Mark 9:17-29

February 25th 2018

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Intro – Prayer is a powerful thing when the person praying is a believer. Our text today teaches us several things about prayer and faith.


I. When we pray we should not doubt God’s ability to answer our prayer. (23)

A. Jesus taught this to His disciples. Mk.11:22-23

B. Nothing is impossible with God. Lk.1:37

C. Salvation is proof of this truth. Mt.19:24-26, Jn.6:44,  Acts 26:16-18

D. Never doubt your salvation. Rom.10:13, 1Jn.1:9


II. Faith is not necessary in the one being healed!

A. The cripple at Bethesda. Jn.5:8, 13

B. The blind man. Jn.9:6-7, Jn.6:35-38

C. The demon possessed man. Mark 5:5, 12

D. The widow at Nain. Lk.7:13-14

E.  Sometimes it is the faith of others that brings about the healing. Mk.2:5


III. Prayer based on faith can heal people. (29)

A. Faith is revealed through a surrendered will.

1. The prayer of faith does not demand, it seeks God’s will.

2. True faith says, “Thy will be done”.  Mt.6:10

3.  Jesus taught this by example. Jn.11:42 Mt.26:42, Heb.10:9

B. Faith is trusting God to do the impossible. Prov.3:5-6 


Con. God sends us trials so we know that we need to trust and depend on Him.



Luke 10:17-20


Intro – The Lord wants us to rejoice and He gives us many reasons to do so.

I. Rejoice that God is all-powerful.

            A. Demons are no match for the power of God. 1Jn.4:4

            B. Nothing in nature is more powerful than God. Col.1:16

                        1. No animals. Dan.6:22, Acts 28:3-5

                        2. Nothing in nature, wind, rain, fire, etc. Dan.3:17-18

                        3. No person. 1Sam.2:6, Lk.12:4-5, 1Pet.3:22

II. Rejoice that Satan has ben defeated.

            A. Jesus is the Victor. Gen.3:15, Is.14:12-15, Matt.4:10, Rev.20:10

            B. We are protected, we are the ones who conquer. Lk.12:6-7, 32,  Rom.8:37-39

III. Rejoice that your name is recorded in heaven.

            A. Casting out demons doesn’t assure you a place in heaven. Matt.7:22

            B. Having your name in the Lamb’s book of life does.  Rev.21:27

            C. All heaven rejoices when that happens. Lk.15:10

                        1. Nothing greater than rescuing someone from Satan’s power. Jn.1:12, Eph.5:1,8

                        2. No better news than to know someone is living or Jesus. 3 Jn.1:4

Con. If you have called on Jesus to save you, rejoice, there’s a new name written down in heaven. This process  has been from the beginning of time and will continue to the end of time. Dan. 12:1, Phil.4:3, Rev.21:27


Isaiah 55:10-13

February 4th 2018

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Intro – In our text today the Lord used an example in nature to teach us spiritual truth.

I. His word is like the Hydrological cycle.

A. This is a perfect example of God’s knowledge vs man.

1. Science “discovered” the Hydrological cycle in the 1600’s.

2. Isaiah writes about it 2000 years before it is discovered.

B. God says this is also how His word works.  Ps.119:105, Mt.5:45, 2Pet.3:9

II. His word will accomplish what He wants.

A. Here are a few of the things it does.

1. Reveals hardened hearts. Jer.23:29, Acts 13:46

2. Reveals bitterness. James 3:14

3. Reveals a rebellious spirit. Jn.12:48

4. Convicts of sin. Heb.4:12

5. Enlightens 2Tim.3:15

6. Produces spiritual fruit. Lk.8:15

7. Saves. Rom.1:16, 1Cor.1:18           

B. So always plant the word of God in hearts. 1Cor.15:58

III. The word brings about change.

A. We will think differently. 2Cor.5:17-18

B. When you receive Christ and His word many things change.

1. You are filled with confidence and praise. Ps.56:4

2. You have reverence for the things of God. Ps.119:38

3. Christ like character. Ps.119:11

4. You have hope. Ps.119:49, Jn.14:3

5. Hope that brings joy, peace and comfort. Rom.15:13

Con. – The question is, have you opened your heart to the good news of God’s word. Jn.5:24



John 1:29-34

February 11, 2018


Intro – Jesus has many names that He goes by, one of them is the Lamb. It is maybe one of the more significant names because it entails so many biblical truths.

I. The Lamb has power to take away sin. (29)

A. In the OT the lamb was used as an offering.

1. Our first hint of God’s Lamb is in Gen.22:8

2. The Passover lamb had to be perfect.  Ex.12:5, 7, 13

3. The lamb was also used for atonement. Lev.4:35

B. In the OT these offerings had to be repeated.  Heb.7:27, Heb.9:7

C. Christ is the perfect Lamb of God that Abraham spoke of.

1. He alone has the power to remove sin.  Acts 3:18-19, Acts 4:12, Heb.9:14, 24-26, 1Jn.1:7

2. He gives a permanent forgiveness.  Heb.10:10, Rom.5:1, Rom.8:1

II. The Lamb has the power to give eternal life. 30-33

A. Because He is eternal. Jn.8:58, Col.1:16-17

B. He alone has the power to give eternal life. JN.1:4, 12, Jn.11:25, Rom.6:22-23, Jn.14:6, 1Jn.5:12

III. The Lamb has power to judge. (34)

A. Because He is God. Mt.1:23, Acts 17:30-31

B. In the end He will judge. Rev.5:6-9, Rev.6:16, Rev.20:12

Con. – Considering all His power, it’s good to know Him as the Lamb “who takes away the sin of the world”.   It’s the reason He came into the world. Matt.1:21



Matthew 25:14-30

January 28th, 2018


Intro – God expects all members to participate in some way in order to benefit the whole church. Every part of the body is necessary for the body to function properly. Our text makes it clear how the Lord feels about non-participation. Don’t be the one doing nothing!

I. All believers have been given ability from God.  14-15

A. Jesus is the One who has gone on a long journey. Acts 1:9

B. Jesus is the One who has entrusted you with your ability. Acts 1:8, 1Cor.12:11


II. All believers are responsible for what they do with their ability. 16-18

A. Each of us should be doing something. Ps.103:14, Phil.4:13,

B. The purpose is to benefit the body of Christ, your church. 1Cor.12:18, 27  


III. All of us will be held accountable. 19-30

A. Christ will come again and grade your service. 1Cor.3:13, Matt.25:34-35, 41-42

B. Do something to reveal you love the Lord.  James 2:26, James 4:17

Con. How will you participate in the work of the Lord? How will you show that you love Jesus?  We are saved by grace not works but if you are saved it should show in what you do. Eph.2:8-10


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