Proverbs 31:30

May 8th, 2022


Intro – Every Mother’s day and Father’s day I am reminded of how blessed I was to have godly Christian parents who trained me up to follow the Lord and to know the way of salvation. Today being Mother’s day I want to look at some examples of godly mothers in the Bible.


I. Hannah, the mother of Samuel. 1Sam.1:20

            A. A believer and a woman of prayer. 1Sam.1:13-15

            B. She gave her child to the Lord. 1Sam.1:27-28

                        1. As a believer she followed the Lord’s commands. Gen.17:12, 7

                        2. She kept her vows to the Lord. 1Sam.1:11

                        3. She had 3 years to train him. 1Sam.1:24

            C. Samuel worshiped the Lord. 1Sam.1:28

                        1. The Lord desires that we bring our children to Him. Mark 10:13-14

                        2. In the OT they were brought by circumcision, in the NT by baptism.Col.2:11-12, Acts 2:38-39

                        3. They understand more than you realize. Mt.11:25, Mt.21:16

            D. She continued to care for her child. 1Sam.2:19


II. Jochebed, the mother of Moses.  Ex.6:20

            A. Obeyed God rather than man.  Ex.1:16, Acts.5:29

            B. She entrusted her child to God and was blessed for it. Ex.2:9


III. Eunice, the mother of Timothy.

            A. Second generation of believers.   2Tim.1:5

            B. They taught Timothy the way of salvation also. 2Tim.3:14-15


Con. As a mother there is no more important thing you can teach your child than the way of salvation.

Samuel, Moses, Timothy are recorded in Scripture because they had godly mothers who trained them to follow

the Lord.

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