Luke 11:14-28


March 24th, 2019


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Intro – Jesus refers to our bodies as a dwelling place several times in scripture. Todays text speaks about that house being divided.




I. Scripture references to our bodies being a dwelling place’


A. Temple – Jn.2:19-21, ICor.3:16


B. Tent – 2Cor. 5:1, 2Cor.5:6-8


C. House – Lk.11:24, Heb.3:6, 1Pet.2:5


D. Who’s dwelling in your house?


1. We are created spiritual beings. 1Thess.5:23


2. Some spirit dwells within us. Rom.7:18, 20, Rom.8:11




II. A divided house will not stand. 17-23


A. You are either for or against Christ. Matt. 6:24, Joshua 25:15


B. You either gather or scatter. Mt.12:30, Mt.23:37, Jn.10:12


C. You either discourage or encourage. Heb. 10:24-25


D. You cannot be on both sides. 2Cor.6:17-18 




III. A spirit filled house is blessed. 24-28


A. A halfway conversion is worse than none at all. 2Pet.2:20, Lk.8:13


B. No one is more blessed that a Spirit filled Christian. (28) Acts 2:38, Mt.5:6, Mt.7:24



Con. Confess sin, repent  and follow Jesus that’s how you have a house that is not divided.




Matthew 4:1-11


March, 17th 2019




Intro – Jesus set the example for us on how to fight temptation. We will all face times of testing and temptation the question is how do we deal with it. Paul was concerned about this with the early Christians. 1Thess.3:5. Being aware of the Tempter is the first step to victory.




I. Rely on God’s word. (1-4)  Rom.1:16


A. Understand what the bible says about temptation. James 1:13


B. The bible must be our authority in defeating temptation. Eph.6:17


C. “It is written”.


1. Know the Scriptures. 2Tim.2:15


2. Speak the Scriptures, memorize and repeat. Ps. 119:11




II. Do not doubt God. (5-7)


A. To resist you must submit. James 4:7


B. Resist by quoting scripture.


1. Trust it. 1Pet.5:9, Ex.17:7


2. Don’t twist it by using part of bible. 2Pet.3:16    


C. Resistance comes in many forms.


1. Control what you see. Ps.101:3, James 1:14-15


2. Plan your activity. Eph.4:27


3. Flee what is wrong or you will reap what you sow.  2Tim.2:22, 1Thess.5:22




III. Worship the Lord Jesus Christ.


A. He understands our temptations. Heb.4:15


B. He alone deserves our worship not Satan. Matt.16:26


1. Forgiveness  1Jn.1:9


2. Eternal life  Jn.3:16


3. Hope and Peace. Titus 1:2


Con. – Satan will do his best to try and get you to be under the bondage of sin again. Be prepared and stand firm in your faith.  1Tim.6:12





Daniel 5:22-31


Feb.17th, 2019




Intro – You have probably heard the phrase “the handwritings on the wall” which today means it’s a done deal something bad is going to happen.  This is where the phrase comes from. It happened to king Belshazzar.




I. His crime.


A. He ignored the truth. He had the example of his father Nebuchadnezzar. Dan.4:30-33


B. He would not humble himself. 2Thess.2:10-12, Jn.14:6


C. He disrespected God. Misused the sanctified vessels of the Lord. Lev.16:2, 2Sam.6:6-7, Mt.21:12, Rev.22:18-19


D. Worshiped idols and refused to glorify God.  Rom.1:20-21




II. His sentence.


A. His kingdom would be taken away. Mt.6:33, Deut.28:15


B. He would be judged deficient. Rom.3:23, Lk.12:5, Matt.25:41


C. He would die. Rom.6:23




III. Our hope.


A. With Christ we will not be found deficient. Col.2:9-10, Rom.8:9-11


B. With Christ we will not be condemned. Rom.5:18, Rom. 8:1


C. With Christ we will live forever.1Jn.5:12-13, Jn.11:25



Con. For those who refuse to repent of sin, the handwritings on the wall. Someday it will be your last day. For Belshazzer it was Oct.12th, 539 BC.  Heb.9:27




Luke 8:4-15


Feb. 24th 2019




Intro – Jesus uses a parable to show 4 different ways people receive the word of God. How you respond to the word of God will determine where you spend eternity.




I. Those with a hardened heart.  John 12:37-40


A. They hear but take no action.  Matt.7:26


B. They reject God’s truth by believing Satan’s lies. Gal.3:1, 1Cor.1:23


C. They are not saved. Heb.3:12-13




II. Those with a shallow heart.  2Cor.7:10


A. They believe for a while but lack a repentive heart. Ps.51:2-3,10


B. Not grounded in the word. Ps.119:11, Eph.3:17


C. When tested they fall away. Jude 1:3, Col.1:23




III. Those with a cluttered heart.


A. They believe but lack commitment. Matt.6:33, Heb.12:14, 2Tim.2:22, Ps.34:14


B. Their faith gets crowded out. Matt.6:21


1. By cares or worries. 1Pet.5:7


2. By  riches. Matt.6:24


3. By pleasures. 2Tim.3:4




IV, Those with a good heart.


A. They hear and take action. 1Jn.1:9, Rom.10:13


B. They bear fruit. Matt.5:16




Con. Which heart resembles your heart?





Matthew 13:24-30


Feb. 10th, 2019




Intro – Our text today deals with the kingdom of heaven. The true church makes up the true kingdom of heaven.  When we look at the physical church that is suppose too represent the true church we realize there are unbelievers mixed in with the believers. A situation Jesus referred to with a parable on the wheat and the tares.




I. The true church is made up of only believers. (24) Jn.1:12


A. People who have believed and trusted Jesus for their salvation. Mt.13:37-38


B. They are receptive to the word of God. Mt.13:23


C. They choose to gather for worship and bible study. Heb.10:24-25




II. Unbelievers infiltrate the physical church. (25)


A. They hear but do not accept the truth. Luke 8:12, 2Thess.2:10-12


B. However, only God can see the heart. 1Sam.16:7, Duet.29:29,


C. We get insight when we see fruit or the lack of it. Matt.7:16, 1Tim.6:3-4, Luke 8:14




III. God will make the final separation. (30) Luke 12:5, Rev.20:12-13


A. We may error not being able to see the heart. Immature wheat looks just like a tare!


B. Weak believers may be hurt and think we are too harsh but we must warn. 30, 40, 42


C. Christ will not be fooled. Matt.7:22-23, Matt.3:12




Con. Are you wheat or tare? Don’t wait to be exposed as a fraud. Repent and believe because someday the truth will be revealed.


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