1 Peter 1:1-11


June 10th 2018







Intro – The promises of God are a great encouragement and reminder to those who are believers.


The promises are given so our faith would be preserved and fortified.




I. They remind us we have all come the same way to salvation. (1-3)


A. The promise. Lk 13:3, 1John 1:9


B. Through faith and grace. Eph.2:8, James 4:10, 1Cor.10:13


C. Called by Him for His glory. 1Peter 2:9


1. We have been called to be His. Jn.1:12


2. So we will glorify Him.  Col.3:23, Mt.5:16






II. They remind us of our Divine nature.  (4-7)


A. The promise.  Acts 2:38, 1Cor.3:16


B. Redeemed from the death penalty. Gal.3:13-14, Col.2:13-14


C. Redeemed to godly living. Rom.8:29, Rom.12:2, 1Pet.1:14-16




III. They remind us to be faithful and grow. (8-11)


A. The promise.   2Tim.4:8, Rev.3:11


B. Spiritual growth gives victory and assurance. 1Jn.5:4, Rom.7:24-25, Rom.8:37, 1Cor.15:57


C. Spiritual growth shows we have been changed. Gal.2:20, Rom.6:6, Gal.5:24-25




Con. Have you claimed the promises of God? Have they changed your life?





1Timothy 6:6-16


June 3rd 2018






Intro – This text is many times misquoted. It is not money that is evil but the love of money. God blesses many believers with money because He knows they will pass it along to His kingdom’s work here on earth. Believers who struggle financially are usually those who do not tithe and do not give to the Lord’s work. God’s promise in Malachi 3:10 is still valid today, give to the Lord and He will bless you.




I. Love of money shows a lack of commitment. (6-8) Matt.6:24


A. If you are not content you dishonor God.


1. Grumbling and complaining dishonor God. 1Cor.10:10


2. Selfishness is a cause of trouble. Phil.2:3-4, James 3:16


3. Greed dishonors God. Luke 12:15, Ecc. 5:10     


B. Contentment comes from having a right attitude. (7) Job 1:21




II. Love of money leads to ruin. (9-10)


A. Financial ruin. Gambling and cheating. Prov.15:27, Prov.28:20 


B. Spiritual ruin.  2Tim.4:10


1. Idols are when other things become more important than your walk with the Lord. Col.3:5


2. Love of money causes you to sin. Jn.12:6, Mt.26:14-15




III. Love of money distracts from your living for Jesus. (11-16)


A. Flee the desire to be rich.


B. Instead desire a closer walk with Jesus. 2Tim.4:7, Phil. 3:8


C. Be faithful until He returns. (14) 



Con. What drives you, desire for more of what the world offers or a desire for more of what Jesus offers?




Joel 2:28-32


May 20th, 2018


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Intro – There are 2 major events in Scripture when we are told God will pour out His Spirit. Acts 1:8 is the one we are most familiar with. It deals with NT believers. The other is our text today and it deals with the Jews.




I. The 2nd out-pouring, the OT prophecy. Joel 2:28, Is.44:3, Zech.12:10


A. People error when they apply this to the Gentiles.


1. Look at the time and events. Joel 2:20, Eze. 38:1-8, 15


2. Look at the people who are spoken of.  “Your”=Joel’s people, the Jews.


B. The Jewish people will preach to the world. Rev.7:4, 9-10




II. The 1st out-pouring or the NT Pentecost was different. Acts 1:8, Lk.24:49, Jn.14:26, Jn.16:13


A. He came to the Gentiles also. Jews had difficulty accepting that. Acts 2:15-16


B. All believers are empowered by the Holy Spirit. Acts 2:28-39


C. However, God would limit certain powers.


1. Apostles had special gifts.  Acts 19:11, 2Cor.12:12


2. Some gifts would cease. 1Cor.13:8-10


3. In Joel’s prophecy these will be restored.




III. Until then we should be living a Spirit filled life.


A. The Spirit will dwell within us until the Rapture. 2Thess.2:7


B. We should reflect that truth in our behavior. Gal.5:22-24



Con. – Take comfort in knowing the Holy Spirit dwells within you as a believer. And He gives you gifts that enable you to grow and to edify the other believers in their walk with Christ.




Matthew 28:16-20


May 27th 2018






Intro – Our text is known as the great commission. Where Jesus tells us that we are to go and make disciples.  This is most likely the meeting Paul refers to in 1Cor.15:6 where Jesus appears to more than 500 people. In our Lord’s command to “go” He uses the word “all” three times




I. All authority belongs to Christ, therefore go.


A. So we should go with confidence.  Heb.4:16


1. He is all powerful. Heb.13:5-6


2. His word is supernatural. Heb.4:12, Rom.1:16


B. Go knowing He enables us. Lk.12:11-12, Mt.10:20




II. All nations (people) should be reached therefore go. Acts 1:8, Acts 2:39


A. Every foreign country. Mark 16:15


B. Also here at home. John 1:41, Is.44:8-9


C. Your neighbors and fellow workers can see you. Acts 4:13, John 15:27




III. All truth must be proclaimed therefore go.


A. Jesus is mankind’s only hope of salvation. Acts 4:12


B. Only the Bible is God’s word to us. 2Tim.3:16-17


C. Your life is a testimony of God’s saving grace. 1Peter 3:14-15




Con – Go with a purpose. Our goal is to change the way people think so they will come into agreement with God and His word. And come to know Jesus Christ as their only hope of salvation.







Luke 12 4-12


May 13th 2018


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Intro – sickness, no friends, poverty, rejection, pain, death?  Jesus gives us some advice on fear in our text today.




I. If you are saved, you don’t need to fear those who may kill you. Ps.56:3-4


A. There is something more important than life here on earth.  Mt. 16:25-26 


B. The worst a man can do is take your life, not your soul.  Mt.10:28




II. If you are not saved you should fear the Lord Jesus Christ.


A. He alone has the power of life and death.  1Sam.2:6


B. He alone can cast you into hell. Jn.5:27-29


C. Hell is for those who:


1. Reject the work of the Holy Spirit. 1Tim.1:19


2. Refuse to repent.  Rev.9:20-21


3. Deny Jesus as Lord of their lives.  Mt.7:23




III. If you are saved you don’t need to fear any circumstance because God is in control. Ps.8:4


A. He is aware of everything, even the smallest bird.  Prov.15:3, Job 34:21


B. We are more valuable than a bird. Rom.8:32


C. You are His child, he will take care of you.  Lk.12:30-32


D. He forgives, protects, enables. Ps.103:12, Ps.139:5-6, Phil.4:13




Con. – Come to the One who said “fear not” and you can have peace and hope for eternity. Or will you choose to face Him as your judge? Jesus wants to be your Savior, Protector and Refuge. When you come to Him for salvation you will no longer need to fear Him.




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