John 6:37-40

November 22nd 2020

Intro – The reason we can be confidant about our salvation is because that’s what God wants for us. 2Pet.3:9.

I. The Father draws us to Jesus. (37)  Jn.6:44

A. Through the word.    Heb.4:12, Rom.1:16

B. Through our conscience.    Rom.2:15

II. Jesus welcomes us.  (37-38)  Matt.11:28

A. He will not listen to those who refuse to repent. Ps.66:18, Is.59:2, Jn.9:31, 1Pet.3:12, Lk.13:3

B. He will listen to a prayer of repentance.  Act 3:19, Rom.10:13

C. He alone is the One who can forgive.  Act 4:12

            1. He alone is our mediator.    1Tim.2:5

            2. He came to save us.    Lk.19:10

            3. No one else has made this journey.    Jn.3:13, Mt.24:5, 11, Rev.22:18

III. God wants us to remain faithful.  (39-40)

A. He promises to be faithful on His part.    Heb.13:5

B. Will you be faithful?      Col.1:22-23, Heb.3:14

C. He wants us to be a part of the Rapture.    1Thess.4:16

Con. If Jesus Christ came to rescue you and it’s God’s will that you would be saved, why do you resist?  Come to Jesus and ask Him to forgive you and to give you the eternal life that He wants you to have. It’s your decision.

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