Matthew 21:1-9

April 10th, 2022


Intro – In our text today Christ is hailed as a King. Which He is but there are many other things we can learn about Him from our text today.

I. Jesus is omniscient (all knowing).

A. Only God can see into another town!  Prov.15:3, Ps.139:1-2

B. Jesus was a true prophet. Mk.11:4-6, Deut.18:20-22

C. Jesus can also see into your heart. Jn.2:25

1. He knows your physical need. Matt.6:32

2. He knows your spiritual need.  Jn.3:3, Ps.51:10, 12

II. Jesus fulfills prophecy.

A. This proves His deity. Zech.9:9

B. He fulfilled all the prophecies concerning His ministry.  Matt.2:15,17-18, 23, Mt.8:17, Mt.12:17

C. Other than His resurrection and miracles there is no stronger proof of His deity than fulfilled prophecy.                                        


III. Jesus came as the Savior.

A. Hosanna = Save us now.  (9)

B. The crowd misunderstood His mission.

1. They were looking for an earthly King.

2. Jesus came to set up a spiritual kingdom. Jn.18:36-37

C. Jesus, our Savior and our King will return as King of Kings.  Rev.19:11,16

Con. – I know Jesus is my King, the question is, have you made Him your King? Surrender your life to Him and let Him rule in your heart today.


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