Luke 12:35-40

December 4th 2022

Intro - Jesus told us many times in Scripture to be ready or get ready or make ready. Put in different ways but the message was clear. He wants you to be ready for his return.

I. Be dressed and ready.

            A. Be dressed in the right clothing. Is.61:10, Eph.6:13ff, Rev.16:15

            B. So you can be working when He returns. 1Pet.1:13-16, Lk.2:4, Jn.9:4

            C. Lamps on.  Matt.5:16

II. Be ready at all times.

            A. Now is not the time to slack off.  1Jn.2:28

            B. Be alert and expecting.  Mt.24:42, Lk.21:28     

III. Be ready now.  Matt.26:41

            A. Assume today is the day and live accordingly.  Rom.13:12 

            B. What would you do?  

                        1. Sing hymns

                        2. Call loved ones who are unsaved

                        3. Confess sin.

                        4. Hide

                        5. Mock


Con.  If you are a believer serve the Lord. If you are not get saved. Be ready


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