John 5:1-14


Intro – Mercy is God not giving us what we deserve. Every time God show us mercy it is because of His grace.

Our text today is an example of God’s mercy. For 38 years a man had been sick because of sin.

I. Sin can bring sickness into your life. (14)

A. We experience death because of sin.  Rom.5:12

B. Many diseases and sickness come from sin people commit. Ps.38:3, Ps.107:17, Micah 6:13

C. Unconfessed sin can cause sickness. Mk.2:5, 1Cor.11:28-30

D. The early church recognized this. James 5:14-16

II. Not all sickness is because of sin.

A. Sometimes it is to show Christ’s power. Jn.9:2-3, Jn.11:4

B. Sometimes it is to sanctify us.  2Cor.12:7-9

C. Sometimes it is to reveal our faith. Job 1:10-11

III. Jesus gives mercy and grace for us to continue.

A. The man’s response was to go to the temple. (14)

B. Instead of punishment we receive forgiveness. Jn.3:16

Con. God has been merciful to all of us. Have you responded with praise and thanksgiving?


Leviticus 18:1-5

September 6th, 2020

Intro – The unbelieving world would have us believe there is no absolute truths or principals by which we should live our lives. The bible says there is. It is God’s way vs the world’s way.

I. We should not live like the unsaved world. (3)

A. They sacrificed their children. Lev.18:21

B. They took advantage of others by lying. Prov.20:23

C. They hurt others by stealing and destroying property. Ex.20:15, Jer.52:13

D. They were involved in witchcraft and the occult. Deut.18:9-11

E. They lived immoral lives. 1Kings 14:24

II. If Jesus is our Lord we must follow what God says is right. (4)

A. Honor the sanctity of life. Mt.18:6, Mk.10:13-14, 1Tim.6:13

B. Speak truthfully with one another. Eph. 4:25 

C. Expose what is evil.  Eph.5:11-12 

D. Live morally upright lives. Eph.5:1, 3-4, 15

III. Doing what is right brings blessings. (5)  1Tim.4:8

A. In this life and the life to come. Ps. 23:6, Ps.103:17-18, Prov.10:6

B. Upon any nation. Deut.28:1-2

Con. – God’s way is the right way, follow Him and not the ways of the world.


2 Samuel 22:21-29

August 23rd 2020

Intro - God blesses us for being obedient to Him. David understood this truth. Jesus clearly taught us this truth.

I. Living in the light gives us understanding. (21)

            A. Blessed for good investments.  Mt.25:20-21,  Gal.6:7

            B. Blessed for enduring.  Mt.5:11-12

            C. Blessed for being kind. Mk. 9:41, Rev.22:12

            D. Blessed for being a good example. Lk.6:35, Mt.5:16, Eph.4:32

            E. Blessed for being faithful. 1Cor.3:8, 10, 14

II. Not living in the light causes loss of our rewards. (27-28)

            A. Rewards can be gained or lost.  2Jn.1:8, Heb.10:35-36

            B. Saul – 1Sam.15:11,23-26

            C. David – 1Kings 15:5, 1Chron.28:2-3

            D. Ego and pride can lose of rewards. Rom.1:28, Mt.6:1

            E. Repentances can restore rewards. Ps.51.10-13, Is.55:7

III. Living in the light brings rewards. (29) Jn.8:12

            A. The light of God’s word. Ps.19:8, 11

            B. Faith in “the Light” brings our greatest reward. 1Jn.1:7

Con. Paul reminds us to live as those who belong to Jesus Christ. 1Thess.5:5-11


Matthew 12:33-37

August 30th, 2020

Intro – The words you speak, what you say, are very important. We have all heard the nursery rhyme, “sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me”.  Well, words do hurt! And words indicate what is in your heart.  Love, hate and bitterness are all revealed through the words you speak. (33) Lk.6:45

I. Words are powerful.

A. Especially the word of God.

1. God created through the spoken word. Gen.1:3

2. Jesus is the Word of God in human form. Jn.1:1, Jn.1:14

3. Jesus performed miracles by just speaking.  Mt.12:13, Mk.4:39, Mk.10:52

B. Jesus defeated Satan by the Word of God. Mt.4:3-10, Eph.6:17, Rev.19:15, 21

II. Your words can hurt and damage people’s lives.

A. An evil heart speaks evil. Prov.23:7, Mt.15:18, James 1:26

B. Words reveal what’s in your heart. James 3:5-10, Eph.4:29

III. Your words can encourage other lives.

A. We must speak the truth. Eph.4:15, Titus 2:15

B. But in a way that helps and shows love. Eph.4:29, Jn.8:11, Heb.10:23-24

C. The words of Jesus encourage us. Jn.3:16, 1Jn.1:9 

Con. If the most powerful “Word” dwells in your heart it will show in how you speak and how you treat others.


Jeremiah 7:1-7

August 16th, 2020

Intro – The false prophets were telling the Israelites they had no reason to fear, no reason to change, etc. Jer.6:14. Jeremiah had the job of telling them they needed to repent and change their behavior.  

I. Hear the word of the Lord. (1-2)

A. You can come to church but not listen. Jer.5:21, Mk.8:18

B. You can sing praises and not mean it. Is.29:13, Mk.7:6

C. It shows up in one’s lack of commitment to the things of God. Lk.8:14, Lk.9:23

II. Mend your ways. (3-6)

A. Repent – Prov.7:15-16, 30-31, Jer.32:35

B. Actions speak louder than words.  James 1:22

C. They tried to convince  themselves they were ok.  Mend your ways – vs 13, Prov.1:23-24

1. Let the HS convince you. Rom.8:16, Heb.2:1

2. Stand on the promises of God. 1Jn.5:12, Jn.14:15

III. Then you will dwell with the Lord. (7)

A. He will dwell with you. Deut. 28:1-2, Jn.15:10

B. You will be blessed. Gal.3:8-9, Jn.15:7, 16

Con – Will you listen to the Spirit of God when He asks you to mend or change your ways?

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