Romans 3:9-20

July 12th 2020


Intro- Sometimes the bible is really hard on our pride. Our text today reminds us of our sinful condition.


I. There is none righteous.  10,13-18

A. We are born sinful. Rom.5:12

B. We continue to sin. Ps.53:1-3, 1Jn.1:8

1. Deception – Jn.8:44

2. Bitterness – Heb.12:15

3. Destruction vs build up. Jer.23:1, Jn.10:10, Rom.15:2, 1Thes 5:11, Rom.14:19

4. Violence vs peace –  Prov. 3:31, Ps.11:5, Heb.12:14, Jn.14:27


II. Jesus came to us.  11-12

A. He sought us before we sought Him. Is.53:6

B. He calls us to repentance and faith. Jn.6:44

C. He wants to change us. Mt.6:33, 2Cor.5:14-17


III. God will hold us accountable for the decisions we make. 19-20

A. God’s word tells us what we need to know. Rom.3:23

B. The question is how do you respond? Rom.3:28, Acts 16:30-31


Con. Your response will determine where you spend eternity.


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