Luke 1:26-38

April 3rd 2022

Intro – Mary set an example for us to follow in her trusting the Lord.

I. Mary believed what God said.  Lk.1:45

A. She wondered how but believed. (34)

B. When God explained she obeyed. (37)

1. Disciples Mark 1:20

2. Gideon.  Judges 6:12,15,17

C. Do you believe God has chosen you? Jer.29:11, 1Pet.2:9

II. Mary surrendered to God’s will. (38)

A. Her will was to do God’s will.  Lk.22:42

B. Do you seek to do God’s will? Rom.12:1-2

1. Do you ask, “how can I serve?”  1Cor.6:20

2. Do you pray, “Thy will be done”. Is.64:8

III. Mary did God’s will.

A. She endured. Mt.1:19, Mt.16:24

B. She named Him Jesus. Lk.2:21

C. She praised God she could be used. Lk.1:46-55, Heb.13:15

Con. Are you allowing God to use you?

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