Matthew 9:18-26

November 14th, 2021 

Intro – Our text shows us two different responses to what Jesus says. Many times it is the same today. People either believe or laugh at what the bible says. Therefore, they either believe or laugh at Jesus.

I. People laugh if you take the bible literally.

            A. Creation in six days.  Gen.1:31-2:3

            B. World-wide flood.  Gen.7:4, Gen.7:19-20 

            C. Jonah swallowed by a great fish.

            D. Jesus’s death, burial, resurrection and return. Mark 15:31, 2Pet.3:3

            E. Jesus is Almighty God. Is.9:6, Jn.5:18, Jn.10:33, Jn.1:1, Jn.10:30

II. Jesus encourages faith.

            A. Jairus had faith that Jesus could bring his daughter back to life.

            B. The woman believed Jesus could heal her.

                        1. Jesus knew who she was. Lk.8:47

                        2. He wanted her to testify. Ps.107:2

III. Have faith in spite of mocking.

            A. Remember mockers will be punished. 2Chron.36:16-17, 2Pet.3:7

            B. Your faith will make the difference in the end. Rev.14:11-13, 1Pet.1:5-9       

Con. Just believe, trust Jesus and in the end it will all work out. Jn.14:3, Jn.12:26



November 7th 2021

The Pharisees were again trying to entrap Jesus with their questions. So they ask Him a question about money and taxes.

I. He knows their hearts. (15-18)

A.  Outwardly, it would seem a simple enough question.

B.  Jesus could see their hearts and knew their thoughts.  1Sam.16:7, Heb.4:12, Jer.17:9

1. If He said no it would make the Romans mad.

2. If He said yes it would make the Jews mad.

C. Jesus calls them hypocrites. Outwardly religious (kind) inwardly wicked.  Jn.8:44, Matt.7:21-23

II. The simple truth.

A. Most of life’s decisions are not complicated. Prov.16:25, Prov.3:5-6

B. Who made the money?

C. Give it to those who made it.  Rom.13:1-2, Acts 5:29

III. Give to God the things that are God’s

A. Everything belongs to God.  Ps.50:10, Ps.104:24, Gen.1:31

B. Especially, you!  Gen.1:26-27, Col.3:10

Con. Have you given yourself to God?  It is done through repentance and faith in Jesus Christ. 1Jn.1:9, Rom.10:13, Acts.2:38-39, then the image of God will be seen in you.  Ps.51:10-12


Colossians 3:1-11

October 10th 2021

Intro – Paul has just told the Christians that they were complete in Christ. Figuratively, he tells them they have been buried and died to the old flesh and raised up to live a new life. Romans 6:4. This is called conversion, being born again. It is who and what we are as Christians.

I. You have died to self. (3)

A. The only life you should live is the one Christ is living in you. Gal.2:20

B. Dead people don’t respond. (5-9)   Romans 6:11

1. Immorality- intercourse outside of God’s rules. Heb.13:4    

2. Impurity- to lust for someone or thing.   Mt.5:28                 

3. Passion- affection for what’s wrong. 1Jn.2:15                     

4. Evil desires- longing for the forbidden. Ex.20:17             

5. Greed- always wanting more. Heb.13:5                            

6. Anger- plotting out vengeance. Heb.10:30

7. Wrath- blowing up, outburst. James 1:20

8. Malice- desire to injure. James 3:6

9. Slander/abusive speech. Col.4:6

10. Lying-deliberate deception.  Jn.8:44

II. God’s wrath comes on those who behave like this.  (6)  Rom.1:18, Acts 3:19

III. You have been raised up to a new life.  (1)  Romans 6:13

A. So set your mind on things above. (2) Matt.16:23, Phil.4:8

B. Be renewed.

1. In biblical knowledge. (10)  2Timothy 2:15, Ps.119:11

2. Let Christ be everything. (11) Phil.1:21

C. Then you will be ready for Christ’s return. (4) 1Jn.2:28

Con.- Christ is in all who are believers so let Him be all to us. Let Him cleanse and forgive you today.



October 31st 2021

Intro – This church was established by the Apostle Paul. They were doing well when he sent them this letter 

I. He loved them. (7-8)

A. It’s a sign of being a true believer. 1Jn.3:14, 1Jn.4:7

B. We are together in this Christian life. 2Cor.7:3

C. God is aware of relationships. Rom.1:8-12

II. He desired spiritual growth for them. (9)

A. Have even more love. 1Thess.3:12

B. Have more real knowledge. Col.2:8, Col.1:9, Ps.111:10, Prov.1:7

C. Christ will continue to help them grow. (6)

III. He desired discernment for them. (9-10)   Ps.119:66

A. The power to see what is not evident by the average mind.  Jn.7:24, 1Cor.2:15

B. To understand character or motives.  Mt.13:14, Neh.6:12, Rom.8:16, Heb.5:14

C. To be able to select what is true and excellent.  1Jn.4:1, Phil.4:8

Con. – He wanted this for them so that they would display the righteousness of Christ in their lives until He comes again.


Matthew 22:34-46

October 3rd, 2021

 Intro- several groups had questioned Jesus to try and entrap Him.

I. They were trying to prove Jesus to be wrong. (34-36)

A. This was the point of all of these groups. Mt.22:15, 17, 28

B. Today unbelievers still try to prove God wrong. 2Pet.3:4, Is.5:20-23

1. Pastors are arrested for holding church services.  Heb.10:25 

2. Pastors can be arrested in 16 states for trying to convert homosexuals. 1Cor.6:9-10, Ezk.3:18-19

II. Jesus answers correctly. (37-40)

A. Because He wrote the book!  2Tim.3:16

B. His answer is simple.

1. Love God, completely.  Matt.10:37-39, Rom.12:1, Matt.10:35-36

2. Love others.  Rom.13:10, 1Jn.4:7-8, 19-20

III. Jesus questions them. (41-46)

A. How can David refer to the Messiah as son and Lord?

B. The only possible answer was that the Messiah was man and God. Matt.16:15-16, Mt.1:23

C. Only the God-man, Jesus, could make atonement for our sin. Mt.1:21, Acts 4:12

Con. Who do you believe Jesus is?

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