John 6:37-40

November 22nd 2020

Intro – The reason we can be confidant about our salvation is because that’s what God wants for us. 2Pet.3:9.

I. The Father draws us to Jesus. (37)  Jn.6:44

A. Through the word.    Heb.4:12, Rom.1:16

B. Through our conscience.    Rom.2:15

II. Jesus welcomes us.  (37-38)  Matt.11:28

A. He will not listen to those who refuse to repent. Ps.66:18, Is.59:2, Jn.9:31, 1Pet.3:12, Lk.13:3

B. He will listen to a prayer of repentance.  Act 3:19, Rom.10:13

C. He alone is the One who can forgive.  Act 4:12

            1. He alone is our mediator.    1Tim.2:5

            2. He came to save us.    Lk.19:10

            3. No one else has made this journey.    Jn.3:13, Mt.24:5, 11, Rev.22:18

III. God wants us to remain faithful.  (39-40)

A. He promises to be faithful on His part.    Heb.13:5

B. Will you be faithful?      Col.1:22-23, Heb.3:14

C. He wants us to be a part of the Rapture.    1Thess.4:16

Con. If Jesus Christ came to rescue you and it’s God’s will that you would be saved, why do you resist?  Come to Jesus and ask Him to forgive you and to give you the eternal life that He wants you to have. It’s your decision.

The Millennium

Isaiah 32:1-8

Nov.15th, 2020

Intro – Our text today speaks about the 1000 year reign of Christ here on earth. Rev.20:4-6 tells us about it. If you are a believer you will reign with Jesus.

I. Jesus will reign over the whole earth during this time. Dan.7:13-14

            A. There will be justice.  Ps.37:28, Is.9:7

            B. Spiritual blindness will be removed.  Lk.24:45

            C. Hearts will be open to the word of God.  2Cor.4:4

            D. People will be able to discern the truth.  1Jn.5:20, Heb.5:14

            E. They will no longer call evil good.  Is.5:20, Mt.24:9

II. Christians will no longer be persecuted. 2Tim.2:12

            A. Fools and scoundrels will no longer be in power.  Ps.74:18

            B. God’s principals will be implemented.  Ph.2:10-11, Mt.19:28, Rev.2:26

III. We should look ahead to this better day. Luke 21:28

            A. We have to be patient. Heb.11:8-10

            B. Because it will be worth it all. 2Cor.4:17-18, 2Cor.2:9

Con. So stay faithful, don’t get discouraged. God is in control and He has a future plan for you that is out of this world! 1Tim.6:12


Romans 11:13-24

Nov. 1st 2020

Intro – The Lord, speaking through the Apostle Paul, uses an OT analogy to help the Christians in Rome to understand their relationship to Christ. 

I. Israel is the olive tree.  (13-15) Jer.11:16

            A. They are God’s chosen people. Neh.9:7

            B. However, they abandoned God. Jer.11:13, Matt.23:37-38, Jn.1:11

            C. Only a few believed, the rest were cut off. (17) Acts 13:46

II. We can be a part of the olive tree family. (16-18)

            A. God chose to work through Abraham.  Gen.12:1-3

            B. God chose to send the Messiah through the Jewish (olive tree) people. Jn.4:22, Mt.10:5-6

            C. We can become a part of the olive tree through faith. 1Pet.2:9, Gal.3:7-9, Rom.4:16, Jn 1:12

III. God treats all the branches the same. 19-24

            A. Unbelief cuts us off from God. Jn.15:6

            B. Repentance will bring them back in. (23) Jn.15:7

Con. Have you become a part of the olive tree family?  A part of God’s family by faith in Jesus?



Nov. 8th 2020

Intro – God has just told the Israelites what not to do. Don’t mix with unbelievers, De.7:2 and tear down the things that would harm you spiritually, De.7:5. Now He tells them what they should do.

I. Know that there is only one true God.

A. The Canaanite gods were real not God.  1Cor.8:4-6

B. Unbelievers create their own gods. Rom.1:22-25

C. There is only one true God. De.4:39, Is.45:5,6,14,18,21,22

D. He still reveals Himself to us today. Ps.144:15

II. Know that He keeps His covenant with believers.

A. Remember these truths. De.28:1-2

B. He is always faithful. Heb.13:5

1. True believers are always a minority, even though many claim to be Christians. Matt.7:22-23

2. He always has a remnant of true believers. 1Kings 19:18, Matt.7:14

C. He keeps His new covenant. Matt.26:28, 1Jn.1:7, 9

III. He also keeps His word concerning unbelievers.

A. Unbelievers will suffer. De.28:15

B. Unrepentant will perish. Lk.13:3, Rev.20:15

C. Unbelievers still have a choice. Joshua 24:15

Con. Have you made your choice? Is Jesus Christ the One you worship as your Lord and Savior?


Matthew 13:44-50

October 25th 2020

 Intro – The Oak Island treasure hunt shows how committed someone can be if they believe there is great treasure to be found.  Jesus uses these parables to express important spiritual truths.


 I. We are normally willing to give up the lesser for the greater.  (44-46)

     A. God’s grace, His treasure is there for us. Mt.11:25

B.  It can be found by all who seek. Jn.5:39, Jn.6:44, Mt.7:7

 II. God’s offer goes out to all. (47-48)

    A. The gospel is preached everywhere. Matt.24:14

B. Not everyone is willing to make the exchange.  Phil.3:7-8

              “He is no fool who gives what he cannot keep to gain what he cannot lose.”  Jim Elliot

C.  Many Christians want to hang on to the pleasures, activities and possessions of this world. 

 Matt.6:23-24,  Mt.16:24-26

 III. There will be a great separation. (49-50)

A. Believers will be gathered.  1Thess.4:13-18

B. Unbelievers will be gathered. Rev.20:11-15

 Con. Have you found the One who is more valuable than all the things the world offers?

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