John 17:9-17


May 10th, 2020


Intro – I think everyone finds it a comfort to know someone is praying for you. Parents, children, church members, etc.  It must have been a comfort for the disciples to know that Jesus was praying for them. The bible tells us in Rom.8:34 that Jesus is praying for us. Interceding on our behalf.  Heb.9:24, Heb.7:25, 1Jn.2:1


I. Because we are God’s children. (9)  Jn.1:12



            A. We are His children through faith.  Gal.3:26


            B. Unbelievers are children of the devil. Jn.8:44, Mt.23:15


            C. Jesus puts up with them hoping they will repent. Rom.2:4


II. Jesus prays for our assurance. (11)



            A. By praying that God would keep us. Heb.13:5


            B. Don’t be like Judas and choose to leave Christ. Acts 1:17, Acts 1:25, Jn.6:70, Lk.22:3, 2Pet.2:21


            C. Our joy is complete when we have assurance.


                        1. His promise gives assurance. 1Jn.5:12-13


                        2. His words give assurance. Rom.10:13, 1Jn.1:9


III. Jesus prays for our sanctification.



            A. The Holy Spirit performs this work. Jn.14:17


            B. His tool is the word of God. Jn.14:26, Jn.16:13


Con. Jesus communicates His will through His word. If you want to be sanctified. Read your bible.


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