His lovingkindness


Isaiah 63:7-14


listen to message





Intro – The end of the year is a good time to think about the past year and all the lovingkindnesses that God has shown you. It’s good to remember what the Lord has done.




I.  He saved us. Matt.1:21


A. According to His compassion. 1Pet.5:7, Is.30:18


B. He redeemed us, brought us back because He loves us. 1Jn.4:10, 2Thess.2:16-17




II. He knows us.


A. Because he is like us. Phil.2:7, Heb.4:15


B. He has emotions like us. Mt.9:36, Lk.19:41-42, Lonely-Mt.26:40-41, Betrayed-Jn.6:71


1. Afflicted. Luke 24:26, Is.53:4-7


2. Grieved. Mt.26:37-38, Eph.4:30


3. Because of this He understands us.  Ps.139:2-4, Ps.103:14




III. He leads us.


A. Even if He has to fight us. Num.22:31, Heb.12:5-7


B. By empowering us with his Holy Spirit. 11, 14, Jn.16:13


C. Remember he has bought you this far. 1Sam.7:12, Ps.111:4, Is.54:10




Con. Will you make mention of the Lord’s lovingkindness?





John 1:19-28


Dec.23rd 2018




Intro – How would you answer that question? As we look at John’s response let us think about our own.






I. John doesn’t claim to be more than he is.


A. Not the Messiah, Elijah or Prophet. Just humble servant. (27) Jn.3:30


B. Not physically Elijah but he did come in same spirit. Matt.17:10-13


C. Do you see yourself as a humble servant of Christ?


1. Sinner saved by grace.  1Tim.1:15, 1Cor.15:9, Eph.3:8


2. Slave to Christ’s will. 1Cor.9:19




II. He is a fulfillment of prophecy.


A. The voice. Is.40:3


B. One who would proclaim a coming Savior. Saved from, Rev.6:16, Rom.5:9, Mt.13:41-42


C. In a sense we are a fulfillment of prophecy. Is.9:2, Lk.1:79, Is.53:11






III. This is what he would do.


A. Prepare people to receive Christ. Amos 4:12


1. Prepare through repentance. “make straight” remove the obstacles.  Eph.4:25-31, Lk 13:3


2. Prepare to receive. Ps.34:18, Ps.51:17


B. Have you been crushed by the guilt of sin? Then rejoice a Savior has been born. Mt.1:21




Con. Who are you? A sinner who has come to Jesus for forgiveness and salvation?





Luke 21:25-36


Dec.9th, 2018




Intro – In the bible God almost always gave people signs to look for when some major event was to take place.


Many times as an act of His grace to give people a chance to repent.




I. Some Old Testament examples.


A. Noah – ark was in the works for 75-100 years before the flood came. Gen.5:32, Gen.7:6


B. Sodom & Gomorrah – Angels sent to warn people. Gen.19:1


C. Christ coming into this world.


1. Descendent of Judah and Jessie. Gen.49:10, Is.11:1


2. In the lineage of King David. Ps.132:11, 2Sam.7:12-13


3. Born in Bethlehem. Micah 5:2


4. Born of a virgin. Is.7:14


5. God in human form. Is.9:6, Mt.1:23


D. Christ’s death on the cross and resurrection. Is.53:5, Is.53:12,  Ps.16:10, Mt.12:40




II. The problem is people didn’t listen to His word.


A. So they drowned in the flood, burned in Sodom, and missed the birth of the Messiah.


B. They ended up rejecting the Savior. Matt.21:42


1. Those who read the Scriptures were ready. Luke 2:25, 34, 38


2. Others ignored the signs and were lost. Mt.23:37-38




III. Jesus has again given us signs of a great event that will happen.


A. His return for the believers. 1Thess.4:13-18


B. He has given many signs. Matt.24


C. Like Simeon and Anna some see the signs and wait for Christ. (28, 34-36)


D. Others ignore or just don’t believe and like the flood or Sodom they will perish. Matt.11:23-24



Con. – What about you? Are you listening to God’s word? So many missed His birth because they neglected to see the signs. Don’t be among those who miss the signs of His second coming. He is coming for those who are looking for Him. Heb.9:28




1Cor. 4:1-5




Dec. 16th, 2018




Intro- The context of our text today is unity among believers, see 1Cor.3:4-5, 9, 22-23. So Paul is speaking about how we should see each other but also how we should behave as servants of God.




I. We should regard each other as “servants of Christ”.   Matt.25:40


A. To be His servant you first must be His child. Mt.7:21-23


B. Only those who receive Him are His children. Jn.1:12


C. Our work is to share the (mysteries) or message of God.  Rom.16:25-26, Luke 2:10




II. As servants we should be trustworthy. 2Tim.2:15


A. Our trustworthiness does not depend on human approval.  Lk.6:22, Matt.25:23


B. To be a trustworthy servant means to be true to God’s word. Lk 19:10, 1Tim.1:15




III. As servants we should have pure motives.


A. Your motives should be the same as God’s.  Jn. 3:17, Matt.28:19


1. He sent His Son into this world to save sinners. Jn.3:16


2. Everything we do should have that same motivation. Ps.51:13


B. Check your actions and motives against that truth. Lk.1:76-77



Con. And leave the unknown in God’s hands. Christmas is a special time to demonstrate peace and goodwill towards others. Luke 2:14




Romans 13:11-14


December 2nd 2018






Intro – To wake up means you become aware of your surroundings again. You see things as they really are.




I. Do you know the time?


A. The scriptures give us many. Anti-Jewish, anti-Christian sentiment. Matt.24:9


B. Unbelievers don’t know the time and thus do not repent. 2Pet.3:3-4


C. Like the dawn, things become visible before the sun actually has risen.  Mt.16:2-3




II. As believers you know the Lord’s return is near.


A. So separate yourself from deeds of darkness. Lk.21:34-36,


B. So be a light and live like a Christian. Eph.5:11, 1Pet.4:3-4




III. Don’t give the devil a chance. Eph.6:13


A. Let Jesus completely control your life. Gal.2:20


B. Make no provision for sin. 1Cor.10:12-13



Con. – Being awake means knowing who the enemy is (Satan) and taking steps to resist him.

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