Luke 3:1-6

Dec. 13th, 2020

Intro – Luke wanted to establish an important fact, the bible is reliable.  Jesus is a real, historical, flesh and blood person.  You can trust the Word of God.

I. The bible is trustworthy.  Luke 1:3

            A. It is historically accurate.  Josephus, archeology

            B. It has always proven to be true.  Dead sea scrolls

            C. It is inspired by God.  2Tim.3:15-16

II. The words found in Isaiah are trustworthy.

            A. No prophet wrote his own words.  2Peter 1:21

            B. Critics will always try and get you to doubt God’s word. Gen.3:1

            C. Fulfilled prophecy is proof of the bible being God’s word.

                        1. John coming to preach was a fulfillment of prophecy.  Malachi 3:1

                        2. Christ was also. Mt.1:21, Jn.1:14, Micah 5:2, Lk.2:11

III. Will you trust God’s word?

            A. Isaiah’s words were symbolic of spiritual change.  Is.40:2-5

            B. His words were fulfilled as John preached.

                        1. Making paths straight = aware of sin. Prov.3:6, Prov.15:21, Ps.51:3-4

                        2. Ravines filled = no excuse for sin.  Ps.51:5, Ps.41:4

                        3. Mountains brought low = ego broken, admit to sinning. Zeph.3:11, Is.57:7, Ps.51:17

                        4. Rough made smooth = attitude about yourself. Jer.31:9, Lk.1:17, Ps.51:2,

                                                                        Isaiah- “woe is me”, Paul- “chief of sinners”

Con. – The bible is the book that tells us how to get to heaven. Have you followed that path?


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