Nov. 8th 2020

Intro – God has just told the Israelites what not to do. Don’t mix with unbelievers, De.7:2 and tear down the things that would harm you spiritually, De.7:5. Now He tells them what they should do.

I. Know that there is only one true God.

A. The Canaanite gods were real not God.  1Cor.8:4-6

B. Unbelievers create their own gods. Rom.1:22-25

C. There is only one true God. De.4:39, Is.45:5,6,14,18,21,22

D. He still reveals Himself to us today. Ps.144:15

II. Know that He keeps His covenant with believers.

A. Remember these truths. De.28:1-2

B. He is always faithful. Heb.13:5

1. True believers are always a minority, even though many claim to be Christians. Matt.7:22-23

2. He always has a remnant of true believers. 1Kings 19:18, Matt.7:14

C. He keeps His new covenant. Matt.26:28, 1Jn.1:7, 9

III. He also keeps His word concerning unbelievers.

A. Unbelievers will suffer. De.28:15

B. Unrepentant will perish. Lk.13:3, Rev.20:15

C. Unbelievers still have a choice. Joshua 24:15

Con. Have you made your choice? Is Jesus Christ the One you worship as your Lord and Savior?

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