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Isaiah 35:3-6

Feb.27th 2022

Intro – As war breaks out in Europe many may become anxious, wondering how it will affect us. The Lord says don’t fear but have courage. Christians should be encouragers. 

I. Encourage the exhausted (3)

A. By daily repentance and renewal.  Lk.22:32, Heb.3:13, Is.40:31

B. By living a godly life.  Phil.2:19, Rom.15:1-2

C. By doing what is right. Micah 6:8, Is.30:18, 2Cor.2:7

II. Encourage the anxious. (4)

A. Remind them of God’s rescue.  Rev.3:10, 1Thes.5:9-11, 1Thess.4:18

B. God will take care of things. 2Thess.1:6-7, Heb.10:30

C. We have no reason to be anxious. Ps. 23:4, Is.41:10

III. Encourage the saved. (5-6)

A. Someday the whole earth will be revitalized. Rom.8:19

B. Someday there will be a new earth. Rev.21:1

C. Someday we will have glorified bodies. 1Cor.15:50-53

D. Someday we will be in heaven. Rev.21:3-5, Jn.14:3

Con. – we encourage others by coming to church and encouraging each other to remain faithful until Jesus comes again.  Heb.10:25

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