January 17th, 2021

Intro – God told the Israelites He was going to send a Prophet, Priest and King. Deut.18:18, Ps.110:4, Zech.9:9.

Jesus Christ fulfilled all of those offices. Today’s text is where we find the promise that He would come as a prophet.

I. Jesus is the prophet God said He would send.

A. Jesus Himself tells us this. Jn.5:45-47, Lk.4:18-21

B. The Jews wondered aloud if this was true. Jn.6:14, Mt.21:11

C. The Apostles clearly taught it.  Acts 3:22-23, Acts 7:51-52

II. Those who will not listen to Him will be held accountable. Jn.3:36

A. Many will not listen. Ps.10:13, Mt.7:13, Acts 28:24-27

B. Their end is not what anyone would wish for. Matt.13:41-42, Rev.20:10, Rev.21:8

III. Those who listen to Him and believe will find eternal life. Mt.17:5, Mt.7:24

A. Don’t fall for the false prophets. Deut.13:1-3

B. Their teachings don’t agree with Scripture. 1Jn.4:1

C. To believe Jesus is to trust His word. 2Tim.3:16

1. He said repent. Lk.13:3

2. Confess. 1Jn.1:9

3. Believe.  Jn.11:25-26, Acts 16:31, Jn.3:16

4. Call upon Him. Rom.10:13, Matt.11:28, Jn.1:12

Con. Will you listen to what Jesus, the Prophet of God, has to say?

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