Romans 9:1-13

Sept.27th, 2020


Intro – Who are the “children of the promise”?  What does our text tell us about them? As children of the promise what should we be doing?

I. We should have a burden for the lost. (1-3)

A. Those who are not yet saved.  Rom.11:13-14, Mt.23:37

B. Jesus wants them to be saved. 2Pet.3:9

C. Jesus wants you to reach them for Christ. Matt.28:19, Acts 2:38-39

II.  We should pray for the Jewish people. (4-8)

A. They have had the truth. Is.53:5, Mk.8:31

B. They are God’s chosen ones. Gen.12:3, Jn.4:22

C. God calls on us to support them.  Ps.122:6

III. We should recognize our relationship to God. (9-13)

A. Through faith we are also chosen by God. 2Pet.2:9, Gal.3:26

B. God has called us to repentance and faith. Jn.1:12

C. He calls all but not all will answer. Mt.22:14, Jn.3:18

Con. Are you a child of the promise? 

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