1Peter 2:4-10

December 27th, 2020 

Intro- As Christians we belong to God and a different world. We are aliens here on earth. 1Peter 1:1

I. We have come to Him.

            A. Because He has chosen and called us. (9)  Jn.6:44, Jn.15:16, 2Thess.2:13-14, Mt.11:28

            B. He calls and we respond. (6)  Rom.10:13, Jn.1:12

            C. He has given us life. (5)  Jn.11:25

II. We are a spiritual house. (5)

            A. A house of priest. (5)

                        1. To be His possession. Titus 2:14

                        2. To proclaim Him. (9) Rom.10:14, Rom.1:16

            B. To offer up sacrifices. Rom.12:1, Heb.13:15

III. We believe God’s Word.

            A. Unbelievers reject Christ. (7)  Lk.7:30, Mt.23:37

                        1. They reject God’s word. (8) Jn.1:1, Jn.1:11

                        2. They are doomed. (8) Jn.3:18-19

            B. We have seen the light. (9) Eph.5:8

                        1. Enlightened about sin. Rom.3:10

                        2. Enlightened about Jesus. Acts 4:12

            C. We have received mercy. (10) Titus 3:5

Con. If you have become a child of God then you are an ambassador for Christ. You belong to His household.

 Eph.2:19. Go forth and proclaim the way of salvation to others.

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