Job 19:25-27

April 19th 2020


Intro – Job is believed by most scholars to be the oldest book in the Bible. Genesis details the beginning of time with creation but God used Moses to record those truths around 1500 BC. God used Job around the same time or maybe even earlier to give us God’s message. So what God teaches us through Job in a sense is some of the first truths God revealed in the written word. What did God reveal to Job? 


I.  Believers will be resurrected.  (25)


            A. Job knew he would live after death. Ps.27:13-14, Is.26:19


            B. The bible clearly teaches this truth. 1Thess.4:13-18, 1Cor.15:42


                        1. When Christians die their body goes in the ground their soul to heaven. Ecc.12:7, Rev.6:9-11, 2Cor.5:8


                        2. When Christ raptures the church from earth we get our new bodies. 1Thess.4:16-17, 1Cor.15:52


                        3. Unbelievers remain in the grave until judgement day. Rev.20:10-15


                        4. At the 2nd return of Christ to earth believers will come with Him. Zech.14:4, Rev.19:7-8, 14


            C. Job knew this is true because his Redeemer lives. 


II. Believers will receive new bodies.  (26)


            A. Job knew a change would take place. Job.14:14


            B. The bible also clearly teaches this. Ps.17:15, 1Jn.3:2, 2Cor.5:1, 1Cor.15:44, 51


            C. Job knew this is true because his Redeemer lives.


III. Believers have a personal Savior. (27)


            A. Job knew his Redeemer was his Advocate. Job.16:19


            B. We have an Advocate. 1Jn.2:1, Heb.7:25, Heb:9:24, Rom.8:34


            C. Our Redeemer/Advocate is there to help us. Heb.4:15-16


Con. Job understood what would happen after death. Jn.14:3 He placed his hope in the fact that his Redeemer lives.




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