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1Peter 1:3-9


April 22nd 2018




Intro –  Proof of faith doesn’t come easy. Faith can only be proved through trial. Or as our text says today “by fire”.




I. Do you have faith? 3-5



A. If you don’t have faith you can’t test it.


1. Faith comes by hearing the word. Rom.10:17


2. Faith comes by listening to what you hear. Rom.10:16, Mt.7:24


3. Listening means doing what is said, responding to what you hear. Ex.7:4,13  Neh.9:16, Ps.81:11, 1Jn.1:9


B. Faith is not head knowledge but trust. Is.28:12, Mt.11:28, Mk.1:15, Acts 2:38, 2Tim.2:25



II. Has your faith been tested? 6-7  2Tim.3:12



A. Don’t mistake self inflicted pain for a testing. 1Pet.4:15


B. Testing comes when you do the right thing and suffer. 1Pet.4:12-14, 19, Rev.6:9, Rev.12:11


C. Testing comes for the right purpose. James 1:3-4  2Cor.1:4


III. Is your faith revealed? 8-9



A. You love Someone you do not see.  1Jn.4:10, 19


B. You believe Someone you do not see. Jn.20:29


C. You trust and rejoice in Someone you do not see.  Ps.62:5-8


Con – Are you standing firm and trusting Jesus today. When the going gets tough and Satan attacks, stand firm on the Solid Rock. Eph.6:13





Ezekiel 34:11-16


April 15th 2018






Intro – Our text today speaks of a gathering in of the Jewish people although this has partially begun we know its complete fulfillment comes at the end of the tribulation period. The bible speaks of several worldwide gatherings.  




I. The gathering in of the Jewish people.


A. This has always been the Lord’s desire.  Matt.23:37-39


B.  After the tribulation period this gathering will be complete.  Mt.24:29-31, Zech.12:9-10


1. But it will begin before the tribulation.  Jer.23:3, Eze. 36:24, Eze.37:14, 21


2. Israel will be threatened. Eze.38:14-15


3. God will rescue them. Joel 2:2, Eze.38:22, Joel 2:20


4. God continues to gather them until their enemies are defeated.  Joel 2:28, Joel 3:2, 17-18




II. The gathering of all mankind. Mt.12:36-37


A. There will be a time of judging the nations.  Mt. 25:31-32


B. There will be a time of judging individuals.  Rev.20:11-15


1. Sin exposed publicly. (12-13)


2. Of all who have not repented (15)




III. The gathering of the church age believers.


A. This takes place at the Rapture.  1Thes.4:13-18


B. It will separate the believers from unbelievers.  Mt.13:30


C. It will happen quickly. 1Cor.15:52




Con. Which gathering will you be a part of?



Ephesians 1:15-23

April 1st 2018 Easter


Intro – He had heard of their faith and love. Now he wanted them to understand the power of Christ’s resurrection. He prays for 3 areas of their lives. These areas of your life will only develop after you have committed yourself to the risen Savior.

I. Wisdom – means to apply knowledge.

A. Knowledge of God not based on man but the Spirit. Rom.8:16

B. When you receive the risen Savior, He places His Holy Spirit in you. Acts 2:38

C. Holy Spirit’s work is to teach us Christ and how to apply that knowledge so we have wisdom.  Jn.14:25-26, Jn.16:13-14

II. Revelation – means to expose. Eph.5:11

A. Ability to reveal is based on knowledge of Truth not extra biblical revelation. Rev.22:18, Jn.14:6

B. Knowledge comes from knowing the word of God.  Mt.13:23, Mt.7:24

C. God reveals Himself through the word.  2 Cor.4:3-4, Eph.4:17-18   

D. Revealed truth about salvation gives enlightenment and hope to the heart. Rom.8:24-25

III. Hope = anticipation.  Heb.9:28

A. You have been called to join God’s family. 2Tim.1:9, Jn.1:12

B. Because we are His, we have an inheritance.  1Pet.2:9, 1Cor.2:9  

C. It is based on power of the HS. Rom.15:13

1. Power demonstrated through the resurrection.  Rom.8:11, 1Pet.1:3

2. Power demonstrated through His saving grace.  Jn.3:3, 2Cor.5:17, Eph.4:23-24

Con. We celebrate the Lord’s resurrection because it proves we have eternal life in Christ and the power to live for Him today.




Luke 24:36-43

April 8th, 2018+




Intro – I believe in “the resurrection of the body” The bodily resurrection of Jesus is the foundation of Christianity. It’s why the devil works so hard to get people to deny it.


I. The denial of the bodily resurrection of Jesus does 3 things.

 A. Calls Jesus a liar. Jn.2:19-22                               

B. Ignores the fall of Adam affected his spirit, soul and body. Mt. 5:28, 1Cor.6:18, James1:15

1. Broke fellowship with God. Gen.3:8

2. Set his soul on a path to hell. Matt.7:13, Lk.13:24, Rom.3:23

3. Brought physical death to his body. Rom.5:12

C. Rejects the idea that Jesus came to restore us. 1Jn:3:8, Rom.8:3, Phil.3:21


II. The devil tried to destroy Jesus.

A. Just like he did Adam and Eve. Matt.4:9-10

B. He thought he had won. Luke 23:46

C. Jesus would not stay dead! Luke 24:5-6


III.  It is our hope for a complete salvation/restoration.

A. We will have a new immortal body. 2Cor.5:1-4, 1Cor.15:54-55.

B. It will be like Jesus.

1. Recognizable. (39)

2. Incorruptible. 1Cor.15:53

3. Like Jesus.  1Jn.3:2

C. What happened to Jesus will happen to us. Rom.8:11

Con. Without the resurrection of His body Jesus would have failed in His mission of salvation and restoration.
But He did not fail.   1Peter 5:10, Rom.8:23


Isaiah 3:10-12

March 25th 2018



Intro – The bible speaks about our sins being placed on Jesus but doesn’t tell us exactly when that took place.  I believe our text today gives us a pretty good clue.

I.  He was crushed because He became a “guilt offering”.  (10) Is.53:5

A. We know our sins were placed on Him. 2Cor.5:21,

B. When He said “Thy will be done” He became our guilt offering. Luke 22:42-44, (Hematohidrosis)

C. Judas delivered Him over to the Roman guards. Rom.4:25

II. His life was prolonged.  (10)

A. He rose from the dead.

B. His resurrection was proof God was satisfied with the guilt offering. (11)

C. His resurrection was proof our sins were paid for. (11) Rom.6:23, Heb.9:26, Heb.10:10, 12

D. We are justified by trusting in His finished work. Jn.19:30, Rom.3:28

III. He will be known for His great work of salvation. (12)

A.  We eagerly await the return of our Savior. Heb.9:28, Rev.19:14

B.  The world will know Him as the Savior. Is.52:15

C.  Every unbeliever will someday confess He is Lord. Phil.2:9-11

Con. –What amazing love He showed us by becoming our “guilt offering”. The children recognized Him as “King of Kings and Lord of Lords”. Can you sing of Him today as your King?



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