Matthew 11:11-15

Dec.11th, 2022

Intro - "Ears to hear" this phrase was used many times by Jesus. He wanted them to hear what He was saying spiritually. To not just hear but to hear with understanding. 1Cor.2:14

I. To what Jesus says.

            A. John was Elijah,  Mt.17:10-13

            B. This was accomplished spiritually.  Lk.1:17

            C. When the devil tries to get you to doubt, pay attention to what Jesus says. Jn.6:68

II. To what God says through the Holy Spirit.

            A. The Spirit spoke through the OT prophets. Is.59:20, Mal.4:5

            B. Today He has spoken through Jesus. Matt.17:5, Heb.1:1-2, Jn.5:24

                        1. People treated Jesus like the prophets. Jn.8:43

                        2. They killed the prophets, and they would kill Jesus. Mt.23:35

III. To the message of Christmas, Jesus was their Messiah. Lk.2:11

            A. Joy. Matt.1:23, Phil.2:5-7

            B. Salvation. Is.53:10

            C. Peace Is.9:7, Eph.2:14,17-18, Rom.5:1

Con. Someday Jesus will rule the earth in peace. You can have peace in your heart and mind right now by trusting Jesus for your salvation






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