John 5:1-14


Intro – Mercy is God not giving us what we deserve. Every time God show us mercy it is because of His grace.

Our text today is an example of God’s mercy. For 38 years a man had been sick because of sin.

I. Sin can bring sickness into your life. (14)

A. We experience death because of sin.  Rom.5:12

B. Many diseases and sickness come from sin people commit. Ps.38:3, Ps.107:17, Micah 6:13

C. Unconfessed sin can cause sickness. Mk.2:5, 1Cor.11:28-30

D. The early church recognized this. James 5:14-16

II. Not all sickness is because of sin.

A. Sometimes it is to show Christ’s power. Jn.9:2-3, Jn.11:4

B. Sometimes it is to sanctify us.  2Cor.12:7-9

C. Sometimes it is to reveal our faith. Job 1:10-11

III. Jesus gives mercy and grace for us to continue.

A. The man’s response was to go to the temple. (14)

B. Instead of punishment we receive forgiveness. Jn.3:16

Con. God has been merciful to all of us. Have you responded with praise and thanksgiving?

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