Acts 1:12-14


May 24th. 2020




Intro – Maybe one of the most difficult things a person has to do is wait, be patient. We tend to like to get going on things and take charge. How interesting then the Lord’s command to the believers who were to start the Christian church. Wait! They were not told how long.  Would it be 1hour, 1 day, 1week?  They waited 10 days before the Holy Spirit was sent.  A Christian who has faith and trust in the Lord is able to wait upon the Lord.




I. It takes God’s grace to wait.


            A. Waiting is an act of obedience that shows faith.  Acts 1:4


                        1. Noah waited almost 100 years for the rain to come.


                        2. Simeon waited his whole life for the Messiah to come. Luke 2:26-29


            B. We are by nature impatient, we think we will fix things ourselves.


                    1. Abraham – Ishmael


                    2. Saul – Samuel  1Sam.13:11 -offering,    1Sam.28:16, witch of Endor




II. Waiting is not compromising.


          A. Christ is preparing you for service.  


                   1. Moses 40 years in wilderness was prepared.   Ex.14:13-14


                   2. 120 were learning to trust the Lord.   Prov.3:5


          B. Time spent in fellowship and prayer.  Heb.10:24-25




III. Waiting resulted in having power. Act.1:8


          A. Today we have the Holy Spirit but need His guidance. Acts. 2:38, Jn.14:17, 26


          B. Don’t try to serve the Lord in your own power or wisdom.


          C. When God leads be ready to move.  Acts 2:41, Acts 4:31




Con – Let your waiting time accomplish what God wants. James 1:4, Is.40:31


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