Isaiah 44:21-23

October 18th 2020

Intro – God had just reminded the Israelites of the foolishness of worshipping idols and false gods.  Now He reminds them of who He is and what He has done for them.

I. He has created them.  (21)

A. Physically created to serve Him. Col.1:16, Jn.1:3, 1Cor.8:6

B. Spiritually created to serve Him. 2Cor.5:17, Eph.2:22, Eph.2:10

C. He remembers His creations. Is.49:15, Heb.13:5

II. He has forgiven them.  (22)

A. Sin separates us from God like a thick cloud from the sun.   Is.59:2

B. The fog of sin has been removed. Ps.103:12, Is.43:25

C. Therefore we should return to Him. Is.55:7

III. He has redeemed us. (23)

A. Redeemed means purchased back. Is.43:1, 1Cor.6:20, 1Pet.1:18-19

B. He paid the price for our sin. Col.2:13-14.

C. Therefore we should rejoice. Ps.107:2

Con. Are you a believer today? Then rejoice, He has prepared a place for you and He is coming again for you.  Jn.14:2-3, 1Cor.2:9


Romans 10:1-13

October 11th, 2020

Intro – Paul’s desire, like Christ’s is that people would get saved and that Jesus would be Lord of your life.

I. Lordship means subjection. (3)

A. People may be religious but not followers of Christ. Jn.16:2

1. Zeal but no knowledge. 1Jn.4:1

2. True love speaks truth. Eph.4:15

B. You will agree with God’s plan.

1. It will mean an “end” to salvation by good works. Eph.2:8-9

2. You will give in to His authority. Ph.3:9

3. Seek His will found in His word. (6-8)

II. Lordship means confessing Christ (9-10)

A. Personal faith in the resurrected Savior.  1Cor.15:14, 2Tim.2:8, Phil.3:10

B. Personal testimony that Jesus is your Lord. Mk.8:38, Rom.1:16, 2Tim.1:8

C. Recognizing Jesus as God.  Gk-Kurios, Heb-Yahweh.  Phil.2:10-11

III. Lordship means responding (11-13)

A. To His call for repentance and confession. 1Jn.1:9

B. If you believe you are saved.  Acts 16:31, Jn.3:15, Acts 2:21

C. Recognize your new relationship.  Mt.10:32

1. Sins are forgiven, no need to fear.  1Jn.4:18

2. Indwelling Holy Spirit empowers you. Acts 1:8

Con. – Is Jesus Lord of your life?


Romans 9:1-13

Sept.27th, 2020


Intro – Who are the “children of the promise”?  What does our text tell us about them? As children of the promise what should we be doing?

I. We should have a burden for the lost. (1-3)

A. Those who are not yet saved.  Rom.11:13-14, Mt.23:37

B. Jesus wants them to be saved. 2Pet.3:9

C. Jesus wants you to reach them for Christ. Matt.28:19, Acts 2:38-39

II.  We should pray for the Jewish people. (4-8)

A. They have had the truth. Is.53:5, Mk.8:31

B. They are God’s chosen ones. Gen.12:3, Jn.4:22

C. God calls on us to support them.  Ps.122:6

III. We should recognize our relationship to God. (9-13)

A. Through faith we are also chosen by God. 2Pet.2:9, Gal.3:26

B. God has called us to repentance and faith. Jn.1:12

C. He calls all but not all will answer. Mt.22:14, Jn.3:18

Con. Are you a child of the promise? 


Romans 9:14-33

October 4th, 2020

Intro – It is not always easy to trust the Lord. His ways are so much higher than our ways and sometimes human reasoning just gets in the way of faith.  We must trust the Lord. 

I. God is always just.  (acting with fairness and impartiality)

A. God knows more than we do about the situation.  Prov.15:3, 2Kings 6:17

B. We can’t blame God for the unsaved. Rom.1:20

C. We do credit God with salvation. Eph.2:8

II. God is always sovereign.  (having absolute authority) Is.45:5-7

A. The created should not question the Creator. Col.1:16, Is.29:16

B. God’s ways are higher than ours. Is.55:9, Rom.2:4

C. We are a part of His plan. Jer.29:11

III. Salvation is always by faith.  Jn.14:6

A. By faith we accept what Jesus has done for us. 2Cor.5:21

B. It is never based on our works. Eph.2:9

Con. Are trusting Jesus to forgive your sins by power of His blood that was shed for you?


Luke 10:38-42

Sept. 20th 2020

Intro – Jesus says only one thing is necessary. Is that what you think? If not you need to ask the Lord to bring your thinking into agreement with His.

I. Martha was a believer.

A. She welcomed Jesus into her home. Rev.3:20, Jn.11:27

B. She was preparing a meal for Jesus.

C. She was distracted with other things. Lk.8:14

D. Her focus was on unnecessary things.  Matt.6:25

II. Mary was a believer.

A. She sat at the Lord’s feet and listened to His word. Ps.119:15

B. Mary chose what was “necessary”.  Mt.6:33

1. Hearing the word of God.  Mt.5:18, Ps.119:105

2. Receiving Christ in her heart.  Ps.40:8

III. What about you?

A. Are you a believer? 1Jn.1:9, Rom.10:13

B. If so do you live like Martha or Mary?  Ps.119:11,

1. Martha was distracted with things not as important as the word. Jn.12:2

2. Mary desired the word of God. Ps.27:4

C. The problem with many today is they are not fully committed to Christ. Act.3:19

Con. It is vital for your spiritual well being that you seek what is necessary, Jesus and His word. Consecrate yourself to Him. That means putting Jesus and the fellowship of believers ahead of everything else.

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