Romans 9:14-33

October 4th, 2020

Intro – It is not always easy to trust the Lord. His ways are so much higher than our ways and sometimes human reasoning just gets in the way of faith.  We must trust the Lord. 

I. God is always just.  (acting with fairness and impartiality)

A. God knows more than we do about the situation.  Prov.15:3, 2Kings 6:17

B. We can’t blame God for the unsaved. Rom.1:20

C. We do credit God with salvation. Eph.2:8

II. God is always sovereign.  (having absolute authority) Is.45:5-7

A. The created should not question the Creator. Col.1:16, Is.29:16

B. God’s ways are higher than ours. Is.55:9, Rom.2:4

C. We are a part of His plan. Jer.29:11

III. Salvation is always by faith.  Jn.14:6

A. By faith we accept what Jesus has done for us. 2Cor.5:21

B. It is never based on our works. Eph.2:9

Con. Are trusting Jesus to forgive your sins by power of His blood that was shed for you?

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