Matt.24:6-8, Luke 21:11
May 3rd 2020

Intro – How does this pandemic fit in with Scripture?  It is one of the signs Jesus said would come before the great 7 years of tribulation.  This is just a warning sign.  Will you listen to His warning?

I. These are things Jesus said would happen.

A. John – Rev.2:21-23

B. Peter – 2Pet.3:10

C. Paul – 2Thess.2:9-10

D. An increase in earthquakes, volcanos, famine, plagues, etc. These are only the beginning.

E. God always warned before sending His wrath. Noah, Jeremiah.  Dan. SMA

 II. Sets the stage for globalism.

A. Globalism is accomplished through fear.

B. Several things that will happen in the 7 yr. tribulation period are being set up because of this pandemic.

     1. A one world leader – the antichrist.  Former PM Brown has call for a one world leader. Rev.13:1, 4
               2. An end to money as we know it. – No money changing hands everything under global control. Rev.13:16-17
               3. Global control of people.  Bill Gates – invisible tattoos – cc-info, tracking, medical history. Monitored by cell phone or drones.
               4. Energy needs increasing – Armies from north. Ezk.38:15, Ezk.39:2, Russia, Turkey and Iran.

 III. You still have time to be rescued. Nahum 1:3

A. God is again warning you to repent and receive Jesus into your life. Jn.1:9, Rom.10:13

B. If you do you can escape the things that are yet to come.  1Thess.1:10, Rev.3:10

Con. The question is will you listen?  Will you take heed to God’s gracious warning and come to Jesus before it’s too late?


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