2Peter 1:12-18

February 14th, 2021

Intro – If you knew you had only a short time to live what would you want to say to those you love and care about?  This was Peter’s situation.  He knew he was to die very soon. He wanted to motivate people to live for Christ.

I. I will remind you of who you are. (12-14)

            A. You have divine power. 2Pet.1:3, Acts 1:8, Rom.1:16

            B. You have a divine nature. 2Pet.1:4, Rom.8:9-10, Gal.2:20, 2Cor.6:16

                        “new self” Col.3:10, “inner man” Rom 7:22, “new man” Eph.2:15

II. I will remind you to live like a Christian. (15)  Phil.3:1     

            A. Live morally with knowledge and self-control in an immoral world. 2Pet.1:5, Eph.4:22-24, 2Pet.2:1 

            B. Show perseverance, godliness and love to others. 2Pet.1:7, Heb.10:24

III. I will remind you of my personal experience. (16-18)   Mt.17:9

            A. I am a witness to His resurrection and return.  1Cor.15:5, Jn.14:3, Acts 1:11

            B. I am a witness that Jesus is God. Mark 14:61-62

                        1. Jesus and God are one.  Jn.10:30

                        2. We should listen to His word. Mt.17:5, 1Thess.2:13

Con.- Will you have something to share with your children and friends when it is your time to go?  Will you have a testimony of what Jesus has done in your life?

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