March 12th, 2023


Intro - We know that God doesn't want us to ever sacrifice a human life to Him. However, Abraham did not know that at the time. He lived in a world where it was commonly practiced.


I. God had promised a son and He had provided one.  (Isaac)

            A. Now God was asking him to sacrifice him!  Matt.10:37-39

            B. On mount Moriah- later we would know it as Calvary.  2Chr.3:1

            C. It was a test of faith. All of us are tested.  Heb.11:17, 1Pet 1:6-7, 2Cor.13:5, Prov.17:3


II. God provided Abraham with a strong faith. Rom.12:3

            A. His faith was stronger than most.  Acts 7:1-4, Gen.12:4

            B. Yet he had moments of weakness. Gen.12:11-13, Gen.20:1-3

            C. When you fail seek forgiveness. 1Jn.1:9


III. God provided the lamb.

            A. For Abraham and Isaac.  (13)

            B. He gave Himself for all of us.  John 1:29

            C. God kept all His promises to Abraham and will keep His promise to you. Rom.10:13, 9, Jn.1:12


Con. God has provided us with a Savior. Have you allowed Him to save you:


Exodus 14:13-31

March, 5th, 2023

Intro - The Red Sea crossing is probably one of the most well-known miracles in the bible. There are 3 statements I want you to think about today.

I. Do not fear.  (13)

            A. God is on your side. Rom.8:31

            B. It's His battle. Deut.20:4

                        1. No need to worry. Phil.4:6, 1Pet.5:7

                        2. God will provide answers to your fears. Phil.1:21, Rom.10:13, Rom.5:1

II. Stand still, keep silent.  (14)

            A. Stop fussing around trying to figure out what you would do. Ps.46:10

            B. The Lord will fight for you. 2Chron. 20:15, 23,   1Sam.17:26, 28, 37, 47.

III. They believed. (31)

            A. Not all miracles in the bible can be proven.  Heb.11:6

            B. Archeology always has and always will prove the bible accurate.

            C. However, we by faith believe, with God all things are possible.

Con. - God wants you to believe in Him. He doesn't want you to live in fear.


Jeremiah 8:18-22

Feb. 19th, 2023


Intro - He had a very difficult ministry. He was imprisoned, put in a well, wore a yoke and was told by God he could not get married. He spoke in opposition to the false prophets.


I. He was saddened by his people being in captivity. (18)

            A. They are now a people without a King. Jer.25:11, Dan. 1:1-2, Dan.9:2

            B. Because they had provoked God. (19)  Ex.20:3-5

            C. They had missed their opportunity to be saved. (20) Matt.25:10-12.


II. He is sad because they were not saved.

            A. Babylon is symbolic of evil.  Is.59:2

            B. God (our Father) is grieved when we refuse to repent. Matt.23:37

            C. In the same way a parent grieves when children don't repent. 3John 1:4


III. He is sad because salvation was so close.

            A. He is saddened by the condition of his country. (21)  Joshua 24:20

            B. They could have been rescued if they had turned to God. Is.45:22, Jer.15:19, Jer.26:3

            C. Help was available but they refused it.  Prov.1:24, Zech.7:11, Heb.12:25, Heb.2:1-3


Con. Be like Jeremiah, have a burden for the unsaved. Pray for them. Witness to them. Speak to them about Jesus.  But first, make sure you are ready.



1Peter 4:1-6

Feb.26th 2023


Intro - When you accept Jesus into your heat it means a change will take place.

I. A change in purpose. (1-2)

            A. You will have a desire to live for Jesus. Rom.6:13, Rom.12:1-2

            B. Even if it means suffering.  Phil.2:5

            C. Arm yourself for battle. Jn.15:20, 2Tim.3:12, 1Pet.4:13-16, Eph.6:17, 2Cor.12:8-10

II. A change in behavior. (3-4)

            A. Peter describes the life of the unsaved. (3) Rom.13:13-14

            B. Old friends mock your new life in Christ. Mk. 14:69, Mt.26:73, Acts 24:14, Acts 11:26

III. A changed future.  (5-6)

            A. The persecutors will answer for what they did. 2Tim.4:1, Mt.12:36

            B. Those who got saved will go to heaven according to God's will. Jn.5:24, 1Jn.3:14

Con. If you want to have peace of mind and the joy of salvation, surrender your life completely to God's will.


John 12:35-43

February 12th 2023

Intro - The Lord gives us opportunities to be saved. The question is what you do with it.

I. Make use of the Light God gives. Lk.4:18

            A. Receive the "Light of the world". Jn.8:12

            B. Walk in the truth of God's word. Jn.1:9-10

                        1. When sin is revealed repent.  Luke 13:3, Jn.12:46

                        2. You will be sons of light. Eph.5:8

II. Many were rejecting Jesus, Jn.1:11

            A. They just wanted more signs. Jn.4:48, Matt.16:4

            B. They became blind to truth. (40) Jn.3:19

                        1. By Satan. 2Cor.4:4

                        2. By God. Heb.4:7, 2Thess.2:10-12, Mk.6:52

III. You must believe and be brave.

            A. Some fear man more than God.  Lk.22:60-62

            B. Some want man's approval more than God's. Mt.6:2,5, Mt 23:5, Mt.25:34

Con. If the Holy Spirit convicts you of sin, repent and accept Jesus. Otherwise, one of those may be your last chance and then you will be without hope.


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