Romans 11:13-24

Nov. 1st 2020

Intro – The Lord, speaking through the Apostle Paul, uses an OT analogy to help the Christians in Rome to understand their relationship to Christ. 

I. Israel is the olive tree.  (13-15) Jer.11:16

            A. They are God’s chosen people. Neh.9:7

            B. However, they abandoned God. Jer.11:13, Matt.23:37-38, Jn.1:11

            C. Only a few believed, the rest were cut off. (17) Acts 13:46

II. We can be a part of the olive tree family. (16-18)

            A. God chose to work through Abraham.  Gen.12:1-3

            B. God chose to send the Messiah through the Jewish (olive tree) people. Jn.4:22, Mt.10:5-6

            C. We can become a part of the olive tree through faith. 1Pet.2:9, Gal.3:7-9, Rom.4:16, Jn 1:12

III. God treats all the branches the same. 19-24

            A. Unbelief cuts us off from God. Jn.15:6

            B. Repentance will bring them back in. (23) Jn.15:7

Con. Have you become a part of the olive tree family?  A part of God’s family by faith in Jesus?

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