1John 1:8-2:2


August 12th, 2018




Intro – To be forgiven there are certain things that must happen. I call them the 3 “R”.




I. Recognize sin in your life.


A. I am a sinner, I’m guilty. 


1. Be specific. Gal.5:19-21, 1Cor.6:9-10


2. To deny sin is to call God a liar. Ps.14:1-3, Rom.3:10, 23,  Rom.5:12


B. What do you say about sin in your life? Rom.7:24




II. Repent of the sin in your life.


A. Without repentance there can be no forgiveness. Lk.13:3


B. Repentance is a change in behavior, attitude and direction. 1Jn.2:1


1. It’s more than just admitting you have sinned.


2. It’s a desire to stop doing what’s wrong and start doing what’s right. Eph.4:22-32


C. Confession and repentance must go together.




III. Remember Who can forgive that sin.


A. Without faith/trust there can be no forgiveness. Heb.11:6, Rom.10:9


B. Believe in Jesus, He is our Defender. (Advocate)


1. If we confess He will forgive.  Believe it!


2. His blood makes us clean. Believe it! 1Jn.1:7


3. His death paid the penalty for our sin. Believe it! 1Jn.4:10




Con. He has more grace and forgiveness then we have sin. Rom.5:20







Hebrews 3:12-4:2


August 5th, 2018




Intro – Sin is a very deceptive thing. The devil makes those who do so (sin) think that it is ok. While in reality it is a death sentence on everyone. Because one doesn’t immediately die physically when they sin the devil convinces people it is not such a big deal.  Sometimes sin’s results are delayed and that is why it is so deceptive.





I. First comes the deception of the mind.


A. This can come to both believers and unbelievers. Gal.6:7


B.  Satan’s big lie is that you don’t need to listen to God. 2Tim.3:13


1. Adam and Eve. Gen.3:1,4,  2Cor.11:3


2. Israelites wandering 40 years. 17-19, Numbers 14:22-23,  Jn.6:44


3. People today. Sin isn’t so bad. Is there really a hell?  Rom.5:12, Rev.20:10, 15




II. Second comes the hardening of the heart.  2Cor.4:4



A. It’s a gradual process. 


B. Can happen to both believers and unbelievers.


1. Every time you say no to the HS and refuse to repent, your heart is hardened. 2Chron.36:15-16, Prov.29:1


2. Believers who refuse to repent are hardening their hearts also.  2Peter 2:20-22




III. Third is the coming up short or falling away.



A. This is directed to the brethren. Heb.4:11, 2Thess.2:3, Rev.2:5


B. “if” is an important word in Scripture. Jn.15:2, 6, Rom.11:22, Lk.8:13, Heb.3:6,14


C. He is also warning unbelievers to respond while they can. Heb.4:2, Lk.13:3, Is.55:6



Con. There are only 2 kinds of people in the world spiritually, those who by faith believe on the Lord and repent and those who don’t. Which kind are you?




Jer. 15:19-21


July 22nd, 2018


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Intro – The prophet Jeremiah was human like all of us. He had hit a low spot in his life and did not deal with it the way he should have. Vs 18


I. Restoration starts with repentance.



A. Means we change.


1. New attitude.   2Cor.5:17, Phil.2:5


2. New actions.  Phil. 4:8, Eph.4:24


3. New attire. Gal.3:27, 2Cor.5:21, Is.61:3, 10


B. None of us are prefect, Jeremiah doubted. vs 18, Jer.1:18-19


C. We need to be open to correction and listen to God. Eccl. 5:1-2, 6


* Luther – show me in scripture where I’m wrong otherwise, “Here I stand”.




II. Restoration leads to discernment. Heb.5:14


A. Because God’s Holy Spirit dwells in you. Jn.16:13


1. You will know right from wrong, good from evil. Jer.4:22,  Is.5:20, Jn.1:9


2. You will separate the two. Eze. 22:26, Eze 44:23, 2Cor.6:14


B. Don’t be fooled by false Christians. Mt.7:22-23, Luke 21:12




III. Restoration means you stand firm in Christ.  Eph.6:13-14


A. We stand on the truth. Jn.14:6, Jn.17:17


B. We defend the truth. Jude 1:3


Con. Repentance equals strength not weakness. Once restored you become stronger.






July 29th 2018







Into- Welfare as we know it today started at the time of the “Great Depression” with the “New Deal”. Government welfare exist today because the church failed in carrying out the Lord’s command to care for others. This happened not just because Christians failed but that many failed to be Christians. People sought governments help rather than God’s.  The principals given in Scripture for welfare applied to the church but the government would be wise to follow them.




I. The basis for welfare.


A. People need help. James 1:27, 1Jn.3:17, 1Tim.5:16, Gal.6:10


B. Not everyone can help themselves. Mt.25:35-36


C. Those who can work, should work to help others. Eph.4:28, (10-13)




II. It is God’s will that man works. Ecc.2:24-25


A. Because of the fall we must work. Gen.3:19


B. It is good for man to work. 1Thess.4:11, Col.3:23, 1Cor.10:31


C. To not be willing to work is sin. Prov.18:9, Prov.21:25, (14-15)




III. The danger of a welfare mentality spiritually.


A. Those unwilling to work on spiritual life will backslide. Phil.2:12


B. Spiritual growth takes effort. 1Cor.9:27, Eph.2:10




Con. Many Christians complain about people on welfare but have the same kind of work ethic when it comes to their own spiritual lives.





Luke 14:12-15


July 15th, 2018


Technical difficulties. Now sermon recording available.



Into – The principal of giving without expecting a return is what our text is about today. There are several things we can learn from the Lord in our in this text.




I. We give to those who can’t give back.


A. When you give you don’t expect to be paid back.  Matt.6:1-4, Acts 20:35


B. We do this because of Christ.         2Cor.9:7 


C. We saw this kind of giving in Hungary.  Col.3:23




II. We give to those who are struggling.   


A. This is not always physical.   2Tim.4:3-5


B. There are many spiritual struggles others go through. Eph 6:12, Heb.6:10




III. We give to those who need Jesus.


A. The believer knows it’s all about eternity. Mt.25:23, Mt.6:20-21, 1Tim.6:17-19


B. A hug or smile shows the love of Christ those you cannot speak to. Acts 4:13, 2Cor.5:14


C. Some can respond and do respond to that love. 




Con. This is what mission trips are all about. Not evangelism as we know it but being a servant. Jesus will not forget the sacrificial love you showed by sending us to Hungary.




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