

            B. When God reveals things believers understand. Rev.1:1, Rev.22:10

            C. We can see clearly now how biblical prophecies are being fulfilled.

                        1. Signs of the times. wars, earthquakes, lawlessness, false preachers, etc. Matt.24, 2Tim.3:1ff

                        2. Strange animals of end times. Rev.9:3, 7-10

                        3. One world government and religion. Rev.13:7, 11-12, 16-17.

Con. – Do you see what is happening around you? Can you rejoice and look forward to the future?   Lk.10:20, Lk.21:28



Sept. 12th, 2021 

Intro – The strongest emotion known to man is love. The bible says love cast out fear, 1Jn.4:18.  If you love God the way you should everything else will fall into place.

I. Hear God.

A. Listen and obey. Matt.13:9

B. There is no other God. Is.42:8, 45:5,6,14,21,22

1. He created us and sustains us. Col.1:16-17

2. He always does what is best for us. Matt.6:32, Rom.8:28

II. Love God.

A. All your heart, not just words. You are determined to follow Christ. Matt.15:8, Mt.6:24

B. All your soul, the inner man. Desire, emotions, will. Phil. 4:8

C. All your might. Exceedingly, you make every effort. Jn.14:15, Matt.22:37-38

III. Teach about God

A. Teach others His word and share with others. Col.1:28, 1Pet.2:9

B.  Teach your children.

1. By example. Actions speak louder than words. Eph.5:1

2. By speaking His word. Everyday draw attention to God’s word.  Prov.22:6, Eph.6:4

Con. – Do you love God as you should?  1Jn.4:19-21.  Remember what He has done for you and your heart will be filled with love and gratitude.


Isaiah 29:18-20

August 22nd, 2021


Intro – the Israelites had been rebelling against God. Forsaking His word. God was judging them for this behavior but promised the remnant that a better day was coming.

I. They had followed after false gods.

A. They rebelled against God’s sovereignty. (15-16)  Is.45:9, Rom.9:20

B. They had their own version of “cancel culture”. (20-21) Is.5:20, Jn.16:2

C. A similar attitude is displayed in America today.  1Pet.4:16

II. God said things would change.

A. God was punishing Israel for their behavior. Is.29:3, Micah 2:3 

B. The enemy will be defeated.  Is.37:36-37

C. We are surrounded by ungodly people who praise ungodliness.

1. From leaders to neighbors.  Rom.1:32

2. Similar to Lot’s situation. Lk.17:28-30, 2Pet.2:6-9

III. We are promised a better day is coming.  Micah 4:1

A. Your life may be surrounded by ungodliness.Gen.6:5, Lk.17:26,  Jude 1:7

B. God will make things right. 2Thess.1:6-9

C. There will be an end to ungodliness. (20)  Lk.21:28

Con. – In the end we win!  Ps.112:1, 7, Rom.8:28

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