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1Cor. 1:4-9


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Intro – Those who wait for Jesus Christ to come again are noticed by their relationship to Christ.




I. They have been enriched.  2 Cor.9:8-11


A. To live a sanctified life themselves.  1Thess 4:7,  1 Peter 1:15


B. To help develop the spiritual lives of others.


1. By edifying.  Rom.14:19,  1Cor.14:12


2. By exhorting.  Rom.15:14, Acts 2:40, 11:23, 13:15-16, 1Thess. 2:4




II. They are confirmed (made sure). Heb.2:3


A. By the Holy Spirit.  Rom.8:16


B. Through their behavior.  Matt.5:16, Acts 4:13


C. To be blameless. Phil.2:14-15, Col.1:22




III. They are called.  1Pet.2:9


A. To be an example.  Eph.4:1


B. To serve His purpose. Rom.8:28,  Gal.2:20


C. To fellowship. 1Jn.1:3,7




Con. We live like believers because we are believers.  We believe that Jesus is coming again. Phil.3:20


When Jesus comes will He find you busy doing His work?  Are you “awaiting eagerly” His return?





Luke 14:1-11






Intro – Humility doesn’t come to us naturally. It’s something you need to work at or allow God to work it in you.


Christ doe command us to humble ourselves. (11)




I. The Lawyers and Pharisees in or text were stubborn, egotistical men.  Lk.11:39, 52


A. Pride can be hard to recognize in ourselves. God’s word helps us do that. It is revealed by:


1.  Those who say there is no God. Ps.10:4                


2.  Those who cause strife. Prov.28:25                                   


3.  Those who dress seductively.  Is.3:16                   


4.  Those who get drunk. Is.28:1                                


5.  Those who rebel against authority. Zeph.3:11, 1Pet.5:5


6. Those who lie. Ps.119:69, Ps. 31:18


7. Those who deny creation. Rom.1:30


8. Those who think they’re better. Lk.18:9,11


9. Those who think they’re smarter. Mt.12:1-3


10. Cannot accept correction. Mt.12:14


B. Jesus was angry with these proud men.  Mk.3:5




II.  Jesus humbles the Pharisees and Lawyers.


A. The spiritual leaders could not answer the questions. (4,6)


B. To not help someone in need would be a sin. 1Jn.3:17, 1Thess.5:12-14


C. Legalist in their attempt to show they love God more than others do, neglect to love the brethren. Mt.7:3




III. Strive to be humble. (14)


A. Take specific action physically.   (10)  Last place not first! 


B. Take action in your heart.  Rom.15:1-2. Rom.2:10, Gal.5:26, Phil.2:3-4



Con. – You can lift yourself up or you can humble yourself.  What you do will determine what God does with you!




Luke 10:25-37






Intro – Self- righteous people like to compare their good works with the works of others. Jesus made this lawyer realize he was not perfect. Under conviction he asked “who is my neighbor”.




I. The lawyer was convicted. (29).


A. He answered the question correctly but did not understand its deeper meaning. Rom.10:2


B. His conscience was not at ease.  Is. 26:3, Titus 1:15


1. He needed to justify his actions.  Rom.2:15


2. He knew what to say but his heart was not right.  Mt.15:8, 1Sam.16:7


3. Only one way to have a clear conscience. Heb.9:14




II. “Who is my neighbor”.  


A. He thought he could just keep a law.   Gal.3:21, Rom.3:20, 


B. Loving one’s neighbor is more than just being good to them.  Matt.19:21-22


1. Have compassion for them.  Mt.9:36, Lk. 7:13


2. “as yourself” how do you look out for yourself?  Gal.2:16, Phil.2:3-4, 1Jn. 3:16-18




III. Jesus shows being religious, obeying the law is not enough.


A. The priest and Levite were symbols of the self-righteous. 1Cor.13:2-3


B. The Samaritan showed what it was to truly serve Christ.  1Jn.4:19, Rom.12:1-2


C. His attitude was one of love and concern.  Phil 2:5


D. “go and do the same” = make sure your heart is right. 1Pet.1:13



Con. Is your heart and attitude right towards those who are in need.  Do you love them as Jesus loves you or like the religious men in our text you look out for yourself first when it comes to personal inter-action with others




Galatians 5:16-26


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Intro -  If we look back a chapter we see a verse that sets up our text for today, Gal.4:6.  As born again Christians we are God’s children.  We have the Holy Spirit living in us but we must continue to crucify the flesh if we are to live lives that honor Christ.




I. The two natures operating in a Christian’s life. Rom.7:21


A. Old nature.  Eph.4:22


B. New nature. 2Cor.5:17, Gal.4:6, Rom.8:16


C. Repentance = the first crucifixion of the old nature. Col.3:9, Rom.6:6, Gal.2:20




II. Our motivation (18)   Rom.6:14, Jn.14:15


A. The law is informative but not life changing, it doesn’t motive us. 1Tim.1:9, Gal.3:3


1. It shows us our sin. Rom.3:20


2. It shows us God’s will. Gal.3:24


B. The Holy Spirit is the one who motivates us. Phil.3:3, Phil.2:13, Jn.16:13


1. Changes us at the time of conversion.  2Cor.5:17


2. He reminds us, through the word, of our life in Christ.Rom.6:11, Eph.4:24, Col.3:1




III.  The conflict of the two natures.


A. The flesh and it’s deeds are all me!  Rom.7:18, Rom.5:12


B. The Spirit and it’s fruit are Christ in me. Gal.2:20, Rom.8:1-4


C. We have but must continue to crucify the old flesh. (24) Rom.8:13, Matt.26:41, Phil.3:12-14



Con. – when we are willing to crucify the flesh, (just say no to sin) the Holy Spirit will empower us to live for Jesus.  1Tim.6:12




Mark 7:31-37






Intro – have you ever made a phone call to discuss something with a bank or business and get their automated response? Press one, press two, etc.  All you wanted was to talk with a real human being. I miss those days when you could talk person to person about something. Today’s text reminds us in a special way that Jesus cares about us in a personal way.




I. Jesus is a personal Savior. (31-33)  Is. 35:3-6


            A. We all have special needs. Jn.4:17


B. Jesus knows our special needs.  1Pet.5:7


1. He could not hear the gospel message.


2. He could not share in the group discussions


3. So Jesus takes him away by himself.  (33)




II. Jesus proves His deity on a personal level. (34-35)


A. He uses visible signs to teach the deaf man.  Jn.14:10-11


                        1. The heavenward look and sigh.
                        2. The physical touch on the ears and tongue.
            B. He speaks and it is done. “Be opened”.
            C. He understands our physical as well as our spiritual needs.  Heb.4:14-16, 1Cor.10:13




III. Spiritually speaking, salvation is a personal touch from Jesus.


A. He knows what is wrong in your life. Rom.3:23


B. He knows what you need. Jn. 10:14, 1Jn.1:7, Jn.5:42,  1Jn.1:9


C. Today, He calls on you to share what He has done for you.  Acts 1:8, 2 Cor. 4:13-14



Con. – Have you experienced that personal touch where the Spirit of God convicted you of sin and you responded to His call to repent?  Have you experienced the joy and peace of knowing those sins were forgiven?

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