Luke 17:20-30

December 6th 2020

Intro – When Jesus spoke of the kingdom it could mean different things. You would have to know the context to know what He was talking about. In today’s text He speaks of both the spiritual and physical kingdoms.

I. The Kingdom that is here. 20-23

            A. A spiritual kingdom.  Mt.4:17, Mk.1:15, Jn.18:36

            B. Christ dwells within the believers. Col.1:13, 1Cor.3:16

            C. A kingdom created by His redemptive work on the cross. 1Pet.1:18-19, 1Cor.1:30, Rev.1:6,

II. The Kingdom yet to come. 24-25

            A. A physical kingdom. Mk.11:10, Is.2:2

            B. Christ will reveal Himself to set it up. Col.3:4, Lk.21:27, Acts 1:8

            C. Christ will physically sit on David’s throne in Jerusalem.  Is.9:7, Lk.1:32-33, Mt.25:31

III. They both will come unexpectedly. 26-30

            A. Although there are signs the world doesn’t expect the rapture. 2Pet.3:4

            B. The world will think everything is moving along as usual.

            C. A rescue will take place. 2Tim.4:18

                        1. Noah – ark

                        2. Lot – angels

                        3. Us – Rapture   Rev.3:10, 1Thess.4:16-18

Con – Where do you fit in? Like those who say nothing has changed or are you expecting a rescue?

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