2Peter 1:12-18

February 14th, 2021

Intro – If you knew you had only a short time to live what would you want to say to those you love and care about?  This was Peter’s situation.  He knew he was to die very soon. He wanted to motivate people to live for Christ.

I. I will remind you of who you are. (12-14)

            A. You have divine power. 2Pet.1:3, Acts 1:8, Rom.1:16

            B. You have a divine nature. 2Pet.1:4, Rom.8:9-10, Gal.2:20, 2Cor.6:16

                        “new self” Col.3:10, “inner man” Rom 7:22, “new man” Eph.2:15

II. I will remind you to live like a Christian. (15)  Phil.3:1     

            A. Live morally with knowledge and self-control in an immoral world. 2Pet.1:5, Eph.4:22-24, 2Pet.2:1 

            B. Show perseverance, godliness and love to others. 2Pet.1:7, Heb.10:24

III. I will remind you of my personal experience. (16-18)   Mt.17:9

            A. I am a witness to His resurrection and return.  1Cor.15:5, Jn.14:3, Acts 1:11

            B. I am a witness that Jesus is God. Mark 14:61-62

                        1. Jesus and God are one.  Jn.10:30

                        2. We should listen to His word. Mt.17:5, 1Thess.2:13

Con.- Will you have something to share with your children and friends when it is your time to go?  Will you have a testimony of what Jesus has done in your life?


Colossians 3:12-17

Feb. 7th 2021

Intro – Our text is written to Christians.  It is telling us to not just say we are Christians but we should behave like Christians. 

I. Chosen of God. (12)   Jn.15:16, Rev.3:20, Mt.11:28

            A. God has called you. 1Cor.1:27-29

B. Jesus has saved you.  Acts 9:15-17

C. The Holy Spirit indwells you.1Pet.2:9

II. Put these on. (12-14) Eph.4:24

A. Compassion and kindness, have mercy be gentle. Titus 3:1-2

B. Gentleness =be meek, submissive, quietness of nature. Phil.2:3

C. Patience and bearing others = longsuffering, endure or tolerate when others wrong you. Eph.4:2

D. Forgiving. As Jesus did you! On the cross – Lk.23:34, Rom.5:8,10, Matt.6:14-15

            Bible verses on forgiveness are inclusive not exclusive. Lk.17:4-5, Mt.18:21-22, Mk.11:25

E. Love – Rom.12:14

F. Unity – Eph.4:3, it takes some effort!

III. Let these rule in your heart. (15-17)

A. His peace.  Rom.5:1

B. His word.  Col.2:6-9

Con.- Let your actions be done in the name of the Lord with thanksgiving


Romans 12:1-5

Jan. 10th, 2021

Intro – Many people have looked at the situation in America today and asked what are we going to do. Our text today tells what we should do, we recommit ourselves to Jesus. 

I. Be transformed.

A. Present yourself to God. Is.6:8, Rom.6:13

B. Allow God to change you. 2Cor.5:17, 1Cor.6:19-20

C. Be renewed in your mind. Eph.4:22-24

1. This happens by studying God’s word. Ps.119:11, 2Tim.2:15

2. Then act on the word you hear.  Mt.7:24 

II. Prove what is God’s will. Phil.1:10

A. Live out the changed life.  Eph.5:10, 17, Eph.4:15, Col.1:9

B. Live like Jesus is coming today! Rom.13:11, 2Cor.5:9, 1Pet.3:10-11

III. Humble yourself.

A. Have sound judgement.

1. God is the One who gives faith. James 1:17, 1Cor.4:7

2. It is a gift.   Eph.2:8-9

3. What you do with that faith will determine where you spend eternity. Acts 16:31, Rom.10:13

B. We need each other in our fight against the world.

1. Be strong.  James 1:12, 1Cor.16:13, Eph.6:10

2. Encourage one another. Heb.10:25

Con – The worse the world gets the closer we need to draw to Christ. James 4:8



January 17th, 2021

Intro – God told the Israelites He was going to send a Prophet, Priest and King. Deut.18:18, Ps.110:4, Zech.9:9.

Jesus Christ fulfilled all of those offices. Today’s text is where we find the promise that He would come as a prophet.

I. Jesus is the prophet God said He would send.

A. Jesus Himself tells us this. Jn.5:45-47, Lk.4:18-21

B. The Jews wondered aloud if this was true. Jn.6:14, Mt.21:11

C. The Apostles clearly taught it.  Acts 3:22-23, Acts 7:51-52

II. Those who will not listen to Him will be held accountable. Jn.3:36

A. Many will not listen. Ps.10:13, Mt.7:13, Acts 28:24-27

B. Their end is not what anyone would wish for. Matt.13:41-42, Rev.20:10, Rev.21:8

III. Those who listen to Him and believe will find eternal life. Mt.17:5, Mt.7:24

A. Don’t fall for the false prophets. Deut.13:1-3

B. Their teachings don’t agree with Scripture. 1Jn.4:1

C. To believe Jesus is to trust His word. 2Tim.3:16

1. He said repent. Lk.13:3

2. Confess. 1Jn.1:9

3. Believe.  Jn.11:25-26, Acts 16:31, Jn.3:16

4. Call upon Him. Rom.10:13, Matt.11:28, Jn.1:12

Con. Will you listen to what Jesus, the Prophet of God, has to say?



Jan.3rd 2021

Intro-  What is the purpose of the law and gospel? Simply put the law tells us what we should do and the gospel tells us what God has done.

I.  What does the law do?

            A. Makes us aware of sin.      Rom.7:7

            B. Closes every mouth.          Ps.14:1-3, Rom.3:10, Is.53:6

            C. Holds us accountable.        James 2:10

            D. However, it can never justify or make us righteous.  Gal.2:16

            E. A Christian keeps the law not for salvation but of appreciation. Jn.14:15

II. What does the Gospel do?

            A. Makes us aware of righteousness.  Rom.1:16-17

            B. Everyone who believes Jesus is made righteous. Rom.4:3

                        1. Righteousness is a gift.        2Cor.5:21

                        2. Comes through grace.         Eph.2:8-9

            C. It results in our redemption.           Lk.1:68, 1Cor.1:30, Eph.1:7

III. Both must be preached to understand salvation.

            A. The law convicts.              Rom.7:14, 24

            B. The gospel comforts.         Rom.8:1, Is.43:25, Heb.10:17

Con. Have you been comforted by the gospel?

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