Isaiah 42:1-7

January 1st 2023


Intro - Our text today is about Jesus, the Messiah, and He is referred to as My Servant. It speaks of His ministry on earth and how He will care for us.

I. He promises to revive us. (3)  Matt.10:45

            A. When we are damaged spiritually by sin. Ps.51:11, Is.53:5  

            B. When we have backslidden.    Is.44:22, Is.55:7-8

II. He promises to help us. (6)

            A. To uphold us.         Is.41:10-13

            B. Through the new covenant. 1Cor.11:25

            C. To give us peace of mind. 1Jn.3:20, Rom.8:34, Is.26:3 

III. He promises salvation. (7)

            A. He rescues us.        Gal.1:4

            B. He will not leave us. Heb.13:5

            C. He will finish what He has started in your life. Phil.1:6

Con. Make this new year a new beginning for yourself and your relationship with Jesus.


1John 1:1-7

Dec.18th, 2022


Intro - These letters by John were written at a time when false teachers like Cerinthus were telling people that Jesus was not God. John reminds his readers that unlike Cerinthus, he was a witness to who Christ is.

I. He is God which means He is Life itself. Jn.1:4, 14, Jn.14:6, Rev.1:8

            A. John had witnessed who Christ was. Mt.14:36, Col.2:9

            B. His power over nature, His creation. Jn.1:3, Col.1:16-17

            C. John wanted them to experience the same joy they had when they saw the resurrected Savior.Jn.20:20

II. He is Light.

            A. We have been rescued from darkness. 1Pet.2:9, Lk.11:34-35, Jn.8:12

            B. We have been enlightened by the Holy Spirit. Jn.14:26, Jn.16:13

            C. Through the word of God. Ps.119:105, Prov.4:18

III. He is our Redeemer.

            A. It is why He came. 1Jn.5:20, Rev.1:5

            B. His blood pays for all sin.  (7)

            C. To have Christ is to have this Life. 1Jn.5:12

Con. Christmas was God sending Life into a dying world. All who receive Christ will have eternal life.


Luke 12:35-40

December 4th 2022

Intro - Jesus told us many times in Scripture to be ready or get ready or make ready. Put in different ways but the message was clear. He wants you to be ready for his return.

I. Be dressed and ready.

            A. Be dressed in the right clothing. Is.61:10, Eph.6:13ff, Rev.16:15

            B. So you can be working when He returns. 1Pet.1:13-16, Lk.2:4, Jn.9:4

            C. Lamps on.  Matt.5:16

II. Be ready at all times.

            A. Now is not the time to slack off.  1Jn.2:28

            B. Be alert and expecting.  Mt.24:42, Lk.21:28     

III. Be ready now.  Matt.26:41

            A. Assume today is the day and live accordingly.  Rom.13:12 

            B. What would you do?  

                        1. Sing hymns

                        2. Call loved ones who are unsaved

                        3. Confess sin.

                        4. Hide

                        5. Mock


Con.  If you are a believer serve the Lord. If you are not get saved. Be ready



Matthew 11:11-15

Dec.11th, 2022

Intro - "Ears to hear" this phrase was used many times by Jesus. He wanted them to hear what He was saying spiritually. To not just hear but to hear with understanding. 1Cor.2:14

I. To what Jesus says.

            A. John was Elijah,  Mt.17:10-13

            B. This was accomplished spiritually.  Lk.1:17

            C. When the devil tries to get you to doubt, pay attention to what Jesus says. Jn.6:68

II. To what God says through the Holy Spirit.

            A. The Spirit spoke through the OT prophets. Is.59:20, Mal.4:5

            B. Today He has spoken through Jesus. Matt.17:5, Heb.1:1-2, Jn.5:24

                        1. People treated Jesus like the prophets. Jn.8:43

                        2. They killed the prophets, and they would kill Jesus. Mt.23:35

III. To the message of Christmas, Jesus was their Messiah. Lk.2:11

            A. Joy. Matt.1:23, Phil.2:5-7

            B. Salvation. Is.53:10

            C. Peace Is.9:7, Eph.2:14,17-18, Rom.5:1

Con. Someday Jesus will rule the earth in peace. You can have peace in your heart and mind right now by trusting Jesus for your salvation








Nov.20th, 2022

Intro - Don't just talk the talk but walk the walk. This was said of those who talk like a Christian but seldom live like one.

I. Live your life in obedience to God's word.

A. Follow Paul's example.  2Cor.6:3-10, 2Cor.4:8-13

B. He stayed focused on his work. Phil.3:8, 11-14, Phil.1:21

II. Some say they are Christians but don't live a Christian life.

A. They refuse to do anything that might make life difficult for themselves.  Jn.12:42

B.  More worried about living life here than winning others for Christ. Lk.12:4-5, Ps.118:6

C.  Their "glory is their shame" big is not always better. Many churches are big because they are not preaching and teaching the "whole" counsel of God. Acts 20:20, 27 Jer.8:11, Matt.7:21-24 

III. Live expectantly!

A. He expected to live a victorious Christian life for Christ.  Phil.4:10

B. He understood who he was, a citizen of heaven. (20)  Eph.2:19

C. He looked forward to the Lord's return. (21) Heb.9:28, Rom.8:25

Con. - How about you, are you just a talker or a walker?


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