1Peter 2:4-10

December 27th, 2020 

Intro- As Christians we belong to God and a different world. We are aliens here on earth. 1Peter 1:1

I. We have come to Him.

            A. Because He has chosen and called us. (9)  Jn.6:44, Jn.15:16, 2Thess.2:13-14, Mt.11:28

            B. He calls and we respond. (6)  Rom.10:13, Jn.1:12

            C. He has given us life. (5)  Jn.11:25

II. We are a spiritual house. (5)

            A. A house of priest. (5)

                        1. To be His possession. Titus 2:14

                        2. To proclaim Him. (9) Rom.10:14, Rom.1:16

            B. To offer up sacrifices. Rom.12:1, Heb.13:15

III. We believe God’s Word.

            A. Unbelievers reject Christ. (7)  Lk.7:30, Mt.23:37

                        1. They reject God’s word. (8) Jn.1:1, Jn.1:11

                        2. They are doomed. (8) Jn.3:18-19

            B. We have seen the light. (9) Eph.5:8

                        1. Enlightened about sin. Rom.3:10

                        2. Enlightened about Jesus. Acts 4:12

            C. We have received mercy. (10) Titus 3:5

Con. If you have become a child of God then you are an ambassador for Christ. You belong to His household.

 Eph.2:19. Go forth and proclaim the way of salvation to others.


Isaiah 2:1-4

December 20th, 2020

Intro – God wants us to be encouraged. We are living in difficult times.  Foreign governments bribing our leaders. Our leaders promoting homosexualism and abortion.  Our incoming leaders have a very anti-Christian view, they want to take away our Christian school accreditation and take God out of everything. Christians will again face persecution as they did in the Obama years for not promoting their radical agenda. In this setting God gives us hope and a brighter future.  Luke 21:28

I. Israel was going through a dark time.

A. Isaiah saw the word of God. (1)

1. Could have been a vision.

2. More than likely he read Micah’s message. Micah 4:1-3

B. God sends an encouraging message. Ps.27:14, Is.35:4

II. It will happen. (2)   Numbers 23:19, Heb.6:18

A. All nations will come to Jerusalem.  Zech.8:21-22

B. They will learn and seek to do God’s will.  Prov.3:5-6

C. We will serve with Christ. 2Tim.2:12, Rev.5:10, Rev.19:8, 14

III. Never again will there be war. (3-4)   Zech.9:10, Joel 3:17

A. This happens after the 7 years of tribulation. 2Tim.3:12, 1Thess.5:9, Rev.6:16

B. Weapons of war turned into garden tools after Armageddon.  Rev.19:15, Rev.20:4

C. The 1000 years of peace will turn into eternal peace.

                        1. After the Great White Throne judgement.  Rev.20:10-15

                        2. There will be a new heaven and a new earth. Rev.21:1

Con. – Be ready, the signs all tell us Christ is coming soon. 2Tim.4:3-4, 2Tim.3:1-5, Matt.24:4-12


Luke 17:20-30

December 6th 2020

Intro – When Jesus spoke of the kingdom it could mean different things. You would have to know the context to know what He was talking about. In today’s text He speaks of both the spiritual and physical kingdoms.

I. The Kingdom that is here. 20-23

            A. A spiritual kingdom.  Mt.4:17, Mk.1:15, Jn.18:36

            B. Christ dwells within the believers. Col.1:13, 1Cor.3:16

            C. A kingdom created by His redemptive work on the cross. 1Pet.1:18-19, 1Cor.1:30, Rev.1:6,

II. The Kingdom yet to come. 24-25

            A. A physical kingdom. Mk.11:10, Is.2:2

            B. Christ will reveal Himself to set it up. Col.3:4, Lk.21:27, Acts 1:8

            C. Christ will physically sit on David’s throne in Jerusalem.  Is.9:7, Lk.1:32-33, Mt.25:31

III. They both will come unexpectedly. 26-30

            A. Although there are signs the world doesn’t expect the rapture. 2Pet.3:4

            B. The world will think everything is moving along as usual.

            C. A rescue will take place. 2Tim.4:18

                        1. Noah – ark

                        2. Lot – angels

                        3. Us – Rapture   Rev.3:10, 1Thess.4:16-18

Con – Where do you fit in? Like those who say nothing has changed or are you expecting a rescue?


Luke 3:1-6

Dec. 13th, 2020

Intro – Luke wanted to establish an important fact, the bible is reliable.  Jesus is a real, historical, flesh and blood person.  You can trust the Word of God.

I. The bible is trustworthy.  Luke 1:3

            A. It is historically accurate.  Josephus, archeology

            B. It has always proven to be true.  Dead sea scrolls

            C. It is inspired by God.  2Tim.3:15-16

II. The words found in Isaiah are trustworthy.

            A. No prophet wrote his own words.  2Peter 1:21

            B. Critics will always try and get you to doubt God’s word. Gen.3:1

            C. Fulfilled prophecy is proof of the bible being God’s word.

                        1. John coming to preach was a fulfillment of prophecy.  Malachi 3:1

                        2. Christ was also. Mt.1:21, Jn.1:14, Micah 5:2, Lk.2:11

III. Will you trust God’s word?

            A. Isaiah’s words were symbolic of spiritual change.  Is.40:2-5

            B. His words were fulfilled as John preached.

                        1. Making paths straight = aware of sin. Prov.3:6, Prov.15:21, Ps.51:3-4

                        2. Ravines filled = no excuse for sin.  Ps.51:5, Ps.41:4

                        3. Mountains brought low = ego broken, admit to sinning. Zeph.3:11, Is.57:7, Ps.51:17

                        4. Rough made smooth = attitude about yourself. Jer.31:9, Lk.1:17, Ps.51:2,

                                                                        Isaiah- “woe is me”, Paul- “chief of sinners”

Con. – The bible is the book that tells us how to get to heaven. Have you followed that path?



Jeremiah 31:31-34

Nov.29th, 2020

Intro – “after those days” (33) refers us back to Jer.30:23-24. After the tribulation period the Jews will turn to Christ Jer.31:1. The new covenant was set up with the birth of Christ Jer.31:22 but the Jews have not yet accepted it.  They will eventuallyRom.11:25-27.  Because they rejected Christ, God offered the new covenant to the Gentiles so that what will one day apply to the Jews already applies to us today.  Jeremiah explains the difference between the old and the new covenant.

I. The old covenant was broken. (32)

A. Written on stone. Ex.31:18

B.  The Israelites failed in keeping it.  Ex.32:8, 19, Ex.34:1

C. So do we. Rom.3:23, James 2:10,

II. A new covenant is made by God.  2Cor.3:6 (33)

A. We already have it. 1Cor.11:25

B.  It is written in our hearts.  2Cor.3:3

C.  “After those days” the Jews wake up and accept Christ as Messiah. Zech.12:9-10, Ezk.39:28

III.  In the new covenant all will know the Lord. Zech.14:16

A. Because He will be reigning on earth. Dan.7:18, 27

B.  His rules will be followed.  Ezk.36:26-27

C.  Israel will be forgiven. Ezk.11:17-20

D. Just as we have forgiveness of sins.  Mt.26:28, 1Jn.1:7

Con. – Have you entered into the new covenant with Jesus?

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