Jeremiah 16:12-18

July 5th 2020

Intro – America needs spiritual revival. It starts with you standing up for what is right and condemning what is evil. If you are a Christian you should not take part in sinful behavior or support those who do.

I. They would not listen to God.  12-13

A. God had blessed their fathers. Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. Gen.12:2

B. They did not listen to the God of their fathers.  Quotes

C. Those who have forsaken God now judge others. (12)

II. God punished them for not listening.  14-16

A. The whole nation became guilty. Eze.3:19

B. They were banished to another country, controlled by the ungodly.

1. Lost their freedom.

2. Believers given hope.  (15)  Luke 21:28

III. God sees everything.

A. Sin doesn’t go unnoticed by God. Rev.20:12

B. God tells us what is an abomination to Him.

1. Homosexualism – Lev.18:22, 1Kings 14:24

2. Abortion – Deut.12:31, Eze.23:39, Amos 1:13

3. Immorality – Asherim – 1Kings 14:15

4. Occult – Deut.18:10-12

5. Idols – Deut. 27:15

6. Strife – Prov.16:16-19

Con. We need to stand up to those who do evil and support those who do good. If God punished His chosen people for their immorality what will He do with America?

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