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August 26 2018




Intro- Some may be asking what does the “love” chapter in the bible have to do with mission work. The fact is, mission work is all about love.




I. Jesus loved us so much He gave His life for us. Jn.3:16


A. Mission work is telling others about Jesus. Rom.5:8, 1Jn.4:11


B. Mission work is to love others the way Christ loves you. Eph.5:2


1. That means caring about one’s eternal soul. 2Pet.3:9


2. Be a messenger of hope not a clanging symbol. 1Tim.1:15




II. People need to hear the gospel.


A. The love of Christ motivates us to share the gospel. 2Cor.5:14, Phil.1:15-17, 1Tim.1:5


1. Jesus came to save. Lk.19:10


2. To save us from sin and an eternity in hell. Rom.7:24, Gal.1:4


B. We MUST speak the truth in love. Eph.4:15, Rom.12:9




III. People need to see Jesus in us.


A. Love changes our behavior. Matt.22:39-40


1. Towards God.  Jn.14:15


2. Towards others. James 2:15-17, Rom.13:10


B. Love is action.  1Cor.16:14, 1Jn.3:18


1. Giving to help others. Matt.25:35-36, 40


2. Sharing the gospel to reach others for Christ. Rom.10:14-15




Con. Your giving becomes statement as to how much you love the Lord and how much you those He died to save.









Aug 19 2018




Intro – Discernment is something every believer has because the Holy Spirit gives it. However, how good and much discernment you have depends on how you use the discernment you have been given. In other words, the more you use your discernment the more discernment you will have.




I. The Holy Spirit gives us discernment. (12)


A. God has given us the HS so we can understand the things of God.


B. God wants us to know spiritual things. Rev.1:1, 11, 19


C. He reveals to those who will listen. Luke 10:21, Rom.1:16-17




II. Discernment is based on God’s word. (13)


A. Not through “special” revelations. 1Cor.13:8-10


B. Through His word we gain discernment. Jn.14:26,  Jn.2:22, Lk.24:27


C. The word of God determines the truth.  Jer.23:28, 




III. The unsaved cannot have spiritual discernment. (14-16)


A. They do not have the Holy Spirit to teach them. Jn.14:26, Acts 2:38


B. Unbelievers will think God’s Word is foolish. 1Cor.1:18, 23


C. We “have the mind of Christ” and therefore “appraise” or discern or judge all things.


His Word and HS gives us insight into His mind. Jn.16:13-14,  Jn.17:17,  Heb.5:14, Rom.12:2




Con. The Holy Spirit gives you discernment. It’s your job to use the discernment you have been given and to grow in discernment.







Hebrews 3:12-4:2


August 5th, 2018




Intro – Sin is a very deceptive thing. The devil makes those who do so (sin) think that it is ok. While in reality it is a death sentence on everyone. Because one doesn’t immediately die physically when they sin the devil convinces people it is not such a big deal.  Sometimes sin’s results are delayed and that is why it is so deceptive.





I. First comes the deception of the mind.


A. This can come to both believers and unbelievers. Gal.6:7


B.  Satan’s big lie is that you don’t need to listen to God. 2Tim.3:13


1. Adam and Eve. Gen.3:1,4,  2Cor.11:3


2. Israelites wandering 40 years. 17-19, Numbers 14:22-23,  Jn.6:44


3. People today. Sin isn’t so bad. Is there really a hell?  Rom.5:12, Rev.20:10, 15




II. Second comes the hardening of the heart.  2Cor.4:4



A. It’s a gradual process. 


B. Can happen to both believers and unbelievers.


1. Every time you say no to the HS and refuse to repent, your heart is hardened. 2Chron.36:15-16, Prov.29:1


2. Believers who refuse to repent are hardening their hearts also.  2Peter 2:20-22




III. Third is the coming up short or falling away.



A. This is directed to the brethren. Heb.4:11, 2Thess.2:3, Rev.2:5


B. “if” is an important word in Scripture. Jn.15:2, 6, Rom.11:22, Lk.8:13, Heb.3:6,14


C. He is also warning unbelievers to respond while they can. Heb.4:2, Lk.13:3, Is.55:6



Con. There are only 2 kinds of people in the world spiritually, those who by faith believe on the Lord and repent and those who don’t. Which kind are you?




1John 1:8-2:2


August 12th, 2018




Intro – To be forgiven there are certain things that must happen. I call them the 3 “R”.




I. Recognize sin in your life.


A. I am a sinner, I’m guilty. 


1. Be specific. Gal.5:19-21, 1Cor.6:9-10


2. To deny sin is to call God a liar. Ps.14:1-3, Rom.3:10, 23,  Rom.5:12


B. What do you say about sin in your life? Rom.7:24




II. Repent of the sin in your life.


A. Without repentance there can be no forgiveness. Lk.13:3


B. Repentance is a change in behavior, attitude and direction. 1Jn.2:1


1. It’s more than just admitting you have sinned.


2. It’s a desire to stop doing what’s wrong and start doing what’s right. Eph.4:22-32


C. Confession and repentance must go together.




III. Remember Who can forgive that sin.


A. Without faith/trust there can be no forgiveness. Heb.11:6, Rom.10:9


B. Believe in Jesus, He is our Defender. (Advocate)


1. If we confess He will forgive.  Believe it!


2. His blood makes us clean. Believe it! 1Jn.1:7


3. His death paid the penalty for our sin. Believe it! 1Jn.4:10




Con. He has more grace and forgiveness then we have sin. Rom.5:20







July 29th 2018







Into- Welfare as we know it today started at the time of the “Great Depression” with the “New Deal”. Government welfare exist today because the church failed in carrying out the Lord’s command to care for others. This happened not just because Christians failed but that many failed to be Christians. People sought governments help rather than God’s.  The principals given in Scripture for welfare applied to the church but the government would be wise to follow them.




I. The basis for welfare.


A. People need help. James 1:27, 1Jn.3:17, 1Tim.5:16, Gal.6:10


B. Not everyone can help themselves. Mt.25:35-36


C. Those who can work, should work to help others. Eph.4:28, (10-13)




II. It is God’s will that man works. Ecc.2:24-25


A. Because of the fall we must work. Gen.3:19


B. It is good for man to work. 1Thess.4:11, Col.3:23, 1Cor.10:31


C. To not be willing to work is sin. Prov.18:9, Prov.21:25, (14-15)




III. The danger of a welfare mentality spiritually.


A. Those unwilling to work on spiritual life will backslide. Phil.2:12


B. Spiritual growth takes effort. 1Cor.9:27, Eph.2:10




Con. Many Christians complain about people on welfare but have the same kind of work ethic when it comes to their own spiritual lives.


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