Feb.28th, 2021

Intro – When it comes to sexual purity the verse that probably best describes us is Rom.3:23. Falling short  simple means we did not succeed at God’s best plan for us.

I. God’s plan is for us to live sexually moral lives. (1-5)

            A. God wanted 1 man and 1 woman for life.  Matt.19:3-6, Malachi 2:16

                        1. More than one before the death of a spouse is failure. 1Cor.7:39

                        2. Lustful thoughts for another while married. Matt.5:28

            B. God wanted purity before marriage. Heb.13:4

            C. God did not want same gender marriage. Lev. 18:23, 1Cor.6:9-10

            D. Falling short of what God wanted is sin, confess, repent and move on, don’t debate with God. Rom.3:23

II. Those who promote ungodly relationships are sinning. (6-7)

            A. You can defraud your bother by stirring up lustful passions.  1Cor.8:12

            B. You can defraud by teaching wrong relationships are ok. 2Pet.2:6

                        1. Government position on LGBT is wrong.

                        2. Government position on “The Equality Act” is wrong.  2Tim.3:13

III. To reject Scripture is to reject God. (8)

            A. Believers accept God’s word and allow it to change and correct them. 2Tim.3:16

            B. Unbelievers mock and ignore God’s word to their own destruction. Jer.4:22, Prov.12:1, Phil.3:18-19

Con. Bring all your past moral failures to Jesus. Ask Him to forgive and move forward with your life.

      Take God’s advice, “abstain from sexual immorality”

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