August 7th, 2022

Intro- Paul uses the illustration of adoption to show who we are in Christ. We are sons or children of God.

I. God rescues us out of an abusive situation.

            A. We are born into a family of sin. Gal.4:3, Col.2:8

            B. If we remain in this family we will die. Eze.18:20,24, Eze.3:18, Prov.14:12

            C. Christ offers us a way out. Ps.71:4, Ps.107:14, Is.61:1

II. We owe who we are to the One who adopted us.

            A. We put to death the old life of sin. (13)  Col.3:5

            B. We can live a new life because God has chosen us. Eph.1:5, Gal.4:5-6

            C. His Spirit confirms we are His children. Jn.1:12, 1Jn.3:14, 1Jn.3:1

III. As God's children we inherit eternal life.

            A. What belongs to Christ is ours. (17)

                        1. His righteousness.  Rom.4:5, 2Cor.5:21

                        2. His Holy Spirit. Jn.14:26, Acts 2:38-39

                        3. His power. Acts 1:8, Rom.1:16

            B. Our future is eternal life in heaven. 1Jn.3:2

Con. - As adopted children we have every reason to live our lives for Jesus.


Romans 6:15-23

July 31st, 2022

Intro - Rome had become an evil city. People were in bondage to sin, like slaves. They had given themselves over to every evil thing.  

Paul taught that Jesus had come to set them free. Is.61:1


I. The scene in Rome was not good.  Rom.1:28:32

            A. Lesbianism, homosexualism, transgenders.  (LGBT)

            B. Prostitution, adultery, living together.  1Cor.6:9-10

            C. Greed, envy, murder. Eph.5:3, Mt.5:21-22, 1Tim.3:8,  1Tim.6:5

            D. Gossip, slander, arrogance. 2Pet.2:17-19

II. The end result of these sins is eternity in hell. (21)

            A. We all born as slaves to sin. Rom.3:23

            B. It is unconfessed, unrepented of sin that leads to hell.  Acts.3:19, Rev.9:20-21; Lk.13:34

            C. Hell is forever. Rev.21:8, 20:10

III. The answer is to become a slave to righteousness. (19)

            A. Repent of and confess sin. Lk. 13:3, 1Jn.1:9

            B. Give yourself to Jesus. Gal.2:20

            C. The end result will be eternity in heaven.

Con. - The choice is yours. You can choose to reject God's offer of forgiveness and salvation, or you can choose to receive the free gift of salvation. Jn.1:12, Joshua 24:15


Luke 5:1-11

July 17th 2022

Intro - When people see or sense the power of God, their lives are changed. Some harden their hearts against God (Pharoah) but others open their hearts to God.

I. Biblical examples.

            A. Moses.  Recognized his sin.   Ex.3:5-6

            B. Isaiah. Willing to serve. Is.6:5-8

            C. John. Gained insight.  Rev.1:17-19, Dan.8:17, 1Cor.2:14, Jn.16:13, 1Cor.2:12, Eph.1:7-9

II. Peter

            A. Also became aware of his sin.  Lk.22:61-62, Lk.22:32

            B. He left all to serve the Lord.  Jn.21:15, Acts 4:18-20, Acts 5:28-29

III. Have you witnessed God's power.

            A. His power is revealed spiritually also. Jn.16:8

                        1. By conviction of sin.  Heb.4:12-13

                        2. By salvation.  Acts 4:12

                        3. By judgment.  Heb.9:27

            B. There is no greater miracle than a changed life.  2Cor.5:17

Con. Has your life been transformed by the power of God?


Matthew 5:20-24

July 24th, 2022

Intro - You must be reconciled to each other in order to be reconciled to God. Matthew 6:14-15

I. Are you good enough to get to heaven?  (20)

            A. No.    Romans 3:10-12

            B. From a human standpoint the Pharisees were good.

                        1. Kept the law and appeared righteous.    Mt.23:23, Lk.18:11-12

                        2. However, they were rotten on the inside.    Mt.23:25-27, 33

            C. Their goodness was not enough because they were not trusting in Jesus.  Rom.3:28

II. God's requirements are higher that that of the Pharisees. (21-22)

            A. That should strike fear into the unbeliever.    Lk.23:40, Lk.12:4-5

            B. Believers are aware of God's holiness.    Acts.9:31, Job 28:28, Prov.1:7

            C. God judges the heart.    Jer.17:9, Heb.4:12

III. Have a clean conscience. (23-24)

            A. God will remind you of sin.   Jn.16:8

            B. Your respect for His holiness keeps you from evil.   Prov.16:9

            C. He reminds you to reconcile before worship.   1Cor.11:27-29

Con. - Reconciliation is what God has done for you and what He wants you to do for others. 2Cor.5:18-19


Luke 6:36-38

July 10th 2022

Intro - Merciful means having compassion on someone. Having sympathy for someone's affliction. Wanting to help alleviate the problem. How can we be merciful?

I. By not judging.

            A. We jump to conclusions but only God sees the heart. 1Sam.16:7

            B. We can give the "benefit of the doubt".  Matt.7:12

            C. Don't confuse what God says about judging. Rom.12:3

                        1. Don't try and judge when you yourself are sinning. Rom.2:1-3, Matt.7:1-5

                        2. We are not to judge what we cannot know.  Matt.7:16, 21

                        3. We are to judge what we know. 1Cor.14:29, 1Jn.4:1

II. By not condemning.

            A. Unbelievers condemn themselves. Acts. 13:46, Jn.3:18

            B. Only God can determine one's guilt.  Ps.51:4, Rom.3:19

            C. When God determines guilt we must agree. 1Cor.6:9-10

III. By not withholding forgiveness.

            A. Jesus taught the importance of this. Matt.6:14-15

            B. We are to show the same mercy.  Eph.4:32

IV. By not withholding help.

            A. Help those in need. Matt.25:35, 40

            B. God will help you. Matt.6:25, 33,  Malachi 3:10

Con. Show mercy to others in every way that you can. This is true Christianity.

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