Colossians 3:12-17

Feb. 7th 2021

Intro – Our text is written to Christians.  It is telling us to not just say we are Christians but we should behave like Christians. 

I. Chosen of God. (12)   Jn.15:16, Rev.3:20, Mt.11:28

            A. God has called you. 1Cor.1:27-29

B. Jesus has saved you.  Acts 9:15-17

C. The Holy Spirit indwells you.1Pet.2:9

II. Put these on. (12-14) Eph.4:24

A. Compassion and kindness, have mercy be gentle. Titus 3:1-2

B. Gentleness =be meek, submissive, quietness of nature. Phil.2:3

C. Patience and bearing others = longsuffering, endure or tolerate when others wrong you. Eph.4:2

D. Forgiving. As Jesus did you! On the cross – Lk.23:34, Rom.5:8,10, Matt.6:14-15

            Bible verses on forgiveness are inclusive not exclusive. Lk.17:4-5, Mt.18:21-22, Mk.11:25

E. Love – Rom.12:14

F. Unity – Eph.4:3, it takes some effort!

III. Let these rule in your heart. (15-17)

A. His peace.  Rom.5:1

B. His word.  Col.2:6-9

Con.- Let your actions be done in the name of the Lord with thanksgiving

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