The Millennium

Isaiah 32:1-8

Nov.15th, 2020

Intro – Our text today speaks about the 1000 year reign of Christ here on earth. Rev.20:4-6 tells us about it. If you are a believer you will reign with Jesus.

I. Jesus will reign over the whole earth during this time. Dan.7:13-14

            A. There will be justice.  Ps.37:28, Is.9:7

            B. Spiritual blindness will be removed.  Lk.24:45

            C. Hearts will be open to the word of God.  2Cor.4:4

            D. People will be able to discern the truth.  1Jn.5:20, Heb.5:14

            E. They will no longer call evil good.  Is.5:20, Mt.24:9

II. Christians will no longer be persecuted. 2Tim.2:12

            A. Fools and scoundrels will no longer be in power.  Ps.74:18

            B. God’s principals will be implemented.  Ph.2:10-11, Mt.19:28, Rev.2:26

III. We should look ahead to this better day. Luke 21:28

            A. We have to be patient. Heb.11:8-10

            B. Because it will be worth it all. 2Cor.4:17-18, 2Cor.2:9

Con. So stay faithful, don’t get discouraged. God is in control and He has a future plan for you that is out of this world! 1Tim.6:12

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