Luke 17:11-19


Intro - Everything God put in the bible is there for a reason. Sometimes it's obvious but sometimes you have to dig a little bit deeper. The obvious lesson in today's text is that you need to be thankful.

I. In that day leprosy was an incurable disease.

            A. You were forced to separate yourself from others.  Lev.13:45-46

            B. They were doomed to a slow and painful death.

            C. Leprosy and sin both cause death, one physically, one spiritually. Heb.12:15,1Tim.4:1-2,Heb.3:12-13

II. Jesus physically heals all ten lepers.

            A. They were required by law to show themselves to the priest. Lk.5:12-14

            B. One sees he is healed and returns to Jesus to thank Him. (16) Matt.9:6

            C. The others are healed physically but not spiritually, only one had faith.

III. One is healed spiritually. (19)

            A. Faith made him well or whole (KJV). Gk. literally means "has saved you."

            B. Thankfulness reveals the inner change. Heb.13:15, Ps 107:22

            C. Jesus heals spiritually as well as physically. Is.53:5, Heb.9:22, Heb.9:14

Con. We all need to be healed spiritually. Sin separates us from God. The blood of Christ will cleanse and heal us.


Sept. 11th 2022

Intro – All of us have probably utter those words, “I promise”.  As humans we have probably all broken a promise.  When God makes a promise there is nothing more sure in all the world than that promise being fulfilled.

I. His promise cannot be broken.

A. Paul uses an illustration of a human contract.

B. God made a promise to Abraham. Gen.3:15, Gen.12:3

C. God cannot lie.                   1Kings 8:56, Heb.6:18-19, Rom.4:21

II. His promise is applied to those who have faith in Jesus. Gal.3:8-9

A. The whole world is given the opportunity.            Rom.5:6, 1Jn.2:2,1Pet.3:18

B. The law doesn’t provide or fulfill the promise.

1. It only shows sin.    (22) Rom.3:20

2. It was weak.            (19) Rom.8:1-4, Rom.10:4

C.  Only those with faith receive the promise. Rom.4:16, Rom.10:9, Jn.1:12

III. He keeps His promise?

A. A Savior would be sent into the world. Acts 13:23

B. His Spirit would dwell in believers.           Acts 2:38

C. Eternal life to all who believe.                   1Jn.2:2 

Con. – Have you claimed what was promised to you? 1Jn.1:9


Luke 19:41-44

August 21, 2022

Intro - In the OT the psalmist knew God would have to visit him to be saved. (Ps.106:4) In the NT Peter spoke of this visit also. (1Peter 2:12) When God visits us several things are revealed.

I. Jesus cares about us.  2Peter 3:9

            A. So He sends His Spirit to visit you.  Rev.3:20, Matt.22:14

            B. You can invite Him in or send Him away. Acts 26:28

            C. It was their last chance.  Lk.13:34-35, (Titus 70 AD)

            D. God would move on to the Gentiles. Rom.11:25, Acts 26:17-18, Eph.2:12-14

II. Satan blinds people.  2Cor.4:4

            A. They did not see their need of salvation.

                        1. The Pharisees.  Jn.8:39-40

                        2. Mockers 2Peter 3:3-4

            B. They don't see the evil all around them.  Mt.24:37, Gen.6:5,11

            C. Jesus said things would get worse and they have. Mt.24:12

III. The unsaved will regret it.

            A. Because they did not recognize God's call to repent. Lk.13:3, Acts 3:19

            B. For these people their punishment came in 70 AD.

            C. For you it will come on judgement day after you die. Rev.20:11,15

Con. - How did your visit go? How did you respond when the Spirit knocked on your hears door and called on you to repent and accept Jesus into your heart?  Rom.1:20



August 28th 2022

Intro - When Paul defends the faith to the Christians in Corinth, he does so by using the Scriptures. The Bible is the written word of God.  If you do not believe that and do not believe what it says you cannot be a Christian.

I. The power of the Scriptures.

            A. The power to convict you. Jude 15-16, Heb.4:12, Matt.26:75

            B. The power to save you.  Rom.1:16, Rom.10:17, Acts 6:7, 1Cor.1:18

            C. The power to keep you. Jn.17:6,11,  Rev.3:8,10, Rom.16:25

II. The testimony of the Scriptures.

            A. Christ died for our sins. Is.53:5-6, Rom.5:6, Jn.19:30

            B. Christ rose again.  Mt.28:6, 1Thess.4:14

III. The verification of the Scriptures.

            A. There is no better proof than an eyewitness. 100's

            B. Changed lives.  vs 10, Rom.12:3, 2Cor.5:17

            C. Bible has never been proven wrong! 2Tim.3:15-16, Matt.5:18

Con. Has the word of God changed your life?









Luke 16:1-9

August 14th 2022


Intro - A steward is one who manages another person's money and affairs. Our text today speaks of a bad steward.  God wants us to be good stewards of the things He has given us to take care of. 


I. Treasure - money - every dime you have is a gift from God. Ps.50:10

           A. Do you tithe on the money God has left you in charge of?  Malachi 3:8-12

           B. Do you give generously?   1Tim.6:17-19

           C. Do you give sacrificially?   Luke 21:2-3

           D. Don't misuse God's money. 1Thess.5:5, Matt.6:20-21


II. Time - every breath you take is a gift from God.  A gift of life and time to live.

           A. Do you tithe your time?  Rom.13:11-14

           B. Do you redeem the time?   Eph.5;16, Col.4:5, 2Tim.4:3

                       Redeem means to make wise and sacred use of every opportunity


III. Talent - every ability you have is a gift from God. James 1:17

           A. Do you tithe your gift.  Rom.12:6ff,
            B.  Do you glorify Christ with your talent. Do you use it for the kingdom?  Col.3:17, 1Cor.10:31

 Con. - Every good thing is a gift from God to you.  Do you manage or use them in a way that benefits His  kingdom?   In a way that counts for eternity.  Give back to the Lord a portion of the treasure, time, and talent that He has given to you.



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