Romans 9:1-13

Sept.27th, 2020


Intro – Who are the “children of the promise”?  What does our text tell us about them? As children of the promise what should we be doing?

I. We should have a burden for the lost. (1-3)

A. Those who are not yet saved.  Rom.11:13-14, Mt.23:37

B. Jesus wants them to be saved. 2Pet.3:9

C. Jesus wants you to reach them for Christ. Matt.28:19, Acts 2:38-39

II.  We should pray for the Jewish people. (4-8)

A. They have had the truth. Is.53:5, Mk.8:31

B. They are God’s chosen ones. Gen.12:3, Jn.4:22

C. God calls on us to support them.  Ps.122:6

III. We should recognize our relationship to God. (9-13)

A. Through faith we are also chosen by God. 2Pet.2:9, Gal.3:26

B. God has called us to repentance and faith. Jn.1:12

C. He calls all but not all will answer. Mt.22:14, Jn.3:18

Con. Are you a child of the promise? 


Luke 10:38-42

Sept. 20th 2020

Intro – Jesus says only one thing is necessary. Is that what you think? If not you need to ask the Lord to bring your thinking into agreement with His.

I. Martha was a believer.

A. She welcomed Jesus into her home. Rev.3:20, Jn.11:27

B. She was preparing a meal for Jesus.

C. She was distracted with other things. Lk.8:14

D. Her focus was on unnecessary things.  Matt.6:25

II. Mary was a believer.

A. She sat at the Lord’s feet and listened to His word. Ps.119:15

B. Mary chose what was “necessary”.  Mt.6:33

1. Hearing the word of God.  Mt.5:18, Ps.119:105

2. Receiving Christ in her heart.  Ps.40:8

III. What about you?

A. Are you a believer? 1Jn.1:9, Rom.10:13

B. If so do you live like Martha or Mary?  Ps.119:11,

1. Martha was distracted with things not as important as the word. Jn.12:2

2. Mary desired the word of God. Ps.27:4

C. The problem with many today is they are not fully committed to Christ. Act.3:19

Con. It is vital for your spiritual well being that you seek what is necessary, Jesus and His word. Consecrate yourself to Him. That means putting Jesus and the fellowship of believers ahead of everything else.


Leviticus 18:1-5

September 6th, 2020

Intro – The unbelieving world would have us believe there is no absolute truths or principals by which we should live our lives. The bible says there is. It is God’s way vs the world’s way.

I. We should not live like the unsaved world. (3)

A. They sacrificed their children. Lev.18:21

B. They took advantage of others by lying. Prov.20:23

C. They hurt others by stealing and destroying property. Ex.20:15, Jer.52:13

D. They were involved in witchcraft and the occult. Deut.18:9-11

E. They lived immoral lives. 1Kings 14:24

II. If Jesus is our Lord we must follow what God says is right. (4)

A. Honor the sanctity of life. Mt.18:6, Mk.10:13-14, 1Tim.6:13

B. Speak truthfully with one another. Eph. 4:25 

C. Expose what is evil.  Eph.5:11-12 

D. Live morally upright lives. Eph.5:1, 3-4, 15

III. Doing what is right brings blessings. (5)  1Tim.4:8

A. In this life and the life to come. Ps. 23:6, Ps.103:17-18, Prov.10:6

B. Upon any nation. Deut.28:1-2

Con. – God’s way is the right way, follow Him and not the ways of the world.


John 5:1-14


Intro – Mercy is God not giving us what we deserve. Every time God show us mercy it is because of His grace.

Our text today is an example of God’s mercy. For 38 years a man had been sick because of sin.

I. Sin can bring sickness into your life. (14)

A. We experience death because of sin.  Rom.5:12

B. Many diseases and sickness come from sin people commit. Ps.38:3, Ps.107:17, Micah 6:13

C. Unconfessed sin can cause sickness. Mk.2:5, 1Cor.11:28-30

D. The early church recognized this. James 5:14-16

II. Not all sickness is because of sin.

A. Sometimes it is to show Christ’s power. Jn.9:2-3, Jn.11:4

B. Sometimes it is to sanctify us.  2Cor.12:7-9

C. Sometimes it is to reveal our faith. Job 1:10-11

III. Jesus gives mercy and grace for us to continue.

A. The man’s response was to go to the temple. (14)

B. Instead of punishment we receive forgiveness. Jn.3:16

Con. God has been merciful to all of us. Have you responded with praise and thanksgiving?


Matthew 12:33-37

August 30th, 2020

Intro – The words you speak, what you say, are very important. We have all heard the nursery rhyme, “sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me”.  Well, words do hurt! And words indicate what is in your heart.  Love, hate and bitterness are all revealed through the words you speak. (33) Lk.6:45

I. Words are powerful.

A. Especially the word of God.

1. God created through the spoken word. Gen.1:3

2. Jesus is the Word of God in human form. Jn.1:1, Jn.1:14

3. Jesus performed miracles by just speaking.  Mt.12:13, Mk.4:39, Mk.10:52

B. Jesus defeated Satan by the Word of God. Mt.4:3-10, Eph.6:17, Rev.19:15, 21

II. Your words can hurt and damage people’s lives.

A. An evil heart speaks evil. Prov.23:7, Mt.15:18, James 1:26

B. Words reveal what’s in your heart. James 3:5-10, Eph.4:29

III. Your words can encourage other lives.

A. We must speak the truth. Eph.4:15, Titus 2:15

B. But in a way that helps and shows love. Eph.4:29, Jn.8:11, Heb.10:23-24

C. The words of Jesus encourage us. Jn.3:16, 1Jn.1:9 

Con. If the most powerful “Word” dwells in your heart it will show in how you speak and how you treat others.

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