2 Samuel 22:21-29

August 23rd 2020

Intro - God blesses us for being obedient to Him. David understood this truth. Jesus clearly taught us this truth.

I. Living in the light gives us understanding. (21)

            A. Blessed for good investments.  Mt.25:20-21,  Gal.6:7

            B. Blessed for enduring.  Mt.5:11-12

            C. Blessed for being kind. Mk. 9:41, Rev.22:12

            D. Blessed for being a good example. Lk.6:35, Mt.5:16, Eph.4:32

            E. Blessed for being faithful. 1Cor.3:8, 10, 14

II. Not living in the light causes loss of our rewards. (27-28)

            A. Rewards can be gained or lost.  2Jn.1:8, Heb.10:35-36

            B. Saul – 1Sam.15:11,23-26

            C. David – 1Kings 15:5, 1Chron.28:2-3

            D. Ego and pride can lose of rewards. Rom.1:28, Mt.6:1

            E. Repentances can restore rewards. Ps.51.10-13, Is.55:7

III. Living in the light brings rewards. (29) Jn.8:12

            A. The light of God’s word. Ps.19:8, 11

            B. Faith in “the Light” brings our greatest reward. 1Jn.1:7

Con. Paul reminds us to live as those who belong to Jesus Christ. 1Thess.5:5-11

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