Romans 1:18-25
June 21st, 2020


Intro – Those whom God will punish will be those who knew the truth but rejected it. In other words they     rejected Jesus Christ. No one will go to hell because they never knew about Jesus or never had a chance to repent.  2Thess.2:10-12, Matt.24:14


I. They knew about God.


            A. God revealed it through preaching and creation. 1Cor.1:23, Acts 4:2, 1Cor.15:36-37, Col.1:23


            B. They chose to reject what they knew to be true.  Jn.10:38, Jn.14:11


            C. They ignored and hid the truth. Rom.1:32


II. They will be without excuse.


            A. They chose to follow false teachings.  Jn.3:19-20, Prov.2:13


            B. They chose not to honor God. (21)  Ps.4:2, Rom.13:7, 2Pet.1:17


III. They became foolish. (22)  Ps.53:1


            A. Their hearts “thinking” was darkened. Eph.4:18, Rom.1:28


            B.  They worshiped false gods. (23)


                        1. They look to the stars for guidance. Amos 5:8 Astrology, horoscopes, signs


                        2. They worship man’s wisdom.  Scientist can’t be wrong? Age of earth, evolution. Gen.1:24


            C.  Immorality became a way of life for them. (24)


            D. They believed the lie. Gen.3:4


Con. – Are you following God’s truth or the lies of Satan?  Rom.12:1-2




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