1John 1:1-7

Dec.18th, 2022


Intro - These letters by John were written at a time when false teachers like Cerinthus were telling people that Jesus was not God. John reminds his readers that unlike Cerinthus, he was a witness to who Christ is.

I. He is God which means He is Life itself. Jn.1:4, 14, Jn.14:6, Rev.1:8

            A. John had witnessed who Christ was. Mt.14:36, Col.2:9

            B. His power over nature, His creation. Jn.1:3, Col.1:16-17

            C. John wanted them to experience the same joy they had when they saw the resurrected Savior.Jn.20:20

II. He is Light.

            A. We have been rescued from darkness. 1Pet.2:9, Lk.11:34-35, Jn.8:12

            B. We have been enlightened by the Holy Spirit. Jn.14:26, Jn.16:13

            C. Through the word of God. Ps.119:105, Prov.4:18

III. He is our Redeemer.

            A. It is why He came. 1Jn.5:20, Rev.1:5

            B. His blood pays for all sin.  (7)

            C. To have Christ is to have this Life. 1Jn.5:12

Con. Christmas was God sending Life into a dying world. All who receive Christ will have eternal life.

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