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Luke 13:10-17


October 7th 2018




Intro – What joy fills our hearts when Jesus speaks those words to us “you are freed”.




I. Sometimes sickness can be caused by demonic powers.


A. Not all sickness is caused by an evil spirit.   Jn.9:2-3, Rom.5:12, James 5:16


B. Some sickness is caused by evil spirits. Mt.12:22, Acts 5:16, Acts 8:7


C. This woman was under Satan’s bondage.




II. Jesus cared about her. 1Peter 5:7


A. He called her. Matt.11:28, Lk.18:16, Mt.4:19


B. He knows all about you. Ps.139:1, Act 1:24, Mt.6:31-32,


C. He knows your spiritual need.   Ps.86:1, Mk.2:17, Jn.10:10




III. Unbelievers wanted her to remain enslaved.


A. Didn’t want their rules or way of life changed. Matt.12:2, Rom.10:3, Jn.3:3, Jn.1:12, Rom.10:13


B. They wonder at conversion.  1Pet.4:4, 1Pet.3:16



Con. Jesus came to save you. Too cleanse you from your sin. Surrender to Him today and you will be freed.




Mark 10:17-27




Sept. 30th 2018




Intro – Jesus had just finished telling the people they must receive God’s kingdom like a child. Man’s reasoning many times keeps him from coming to salvation. Salvation is trusting Jesus.




I. It’s possible for the spiritually blind to see. (17-22)


A. This man didn’t know how to get eternal life.


1. He only recognized Jesus as a good teacher. Matt.16:16


2. He thought he was keeping the commandments. Rom.3:23, James 2:10 


B. Jesus has compassion on him.  Eph.4:15, 2 Peter 3:9


C. Jesus reveals to him his sin, other gods.  Ex.20:3, Matt.6:24




II. It is possible for all to have eternal life. (23-25)


A. “Whoever” means anyone or everyone.  Jn.3:16, Rom.10:13


B. It is hard for some. Acts 26:14


1. Because of the bondage of sin. Rom.7:14


2. Because of self-dependence.  Matt.6:20




III. It is possible for God to do what man cannot. (26-27)


A. Man cannot earn salvation but Jesus gives it freely.  Rom.8:32, Rom.3:24


B. Unrighteous man cannot make himself righteous but Jesus can. 2Cor.5:21, Rom.3:21-22




Con. Never question God’s ability to forgive you and save you for all eternity. Heb.7:25







Deut 32:39-40


Sept. 16th, 2018




Intro- When you hear a phrase like “right hand of God” God is using human phrases to help us understand Who He is. He is an all-powerful, Sovereign God.




I. By His hand comes life and death. (39a)


A. He is the only One who determines life and death. Is.45:6-7, Is.42:8,


1. Foolish people will still pray to someone else. 1Cor.8:4-6, 1Tim.2:5


2. Foolish people will worship someone or something else. Rom.1:21-25


B. Knowing this you should yield to His power. 1Pet.5:6




II. By His hand we are delivered.  (39b) 


A. He has shown this throughout history. Ex.7:4-5


B. His hand is moved by obedience. Ps.81:10-14


C. He can deliver you.


1. From physical harm. Is.43:1


2. From spiritual death. Is.43:25, Jn.10:28




III. His hand is all-powerful. (40)   Acts 7:55-56, Mt.28:18


A. We serve the one true God. Is.43:13


B. He has paid for our sin. Heb.10:12, 1Jn.2:1, Rom.8:34




Con. Have you seen the hand of God in your life?  Delivering you from sin and death, protecting you, and guiding you? Place your hand in His and you will experience the power of God in your life.





Galatians 5:1-14




Sept. 23rd, 2018




Intro – Justification and sanctification by grace alone is the theme of this letter to the Galatians. As Charles Ryrie in his introduction to Galatians puts it, “Forget about merit-salvation through obedience to the law of Moses. Man is too weak by nature to accomplish self-salvation or self-sanctification.”




I. Trusting Jesus saves you and keeps you in God’s grace. (1, 13-14)


A. You did not free yourself from the law and sin, Christ freed you.


1. He freed you from the law by fulfilling it for you. Mt.5:17, Rom.8:1-4


2. He freed you from sin by taking your sin on Himself. 2Cor.5:21


B. We are grafted into God’s family by grace through faith. Eph.2:8, Jn.15:5-6, Rom.11:19-23


C. Love and gratitude motivate us to keep the law. Rom.6:1-2, 1Cor.8:9, 1Pet.2:15-16




II. Trusting the law will separate you from God’s grace.  (2-7)


A. If you trust the law instead of grace you will be cut off. Jn.15:6, Rom.11:22


B. Never stop trusting in Jesus Christ alone for your salvation. Heb.3:12-14


C. Jesus paid for your sin. Is.53:5, 1Pet.2:24, 1Cor.15:3




III. The smallest exception to that truth will infect you with false teaching. (8-12)


A. False teachings start with small variations. 2Pet.3:17, Gal.1:6-7.  Hebrew Roots “but”


B. To mix the law in any way with salvation by grace is wrong. 2Cor.11:3-4,


C. The littlest leaven (false teaching) will end in separation from Christ. Gal.5:4




Con. – Don’t mix law and grace. This is the great sin of every cult that has ever started up. They want you to believe somehow some way you must do something to be saved, to please God.  No, just accept the truth that Jesus paid for your sin and accept the free gift of salvation that He freely offers. Through repentance and faith in Jesus eternal life will be yours. 1Jn.5:12-13









Sept. 9th 2018




Intro- The discussion in chapter 7 is about marriage. In the middle of that discussion we find our text which really has a whole topic of its own. Time as we know it is going to end. Paul is hinting at the Lord’s return.




I. We should evaluate our relationships based on the urgency of the times we live in.


A. We are to love our spouse and children.  Eph.5:25, 33   1Tim.5:8, 1Cor.7:3


B. We should not seek peace at any cost. Matt. 10:34-36


C. We must seek the Lord above all. Luke 14:26-27






II. We should temper our emotions according to the times we live in.


A. Our future destiny changes how we weep. Acts 21:13-14,  1Thess.4:13


B. Our future destiny changes how we rejoice. Luke 10:20, Jn.9:4




III. We should recognize the temporary existence of this world and its possessions.


A. Don’t fall in love with this world’s goods. Matt.6:24, Luke 14:18-20, 24,  Luke 12:16-21


B. All of this is passing away. 1Jn.2:15-17, 2Peter 3:10-13, 2Cor.4:18




Con. – Be free from concern and fully engage in service to Christ.




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