1Peter 5:1-4
April 26th 2020


Intro – this text tells pastors what they are to do.

I. Elders are the spiritual leaders. Called by different names in different churches. Pastor, Deacons, Elder, Overseer, etc.


            A. The Apostles were Elders, Peter and John both refer to themselves as such. Acts 15:23


            B. It is a position which men are called to by Christ.             Jn.21:16-17     


II. Their job is to “shepherd the flock”.


            A. Unique because he is both servant and leader.  


            B.  Shepherd means to watch over and lead God’s children.              Acts 20:28


            C. To “tend the flock” means to care for them.


                        1. That means to teach the word of God.        2Tim.2:15   (shepherding)


                        2. To make sure the flock is in agreement with God’s will. vs 2               Acts 20:29-30, Mt.7:15


                        3. Not because you have to but you want to. Its your calling.    2Tim.3:16-17


                        4. Not about money or power but setting an example.  (serving)    1Tim.3:1-7


                        5. Every pastor will be held accountable for what he teaches.    Heb.13:7, 17

III. If he is faithful to his calling Christ will reward him.


            A. Jesus is the Chief Shepherd pastors are under shepherds.


            B. When the boss returns He will evaluate each pastors work.    1Tim.4:13-16


            C. Those who did as they were suppose will be rewarded. (3)          1Cor.3:14


D. Those who did not will be punished.         Jer.8:11-12, 1Tim.1:5-7, James 3:1


Con. – Pastors need to have a call from Christ, set an example by the life they live and faithfully teach the word.


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